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1989 Tour de France

76th edition: July 1 - July 23, 1989

Result, stages with running GC, photos and history

1988 Tour | 1990 Tour | Tour de France Database | 1989 Tour Quick Facts | 1989 Tour de France Final GC | Stage results with running GC | The Story of the 1989 Tour de France |

1989 Tour de France map

Map of the 1989 Tour de France

1989 Tour de France Quick Facts

198 starters, 138 riders finished.

3285.3 kilometers ridden at 37.487 km/hr

1988 winner Pedro Delgado started the first time trial 2min 40sec late, probably costing him the Tour. Greg LeMond and Laurent Fignon fought a fabulous battle that wasn't settled until LeMond won the final time trial in Paris. LeMond's 8-second final victory margin remains the closest in Tour history. Fignon said his director, Cyrille Guimard lost the Tour for Fignon by not insisting that the aerodynamic time trialing bars LeMond used were against the rules of the time.

Final 1989 Tour de France complete individual General Classification:


Rider (country) team


1 Greg LeMond (USA) ADR 87hr 38min 35sec
2 Laurent Fignon (Fra) Super U @ 8sec
3 Pedro Delgado (Sp) Reynolds @ 3min 34sec
4 Gert-Jan Theunisse (NL) PDM @ 7min 30sec
5 Marino Lajaretta (Sp) Paternina @ 9min 39sec
6 Charly Mottet (Fra) RMO @ 10min 6se
7 Steven Rooks (NL) PDM @ 11min 10sec
8 Raul Alcala (Mex) PDM @ 14min 21sec
9 Sean Kelly (Irl) PDM @ 18min 25sec
10 Robert Millar (UK) Z @ 18min 46sec
11 Gianni Bigno (Ita) Chateau d'Ax @ 24min 12sec
12 Eric Caritoux (Fra) RMO @ 28min 14sec
13 Pascal Simon (Fra) Super U @ 28min 28sec
14 Bruno Cornillet (Fra) Z @ 28min 31sec
15 Steve Bauer (Canada) Helvetia @ 31min 16sec
16 Alvaro Pino (Sp) BH @ 31min 17sec
17 Miguel Indurain (Sp) Reynolds @ 31min 21sec
18 Jerome Simon (Fra) Z @ 34min 10sec
19 Lucho Herrera (Col) Cafe de Colombia @ 36min 15sec
20 Alberto Camargo (Col) Cafe de Colombia @ 37min 13sec
21 Beat Breu (Switz) Domex-Weinmann @ 38min 35sec
22 Andy Hampsten (USA) 7-Eleven @ 41min 41sec
23 Pascal Richard (Switz) Helvetia @ 42min 7sec
24 Fabrice Philipot (Fra) Toshiba @ 44min 43sec
25 William Palacio (Col) Reynolds @ 45min 42sec
26 Anselmo Fuerte (Sp) BH @ 48min 39sec
27 Luc Roosen (Bel) Histor-Sigma @ 51min 28sec
28 Abelardo Rondon (Col) Reynolds @ 53min 17sec
29 Jorg Muller (Switz) PDM @ 55min 0sec
30 Dominique Arnaud (Fra) Toshiba @ 55min 23sec
31 Laurent Biondi (Fra) Fagor @ 1hr 0min 41sec
32 Martial Gayant (Fra) Toshiba @ 1hr 2min 33sec
33 Jesus Rodriguez-Magro (Sp) Reynolds @ 1hr 2min 41sec
34 Marc Madiot (Fra) Toshiba @ 1hr 2min 46sec
35 Gerard Rue (Fra) Super U @ 1hr 3min 33sec
36 Claude Criquielon (Bel) Hitachi @ 1hr 4min 7sec
37 Frederic Vichot (Fra) Helvetia @ 1hr 9min 25sec
38 Phil Anderson (Australia) TVM @ 1hr 11min 38sec
39 Maarten Cucrot (NL) Domex-Weinmann @ 1hr 14min 47sec
40 Primos Cerin (Yugo) Carrera @ 1hr 16min 36sec
41 Jesper Skibby (Denmark) TVM @ 1hr 18min 0sec
42 Helmut Wechselberger (Austria) Paternina @ 1hr 21min 11sec
43 Laurent Bezault (Fra) Toshiba @ 1hr 27min 4sec
44 Martin Earley (Irl) PDM @ 1hr 26min 45sec
45 Sean Yates (UK) 7-Eleven @ 1hr 27min 4sec
46 Atle Kvalsvoll (Nor) Z @ 1hr 27min 8sec
47 Yvon Madiot (Fra) Toshiba @ 1hr 27min 30sec
48 Javier Murguialdy (sp) BH @ 1hr 27min 37sec
49 Samuel Cabrera (Col) Cafe de Colombia @ 1hr 27min 57sec
50 Peter Stevenhaagen (NL) Helvetia @ 1hr 28min 18sec
51 Patrick Robeet (Bel) Domex-Weinmann @ 1hr 28min 47sec
52 Dominique Garde (Fra) Super U @ 1hr 28min 53sec
53 John Carlsen (Denmark) Fagor @ 1hr 30min 5sec
54 Gilles Sanders (Fra) RMO @ 1hr 31min 31sec
55 Guy Nulens (Bel) Panasonic @ 1hr 33min 29sec
56 Javier Luquin (Sp) Reynolds @ 1hr 33min 53sec
57 Patrick Pineau (Fra) RMO @ 1hr 33min 59sec
58 Ronan Pensec (Fra) Z @ 1hr 35min 2sec
59 Philippe Laviot (Fra) Z @ 1hr 36min 19sec
60 Gerhard Zadrobilek (Austria) 7-Eleven @ 1hr 37min 24sec
61 Marc Sargeant (Bel) Hitachi @ 1hr 38min 41sec
