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1946 Vuelta a España

6th Edition: May 7 - May 30, 1946

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Dalmacio Langarica

1946 Vuelta winner Dalmacio Langarica

The race: Unipublic, the organizers of the Vuelta, have generously given me permission to post their history of the Vuelta. The text is Copyright Unipublic.

The proceeding of the race in this sixth edition was very similar to the previous edition during the first stages, since a breakaway in those first days almost gave the triumph to a modest rider such as Manuel Costa, who, in the sixth day of the race, lead by 22 and 24 minutes on the two favorites riders, Langarica and Berrendero. However, Langarica's quality and his excellent physical form allowed him to reduce, though with a great effort, that advantage and arrive in Madrid as absolute leader of the race.

The foreign participation was not very significant this time either. Six Dutch riders, five from Portugal and another five