62 Julian Gorospe (Spain) @ 1hr 39min 31sec
63 Ludo Peeters (Bel) Paternina @ 1hr 39min 58sec
64 Christophe Lavainne (Fra) Super U @ 1hr 40min 15sec
65 Vincent Lavenu (Fra) Fagor @ 1hr 41min 46sec
66 Dirk De Wolf (Bel) Hitachi @ 1hr 41min 50sec
67 Jean-Claude Colotti (Fra) RMO @ 1hr 42min 28sec
68 Jean-Claude Leclercq (Fra) @ 1hr 43min 26sec
69 Michael Wilson (Australia) Helvetia @ 1hr 44min 5sec
70 Michel Vermotte (Bel) RMO @ 1hr 46min 5sec
71 Pascal Poisson (Fra) Toshiba @ 1hr 47min 52sec
72 Thierry Marie (Fra) Super U @ 1hr 48min 22sec
73 Ron Kiefel (USA) 7-Eleven @ 1hr 48min 38sec
74 Jure Pavlic (Yug) Carrera @ 1hr 49min 8sec
75 Robert Forest (Fra) RMO @ 1hr 49min 39sec
76 Julio Cadena (Col) Cafe de Colombia @ 1hr 49min 57sec
77 Jean-Philippe Vandenbrande (Bel) TVM @ 1hr 50min 24sec
78 Jokin Mugica (Sp) Paternina @ 1hr 50min 56sec
79 Christian Chaubet (Fra) Fagor @ 1hr 52min 18sec
80 Alfred Achermann (Switz) Domex-Weinmann @ 1hr 53min 2sec
81 Claudio Chiappucci (Ita) Carrera @ 1hr 53min 4sec
82 Bernard Richard (Fra) Cafe de Colombia @ 1hr 53min 14sec
83 Stephen Hodge (Australia) Paternina @ 1hr 53min 35sec
84 Acacio Da Silva (Por) Carrera @ 1hr 54min 16sec
85 Per Pedersen (Denmark) RMO @ 1hr 54min 42sec
86 Jeff Pierce (USA) 7-Eleven @ 1hr 54min 58sec
87 Marc Van Orsouw (NL) PDM @ 1hr 55min 48sec
88 Jesper Worre (Denmark) Cafe de Colombia @ 1hr 57min 23sec
89 Francois Lemarchand (Fra) Z @ 1hr 58min 50sec
90 Philippe Leleu (Fra) Toshiba @ 2hr 0min 46sec  
91 Rene Martens (Bel) ADR @ 2hr 1min 20sec
92 Melchor Mauri (Sp) Reynolds @ 2hr 1min 22sec
93 Philippe Casado (Fra) Z @ 2hr 1min 43sec
94 Camillo Passera (Ita) Chateau d'Ax @ 2hr 3min 10sec
95 Bjarne Riis (Denmark) Super U @ 2hr 3min 37sec
96 Andreas Kappes (W. Ger) Toshiba @ 2hr 3min 56sec
97 Vincent Barteau (Fra) Super U @ 2hr 7min 18sec
98 Rik Van Slycke (Bel) Histor-Sigma @ 2hr 7min 29sec
99 Patrick Tolhoek (NL) SuperConfex @ 2hr 8min 6sec
100 Thomas Wegmuller (Switz) Domex-Weinmann @ 2hr 9min 58sec
101 Etienne De Wilde (Bel) Histor-Sigma @ 2hr 10min 29sec
102 Giancarlo Perini (Ita) Carrera @ 2hr 12min 9sec
103 Frans Maassen (NL) SuperConfex @ 2hr 12min 27sec
104 Henri Manders (NL) Helvetia @ 2hr 13min 35sec
105 Wilfred Peeters (Bel) Histor @ 2hr 13min 38sec
106 Johan Musseuw (Bel) ADR @ 2hr 13min 51sec
107 Gerrit Solleveld (NL) SuperConfex @ 2hr 16min 56sec
108 Michel Dernies (Bel) Domex-Weinmann @ 2hr 17min 36sec
109 Brian Sorensen (Denmark) Histor-Sigma @ 2hr 18min 57sec
110 Edwig Van Hooydonck (Bel) SuperConfex @ 2hr 19min 5sec
111 Francisco Antequera (Sp) BH @ 2hr 20min 29sec
112 Jan Goessens (Bel) Domex-Weinmann @ 2hr 22min 42sec
113  Hendrick De Vos (Bel) Hitachi @ 2hr 22min 48sec
114 Twan Poels (NL) Super Confex @ 2hr 23min 45sec
115 Mauro Gianetti (Switz) Helvetia @ 2hr 24min 56sec
116 Roland Le Clerc (Fra) Paternina @ 2hr 25min 15sec
117 Erich Maechler (Switz) Carrera @ 2hr 26min 57sec
118 Christian Jourdan (Fra) RMO @ 2hr 27min 15sec
119 Henk Lubberding (NL) Panasonic @ 2hr 27min 27sec
120 Jan Siemons (NL) TVM @ 2hr 28min 0sec
121 Jelle Nijdam (NL) SuperConfex @ 2hr 31min 9sec
122 Valerio Tebaldi (Ita) Chateau d'Ax @ 2hr 31min 9sec
123 Johan Lammerts (NL) ADR @ 2hr 31min 9sec
124 Teun Van Vliet (NL) Panasonic @ 2hr 31min 22sec
125 Theo De Rooy (NL) Panasonic @ 2hr 32min 32sec
126 Ennio Vanotti (Ita) Chateau d'Ax @ 2hr 33min 17sec
127 Giovanni Fidanza (Ita) Chateau d'Ax @ 2hr 33min 37sec
128 Joel Pelier (Fra) BH @ 2hr 33min 48sec
129  Jacques Hanegraaf (NL) TVM @ 2hr 34min 43sec
130 Johannes Draaijer (NL) PDM @ 2hr 35min 2sec
131 Juan Jusado (Sp) BH @ 2hr 35min 49sec
132 Eddy Schurer (NL) TVM @ 2hr 36min 30sec
133 Jean-Marie Wampers (Bel) Panasonic @ 2hr 38min 59sec
134 Walter Magnago (Ita) Carrera @ 2hr 40min 16sec
135 Rene Beuker (NL) Paternina @ 2hr 40min 49sec
136 Gert Jakobs (NL) superConfex @ 2hr 54min 16sec
137 Carlo Bomans (Bel) Domex-Weinmann @ 3hr 1min 1sec
138  Mathieu Hermans (NL) Paternina @ 3hr 4min 1sec

Climbers' Competition:

  1. Gert-Jan Theinisse (PDM): 441 points
  2. Pedro Delgado (Reynolds): 311
  3. Steven Rooks (PDM): 257
  4. Robert Millar (Z): 241
  5. Laurent Fignon (Super U): 219
  6. Greg LeMond (ADR): 197
  7. Marino Lejarreta (Paternina): 164
  8. Miguel Indurain (Reynolds): 132
  9. Charley Mottet (RMO): 128
  10. Luis Alberto Herrera (Café de Colombia): 116

Points Competition:

  1. Sean Kelly (PDM): 277 points
  2. Etienne de Wilde (Histor Sigma): 194
  3. Steven Rooks (PDM): 163
  4. Giovanni Fidanza (Chateau d'Ax): 149
  5. Gert-Jan Theinisse (PDM): 133
  6. Laurent Fignon (Super U): 132
  7. Greg LeMond (ADR): 130
  8. Steve Bauer (Helvetia): 122
  9. Phil Anderson (TVM): 101
  10. Pedro Delgado (Raynolds): 95

Best Young Rider: Patrice Philipot (Toshiba)

Team Classification:

  1. PDM 263hr 19min 48sec
  2. Reynolds @ 1min 19sec
  3. Z @ 44min 22sec
  4. Super U @ 51min 26sec
  5. RMO @ 1hr 12min 19sec

Stages and results

Prologue: Saturday, July 1, Luxembourg 7.8 km individual time trial

  1. Erik Breukink: 9min 54sec
  2. Laurent Fignon @ 6sec
  3. Sean Kelly s.t.
  4. Greg Lemond s.t.
  5. Steve Bauer @ 8sec
  6. Charly Mottet @ 9sec
  7. Miguel Indurain @ 10sec
  8. Joël Pélier s.t.
  9. Peter Stevenhaagen s.t.
  10. Jörg Muller s.t.

General Classification: Same as stage results.

Stage 1: Sunday, July 2, Luxembourg - Luxembourg, 135.5 km.

  1. Acacio Da Silva: 3hr 21min 36sec
  2. Soren Lilholt @ 8sec
  3. Roland Leclerc @ 1min 41sec
  4. Etienne De Wilde @ 4min 40sec
  5. Sean Kelly s.t.
  6. Giovanni Fidanza s.t.
  7. Phil Anderson s.t.
  8. Jean-Paul Van Poppel s.t.
  9. Fabrice Philipot s.t.
  10. Adri Van Der Poel s.t.

General Classification after Stage 1:

  1. Acacio Da Silva: 3hr 31min 44sec
  2. Soren Lilholt @ 13sec
  3. Roland Leclerc @ 1min 54sec
  4. Erik Breukiunk @ 4min 26sec
  5. Laurent Fignon @ 4min 32sec
  6. Sean Kelly s.t.
  7. Greg LeMond s.t.
  8. Steve Bauer @ 4min 34sec
  9. Charly Mottet @ 4min 35sec
  10. Miguel Indurain @ 4min 36sec

Stage 2: Sunday, July 2, Luxembourg 46 km team time trial

  1. Super U: 53min 48sec
  2. Panasonic @ 32sec
  3. Superconfex @ 50sec
  4. PDM @ 50sec
  5. ADR @ 51sec
  6. 7-Eleven @ 56sec
  7. RMO-Mavix-Liberia @ 1min 14sec
  8. Z @ 1min 15sec
  9. TVM @ 1min 18sec
  10. Helvetia-La Suisse @ 1min 46sec

General Classification after Stage 2:

  1. Acacio Da Silva: 4hr 27min 27sec
  2. Soren Lilholt @ 26sec
  3. Laurent Fignon @ 2min 37sec
  4. Thierry Marie @ 2min 41sec
  5. Pascal Simon @ 2min 48sec
  6. Gérard Rué @ 3min
  7. Imboden @ 3min 2sec
  8. Vincent Barteau s.t.
  9. Erik Breukink @ 3min 3sec
  10. Christophe Levainne @ 3min 8sec

Stage 3: Monday, July 3, Luxembourg - Spa Francorchamps, 241 km.

  1. Raul Alcala: 6hr 34min 17sec
  2. Jesper Skibby @ 5sec
  3. Patrick Tolhoek s.t.
  4. Thierry Marie @ 6sec
  5. Marc Madiot s.t.
  6. Rik Van Slycke @ 33sec
  7. Frederic Vichot @ 50sec
  8. Sean Kelly s.t.
  9. Etienne De Wilde s.t.
  10. Marc Sergeant s.t.

General Classification after Stage 3:

  1. Acacio Da Silva: 11hr 2min 34sec
  2. Soren Lilholt @ 24sec
  3. Thierry Marie @ 1min 57sec
  4. Laurent Fignon @ 2min 37sec
  5. Pascal Simon @ 2min 48sec
  6. Raul Alcala @ 2min 52sec
  7. Gérard Rué @ 3min
  8. Erik Breukink 2 3min 3sec
  9. Christophe Levainne 2 3min 8sec
  10. Jesper Skibby @ 3min 18sec

Stage 4: Tuesday, July 4, Liege - Wasquehal, 255 km.

  1. Jelle Nijdam: 6hr 13min 58sec
  2. Jesper Skibby @ 3sec
  3. Johan Museeuw s.t.
  4. Jerome Simon s.t.
  5. Soren Lilholt s.t.
  6. Miguel Indurain @ 5sec
  7. Jos Lieckens s.t.
  8. Giovanni Fidanza s.t.
  9. Peter Pieters s.t.
  10. Sean Kelly s.t.

General Classification after Stage 4:

  1. Acacio Da Silva: 17hr 16min 37sec
  2. Soren Lilholt @ 14sec
  3. Thierry Marie @ 1min 57sec
  4. Laurent Fignon @ 2min 37sec
  5. Pascal Simon @ 2min 48sec
  6. Raul Alcala @ 2min 52sec
  7. Gérard Rue @ 3min
  8. Erik Breukink @ 3min 3sec
  9. Christophe Levainne @ 3min 8sec
  10. Jesper Skibby @ 3min 16sec

Stage 5: Thursday, July 6, Dinard - Rennes 73 km individual time trial

  1. Greg LeMond: 1hr 38min 12sec
  2. Pedro Delgado @ 24sec
  3. Laurent Fignon @ 56sec
  4. Thierry Marie @ 1min 51sec
  5. Sean Yates @ 2min 6sec
  6. Erik Breukink @ 2min 16sec
  7. Marino Lejaretta @ 2min 20sec
  8. Steve Bauer @ 2min 50sec
  9. Gianni Bugno @ 2min 53sec
  10. Pascal Simon @ 3min 19sec

General Classification after stage 5:

  1. Greg LeMond 18hr 58min 17sec
  2. Laurent Fignon @ 5sec
  3. Thierry Marie @ 20sec
  4. Erik Breukink @ 1min 51sec
  5. Sean Yates @ 2min 18sec
  6. Pascal Simon @ 2min 39sec
  7. Acacio Da Silva @ 3min 2sec
  8. Jesper Skibby @ 3min 24sec
  9. Steve Bauer @ 3min 47sec
  10. Charly Mottet @ 4min 9sec

Stage 6: Friday, July 7, Rennes - Futuroscope, 259 km.

  1. Joël Pélier: 6hr 57min 45sec
  2. Eddy Schurer @ 1min 34sec
  3. Eric Vanderaerden @ 1min 36sec
  4. Adri Van der Poel s.t.
  5. Rudy Dhaenens s.t.
  6. Eddy Planckaert s.t.
  7. Etienne De Wilde
  8. Marc Sergeant s.t.
  9. Phil Anderson s.t.
  10. Steven Rooks s.t.

General Classification after stage 6:

  1. Greg LeMond: 25hr 57min 38sec
  2. Laurent Fignon @ 5sec
  3. Thierry Marie @ 20sec
  4. Erik Breukink @ 1min 51sec
  5. Sean Yates @ 2min 18sec
  6. Pascal Simon @ 2min 39sec
  7. Acacio Da Silva @ 3min 2sec
  8. Jesper Skibby @ 3min 24sec
  9. Steve Bauer @ 3min 47sec
  10. Charly Mottet @ 4min 9sec

Stage 7: Saturday, July 8, Poitiers - Bordeaux, 258.5 km.

  1. Etienne De Wilde: 7hr 21min 57sec
  2. Jean-Claude Colotti s.t.
  3. Patrick Tolhoek @ 2sec
  4. Steve Bauer s.t.
  5. Jean-Paul Van Poppel @ 4sec
  6. Peter Pieters s.t.
  7. Giovanni Fidanza s.t
  8. Mathieu Hermans s.t.
  9. Johan Museeuw s.t.
  10. Eddy Planckaert s.t.

General Classification after stage 7:

  1. Greg LeMond 33hr 19min 39sec
  2. Laurent Fignon @ 5sec
  3. Thierry Marie @ 40sec
  4. Erik Breukink 2 1min 51sec
  5. Sean Yates @ 2min 18sec
  6. Pascal Simon @ 2min 39sec
  7. Acacio Da Silva @ 2min 56sec
  8. Jesper Skibby @ 3min 24sec
  9. Steve Bauer @ 3min 45sec
  10. Charly Mottet @ 4min 9sec

Stage 8: Sunday, July 9, La Bastide d'Armagnac - Pau, 157 km.

  1. Martin Early: 3hr 51min 26sec
  2. Eric Caritoux @ 4sec
  3. Michael Wilson s.t.
  4. Philippe Louviot @ 6sec
  5. Laurent Bezault @ 8sec
  6. Valerio Tebaldi s.t.
  7. Steven Rooks @ 18sec
  8. Sean Kelly @ 20sec
  9. Etienne De Wilde s.t.
  10. Rudy Dhaenens s.t.

General Classification after stage 8:

  1. Greg LeMond 37hr 11min 25sec
  2. Laurent Fignon @ 5sec
  3. Thierry Marie @ 40sec
  4. Erik Breukink @ 1min 51sec
  5. Sean Yates @ 2min 18sec
  6. Pascal Simon @ 2min 39sec
  7. Acacio Da Silva @ 2min 56sec
  8. Jesper Skibby @ 3min 24sec
  9. Steve Bauer @ 3min 45sec
  10. Charly Mottet @ 4min 9sec

Stage 9: Monday, July 10, Pau - Cauterets (Cambasque), 147 km.

Major Climbs: Marie-Blanque, Aubisque, Les Borderes, Le Cambasque.

  1. Miguel Indurain: 4hr 32min 36sec
  2. Anselmo Fuerte @ 27sec
  3. Pedro Delgado @ 1min 29sec
  4. Sean Kelly @ 1min 56sec
  5. Steven Rooks s.t.
  6. Gert-Jan Theunisse s.t.
  7. Laurent Fignon @ 1min 58sec
  8. Greg LeMond s.t.
  9. Luc Roosen s.t.
  10. Charly Mottet s.t.

General Classification after stage 9:

  1. Greg LeMond: 41hr 45min 59sec
  2. Laurent Fignon @ 5sec
  3. Pascal Simon @ 3min 56sec

Stage 10: Tuesday, July 11, Cauterets - Luchon (Superbagneres), 136 km.

Major Climbs: Tourmalet, Aspin, Peyresourde, Superbagneres.

  1. Robert Millar : 4hr 22min 19sec
  2. Pedro Delgado s.t.
  3. Charly Mottet @ 19sec
  4. Steven Rooks @ 3min 4sec
  5. Gert-Jan Theunisse s.t.
  6. Marino Lejaretta @ 3min 14sec
  7. Laurent Fignon @ 3min 26sec
  8. Andy Hampsten @ 3min 35sec
  9. Greg LeMond @ 3min 38sec
  10. Raul Alcala @ 3min 42sec

General Classification after stage 10:

  1. Laurent Fignon 46hr 11min 49sec
  2. Greg LeMond @ 7sec
  3. Charly Mottet @ 57sec
  4. Pedro Delgado @ 2min 53sec
  5. Andy Hampsten @ 5min 18sec
  6. Marino Lejaretta @ 5min 51sec
  7. Gianni Bugno @ 6min 3sec
  8. Robert Millar @ 6min 42sec
  9. Raul Alcala @ 6min 46sec
  10. Steven Rooks @ 6min 59sec

Stage 11: Wednesday, July 12, Luchon - Blagnac, 158.5 km.

  1. Mathieu Hermans: 3hr 37min 47sec
  2. Giovanni Fidanza s.t.
  3. Eddy Planckaert s.t.
  4. Teun Van Vliet s.t.
  5. Sean Kelly s.t.
  6. Ronny Van Holen s.t.
  7. Steve Bauer s.t.
  8. Alfred Achermann s.t.
  9. Jesper Skibby s.t.
  10. Marc Sergeant s.t.

General Classification after stage 11 :

  1. Laurent Fignon 49hr 49min 36sec
  2. Greg LeMond @ 7sec
  3. Charly Mottet @ 57sec
  4. Pedro Delgado @ 2min 53sec
  5. Andy Hampsten @ 5min 18sec
  6. Marino Lejaretta @ 5min 51sec
  7. Gianni Bugno @ 6min 3sec
  8. Robert Millar @ 6min 42sec
  9. Raul Alcala @ 6min 46sec
  10. Steven Rooks @ 6min 59sec

Stage 12: Thursday, July 13, Toulouse - Montpellier, 242 km.

  1. Valerio Tebaldi: 5hr 40min 54sec
  2. Giancarlo Perini s.t.
  3. Dominique Arnaud @ 2min 9sec
  4. Thomas Wegmuller @ 21min 24sec
  5. Jan Goessens @ 21min 40sec
  6. Frans Maasen s.t.
  7. Eddy Schurer s.t.
  8. Philippe Louviot s.t.
  9. Rik Van Slijcke s.t.
  10. François Lemarchand s.t.

General Classification after stage 12:

  1. Laurent Fignon: 55hr 52min 15sec
  2. Greg LeMond @ 7sec
  3. Charly Mottet @ 57sec
  4. Pedro Delgado @ 2min 53sec
  5. Andy Hampsten @ 5min 18sec
  6. Marino Lejaretta @ 5min 51sec
  7. Gianni Bugno @ 6min 3sec
  8. Robert Millar @ 6min 42sec
  9. Raul Alcala @ 6min 46sec
  10. Steven Rooks @ 6min 59sec

Stage 13: Friday, July 14, Montpellier - Marseille, 179km.

  1. Vincent Barteau: 4hr 17min 31sec
  2. Jean-Claude Colotti @ 45sec
  3. Martial Gayant @ 1min 16sec
  4. Steve Bauer @ 1min 21sec
  5. Etienne De Wilde @ 1min 25sec
  6. Sean Kelly s.t.
  7. Per Pedersen s.t.
  8. Andréas Kapped s.t.
  9. Alfred Achermann s.t.
  10. Laudelino Cubino s.t.

General Classification after stage 13:

  1. Laurent Fignon: 60hr 11min 11sec
  2. Greg LeMond @ 7sec
  3. Charly Mottet @ 57sec
  4. Pedro Delgado @ 2min 53sec
  5. Andy Hampsten @ 5min 18sec
  6. Marino Lejaretta @ 5min 51sec
  7. Gianni Bugno @ 6min 3sec
  8. Robert Millar @ 6min 42sec
  9. Raul Alcala @ 6min 46sec
  10. Steven Rooks @ 6min 59sec

Stage 14: Saturday, July 15, Marseille - Gap, 240 km.

Major ascent: Labouret

  1. Jelle Nijdam: 6hr 27min 55sec
  2. Pascal Poisson @ 2sec
  3. Eddy Planckaert s.t.
  4. Giovanni Fidanza s.t.
  5. Sean Kelly s.t.
  6. Etienne De Wilde s.t.
  7. Phil Anderson s.t.
  8. Steven Rooks s.t.
  9. Rudy Dhaenens s.t.
  10. Per Pederson s.t.

General Classification after stage 14:

  1. Laurent Fignon: 66hr 39min 8sec
  2. Greg LeMond @ 7sec
  3. Charly Mottet @ 57sec
  4. Pedro Delgado @ 3min 3sec
  5. Andy Hampsten @ 5min 18sec
  6. Marino Lejaretta @ 5min 51sec
  7. Gianni Bugno @ 6min 3sec
  8. Robert Millar @ 6min 42sec
  9. Raul Alcala @ 6min 56sec
  10. Gert-Jan Theunisse @ 7min 6sec

Stage 15: Sunday, July 16, Gap - Orcières Merlette 39 km individual time trial

  1. Steven Rooks: 1hr 10min 42sec
  2. Marino Lejaretta @ 24sec
  3. Miguel Indurain @ 43sec
  4. Pedro Delgado @ 49sec
  5. Greg LeMond @ 57sec
  6. Sean Kelly @ 1min 6sec
  7. Raul Alcala @ 1min 10sec
  8. Gert-Jan Theunisse @ 1min 12sed
  9. Laurent Biondi @ 1min 37sec
  10. Laurent Fignon @ 1min 44sec

General Classification after stage 15:

  1. Greg LeMond: 67hr 50min 54sec
  2. Laurent Fignon @ 40sec
  3. Charly Mottet @ 2min 17sec
  4. Pedro Delgado @ 2min 48sec
  5. Marino Lejaretta @ 5min 11sec
  6. Steven Rooks @ 6min 5sec
  7. Andy Hampsten @ 7min 2sec
  8. Raul Alcala s.t.
  9. Gert-Jan Theunisse @ 7min 14sec
  10. Sean Kelly @ 7min 15sec

Stage 16: Tuesday, July 18, Gap - Briançon, 175 km

Major climbs: Vars and Izoard.

  1. Pascal Richard: 4hr 46min 45sec
  2. Bruno Cornillet @ 2min 34sec
  3. Charly Mottet @ 4min 50sec
  4. Greg LeMond @ 4min 51sec
  5. Martial Gayant s.t.
  6. Pedro Delgado s.t.
  7. Gert-Jan Theunisse s.t.
  8. Steven Rooks s.t.
  9. Laurent Fignon @ 5min 4sec
  10. Raul Alcala @ 5min 26sec

General Classification after stage 16:

  1. Greg LeMond 72hr 42min 30sec
  2. Laurent Fignon @ 53sec
  3. Charly Mottet @ 2min 16sec
  4. Pedro Delgado @ 2min 48sec
  5. Steven Rooks @ 6min 5sec
  6. Gert-Jan Theunisse @ 7min 14sec
  7. Marino Lejaretta @ 7min 28sec
  8. Raul Alcala @ 7min 37sec
  9. Miguel Indurain @ 8min 25sec
  10. Andy Hampsten @ 9min 35sec

Stage 17: Wednesday, July 19, Briancon - L'Alpe d'Huez, 165 km

Major Climbs: Galibier, Croix de Fer, L'Alpe d'Huez.

  1. Gert-Jan Theunisse: 5hr 10min 39sec
  2. Pedro Delgado @ 1min 9sec
  3. Laurent Fignon s.t.
  4. Abelardo Rondon @ 2min 8sec
  5. Greg LeMond @ 2min 28sec
  6. Marino Lejaretta @ 2min 41sec
  7. Steven Rooks @ 3min 4sec
  8. Gianni Bugno s.t.
  9. Robert Millar @ 3min 8sec
  10. Pascal Simon @ 3min 48sec

General Classification after stage 17:

  1. Laurent Fignon: 77hr 55min 11sec
  2. Greg LeMond @ 26sec
  3. Pedro Delgado @ 1min 55sec
  4. Gert-Jan Theunisse @ 5min 12sec
  5. Charly Mottet @ 5min 22sec
  6. Steven Rooks @ 7min 7sec
  7. Marino lejaretta @ 8min 7sec
  8. Raul Alcala @ 10min 43sec
  9. Robert Millar @ 11min 49sec
  10. Sean Kelly @ 14min 9sec

Stage 18: Thursday, July 20, Bourg d'Oisans - Villard de Lans, 91.5 km.

Major Climbs: Laffrey, St. Nizier de Moucherotte, Villard de Lans

  1. Laurent Fignon: 2hr 31min 28sec
  2. Steven Rooks @ 24sec
  3. Gert-Jan Theunisse s.t.
  4. Marino Lejaretta s.t.
  5. Sean Kelly s.t.
  6. Greg LeMond s.t.
  7. Pedro Delgado @ 33sec
  8. Alberto Camargo @ 36sec
  9. Raul Alcala s.t.
  10. Luis Herrera @ 47sec

General Classification after stage 18:

  1. Laurent Fignon: 80hr 26min 39sec
  2. Greg Lemond @ 50sec
  3. Pedro Delgado @ 2min 28sec
  4. Gert-Jan Theunisse @ 5min 30sec
  5. Charly Mottet @ 7min 29sec
  6. Steven Rooks @ 7min 31sec
  7. Marino Lejaretta @ 8min 31sec
  8. Raul Alcala @ 11min 19sec
  9. Robert Millar @ 14min 20sec
  10. Sean Kelly @ 14min 33sec

Stage 19: Friday, July 21, Villard de Lans - Aix Les Bains, 125 km.

Major Climbs: Porte, Cucheron, Granier

  1. Greg LeMond: 3hr 17min 53sec
  2. Laurent Fignon s.t.
  3. Pedro Delgado s.t.
  4. Gert-Jan Theunisse s.t.
  5. Marino Lejaretta @ 4sec
  6. Gianno Bugno @ 2min 11sec
  7. Sean Kelly s.t.
  8. Steve Bauer s.t.
  9. Steven Rooks s.t.
  10. Dominique Arnaud s.t.

General Classification after stage 19:

  1. Laurent Fignon: 83hr 44min 32sec
  2. Greg Lemond @ 50sec
  3. Pedro Delgado @ 2min 28sec
  4. Gert-Jan Theunisse @ 5min 30sec
  5. Marino Lejaretta @ 8min 35sec
  6. Charly Mottet @ 9min 40sec
  7. Steven Rooks @ 9min 42sec
  8. Raul Alcala @ 13min 30sec
  9. Robert Millar @ 16min 31sec
  10. Sean Kelly @ 16min 44sec

Stage 20: Saturday, July 22, Aix Les Bains - L'Isle d'Abeau, 130 km.

  1. Giovanni Fidanza: 3hr 26min 16sec
  2. Jelle Nijdam s.t.
  3. Sean Kelly s.t.
  4. Mathieu Hermans s.t.
  5. Carlo Bomans s.t.
  6. Etienne De Wilde s.t.
  7. Acacio Da Silva s.t.
  8. Andréas Kappes s.t.
  9. Bjarne Riis s.t.
  10. Michael Wilson s.t.

General Classification after Stage 20:

  1. Laurent Fignon 87hr 10min 48sec
  2. Greg LeMond @ 50sec
  3. Pedro Delgado @ 2min 28sec
  4. Gert-Jan Theunisse @ 5min 30sec
  5. Marino Lejaretta @ 8min 35sec
  6. Charly Mottet @ 9min 40sec
  7. Steven Rooks @ 9min 42sec
  8. Raul Alcala @ 13min 30sec
  9. Robert Millar @ 16min 31sec
  10. Sean Kelly @ 16min 44sec

21st and Final stage: Sunday, July 23, Versailles - Paris, 24.5 individual time trial.

  1. Greg LeMond: 26min 57sec
  2. Thierry Marie @ 33sec
  3. Laurent Fignon @ 58sec
  4. Jelle Nijdam @ 1min 7sec
  5. Sean Yates @ 1min 10sec
  6. Erich Maechler s.t.
  7. Helmut Wechselberger @ 1min 11sec
  8. Charly Mottet @ 1min 16sec
  9. Rene Beuker @ 1mnin 19sec
  10. Jesper Skibby @ 1min 12sec

Final Complete 1989 Tour de France General Classification

The Story of the 1989 Tour de France

This excerpt is from "The Story of the Tour de France", Volume 2 If you enjoy it we hope you will consider purchasing the book, either print or electronic. The Amazon link here will make either purchase easy.

The Tour organization again changed Tour directors. The appointment of Jean-Marie Leblanc was one of the most important events in the history of the Tour de France. In its desperate search for income the Tour had multiplied the various prizes and classifications, each one having a sponsor and most being unimportant to all but the most dedicated racing fan. Wanting to bring clarity and therefore credibility to the Tour, Leblanc slashed the list of competitions and then raised the cost of sponsoring the remaining, now more visible ones. Under Leblanc the Tour underwent a renaissance, becoming wildly popular and financially sound. Leblanc's tenure coincided with the beginning of the trend of many of the finest Tour contenders making the Tour de France their only real goal for the season. With ever larger corporate money entering racing, the need for gigantic results to justify the big investments in teams drove more and more attention to the Tour. Leblanc's skill in running the Tour only served to magnify this tendency.

Leblanc, like all Tour directors before him except Naquet-Radiguet, had been a journalist. He was the chief cycling correspondent of L’Équipe before becoming Tour boss. Moreover, Leblanc had been a pro rider with Tour racing experience, having entered and finished both the 1968 and the 1970 Tours.

Both Greg LeMond and Laurent Fignon were back racing with dedication. They were in good form and finally achieving good results.

LeMond's recovery from his shooting accident was long and hard. In the early season races he had done reasonably well. He was fourth in the Critérium International and sixth in the Tirreno–Adriatico. LeMond had not won a race since his 1986 Tour de France victory.

In the Giro he suffered like a dog finishing a lackluster thirty-ninth, almost an hour behind. It seemed that he just could not find that old magic. His wife, Kathy, flew to Italy to give him moral support. He stuck to it, refusing to give up. In the final stage, a 53.8-kilometer time trial, LeMond came in second. He was able to beat the overall Giro winner, Fignon, by over a minute on that stage. The strength was returning. LeMond's team however, was not a Grand Tour Team. His ADR Belgians (including Johan Museeuw) would not be able to give him the help he would need in the high mountains. He would have to race with his head all the time.

Fignon, who had been unable to truly contend for a major stage race since he had surgery on his Achilles tendon in 1984, had finally found the way to win. In 1989 he had already won Milano-San Remo and the Giro d'Italia. Fignon had an outstanding team in Super U, including future Tour winner Bjarne Riis.

With Pedro Delgado also in good shape and seeking redemption after his tainted 1988 victory, this would indeed be an interesting Tour.

And that's just how it started out, interesting. At the Prologue, where every rider is assigned a specific start time, Delgado signed in 20 minutes early then went off to warm up. Somehow, he lost track of the time. He showed up at the start house 2 minutes, 40 seconds late. The clock had been ticking off the seconds since his start time. The clock for a rider's time trial starts with or without the rider, it is quite indifferent. Delgado roared off and did a very credible time trial, his actual time on the road being only 14 seconds slower than winner Erik Breukink. But because of his delayed start, he was now hamstrung with a deficit of almost 3 minutes at the opening of the Tour de France. Fignon and LeMond both finished at the same time, 6 seconds off Breukink's time. The shootout between the two had started at the first possible opportunity.

The second stage team time trial highlighted the differences in the teams. Fignon's Super U squad won the stage, with the team finishing intact, not losing any men on the road. LeMond's ADR team came in a respectable fifth, a minute slower over the 46-kilometer course, losing 3 men along the way. Delgado's Reynolds-Banesto team finished dead last. Demoralized after his botched start to the Tour, Delgado couldn't keep up with his team. His teammates had to wait for him and nurse him to the finish. After only 2 stages Delgado was almost 10 minutes down in the overall. This was a spectacular reversal of fortune after his previous year's dominance.

The next real test was the first individual time trial in stage 5. At a long 73 kilometers, it would really make a difference. Whatever emotional or morale problem Delgado may have been having in the first couple of stages, he was clearly over them now. LeMond was also coming on form. His suffering in the Giro was starting to pay off. LeMond used the new triathlon bars that narrowed the rider's frontal profile. This is standard equipment for any time trial bike today, but back then this was revolutionary stuff. Fignon should have been paying attention.

1. Greg LeMond: 1 hour 38 minutes 12 seconds
2. Pedro Delgado @ 24 seconds
3. Laurent Fignon @ 56 seconds
4. Thierry Marie @ 1 minute 51 seconds
5. Sean Yates @ 2 minutes 6 seconds

The General Classification after the stage 5 time trial:

1. Greg LeMond
2. Laurent Fignon @ 5 seconds
3. Thierry Marie @ 20 seconds
4. Erik Breukink @ 1 minute 51 seconds
5. Sean Yates @ 2 minutes 18 seconds

LeMond wins the stage 5 time trial.

Stage 9 was the first day in the Pyrenees, going from Pau to Cauterets, crossing the Marie-Blanque, the Aubisque, the Bordères and the Cambasque. Delgado's teammate, Miguel Indurain, was first over the final 3 big climbs and won the stage. Delgado was really back in action, completely revived and fighting, finishing about a minute and a half behind Indurain. LeMond and Fignon finished together, another 30 seconds back. No change to the General Classification except that Delgado continued to move up.

Martin Early wins stge 8 in Pau.

Stage 10 with the Tourmalet, Aspin, Peyresourde and Superbagnères made a little difference to the standings. On the final climb LeMond, feeling ever more confident, attacked. Fignon caught him and countered. LeMond tried to answer, but couldn't. Fignon managed to put 12 seconds between himself and LeMond. Fignon now had the lead by a margin of 7 seconds. Stephen Roche's knee, which had given him so much trouble over his career, flamed up again. He struggled in terrible pain over the mountains, refusing to abandon during the stage. But that was it, Roche's Tour was over. Paul Kimmage says that during that very evening while Roche was in misery in his hotel room, the management of his team was already in talks with LeMond to see if he would come over to the Fagor squad the following year. This bike racing is a hard business.

This tense, tight situation with Fignon's 7-second lead remained until the stage 15 39-kilometer individual time trial. The riders had 2 first category climbs in front of them. Steven Rooks won the stage, Delgado was fourth at 49 seconds, LeMond right behind him at 57 seconds. Fignon was tenth at 1 minute, 44 seconds. LeMond took the Yellow Jersey back with a 40-second lead over Fignon.

In the next day's stage with the Izoard, LeMond was able to gain another precious 13 seconds. They say baseball is a game of inches. The 1989 Tour was a game of seconds. Each second was a pearl beyond price as the 2 athletes, both of whom were shadows of their former selves, battled with unabated intensity.

Stage 17, with the Galibier, the Croix de Fer and a finish up L'Alpe d'Huez scrambled the eggs again. On the final ascent Fignon attacked and took Delgado with him. LeMond could not go with the Frenchman. LeMond gave up 1 minute, 19 seconds and the Yellow Jersey to Fignon. Fignon now had a 26 second lead over LeMond. Delgado had clawed his way to third place after being down almost 10 minutes.

Fignon was finding the Alpine air to his liking. He took another 24-second chunk out of LeMond's side when he won stage 18. The gap was now 50 seconds. While publicly optimistic, LeMond is said to have privately conceded the race at this point.

These men were so close, the degree of equipoise so perfect, this has to be one of the great races of history. Stage 19, with the Porte, Cucheron and Granier climbs proved it. LeMond won this stage with Fignon right with him getting the same time. Neither was giving up a single second if it could be helped.

Lemond takes stage 19 at Aix les Bains just in front of Fignon. Delgado and Theunisse also got the same time that day.

So, here was the General Classification going into the final stage, a 24.5-kilometer time trial from Versailles to Paris. This must be the most famous and talked about race against the clock in the history of the sport.

1. Laurent Fignon
2. Greg LeMond @ 50 seconds
3. Pedro Delgado @ 2 minutes 28 seconds
4. Gert-Jan Theunisse @ 5 minutes 36 seconds

LeMond had done wind-tunnel testing and had perfected his riding position. For the time trial he had an aerodynamic helmet and the aero bars which he had used to good effect in stage 5. The run-in to Paris was slightly downhill. LeMond decided that he didn't want to get time splits. He said that he would just go as fast as he humanly could, hoping he wouldn't blow up before the end. The idea that he could take almost a minute out of an in-form Fignon in such a short distance was not preposterous, but it was unlikely. Being in second place, LeMond went before Fignon. LeMond thumped a monster 54 x 12 gear driving it a steaming 54.545 kilometers an hour. This was the fastest time trial ever ridden in the Tour de France and remained the record for years to come.

Fignon had other troubles besides LeMond. He had acquired a nasty saddle sore in stage 19. It was so bad he couldn't pedal properly. He was in real pain and unable to sleep the night before the time trial. As he had done on every other occasion going back to his second place in the 1984 Giro, Fignon shunned the niceties of aerodynamics. He didn't use tri bars or an aero helmet. He even wore a wind-dragging ponytail. His saddle sore prevented his getting a good warm-up before he started his ride.

As the race leader, Fignon had the privilege of going last. With each pedal stroke he lost time. Yet, when he came on to the Champs Elysées he still had the overall lead by 2 seconds. It was in those final meters that he lost those next, oh-so-precious 10 seconds. LeMond had to watch and wait in agony to see if his roll of the dice had succeeded.

The Tour was LeMond's. Fignon had lost the closest Tour in History. When Fignon learned that he had lost, he fell to ground with a moan, in tears. LeMond yelped with joy. If there is to be a winner, there must also be a loser.

Here's how the time trial went:

1. Greg LeMond: 26 minutes 57 seconds
2. Thierry Marie @ 33 seconds
3. Laurent Fignon @ 58 seconds

The Final 1989 Tour de France General Classification:

1. Greg LeMond (ADR-Agrigel): 87 hours 38 minutes 35 seconds
2. Laurent Fignon (Super U) @ 8 seconds
3. Pedro Delgado (Reynolds) @ 3 minutes 34 seconds
4. Gert-Jan Theunisse (PDM) @ 7 minutes 30 seconds
5. Marino Lejarreta (Paternina) @ 9 minutes 39 seconds

Climbers' Competition:

1. Gert-Jan Theunisse: 441 points
2. Pedro Delgado: 311 points
3. Steven Rooks: 257 points

Points Competition:

1. Sean Kelly: 277 points
2. Etienne De Wilde: 194 points
3. Steven Rooks: 163 points

An aerodynamicist once calculated that if Fignon had just cut off his ponytail to reduce his drag, he would have been able to go fast enough to have won the Tour. The gents at figured that at the speeds LeMond and Fignon were traveling in the final time trial, the 8 seconds in the final overall amounted to 82 meters, less than a football field after 3,257 kilometers.

LeMond went on that fall to cap his season with his second World Road Championship.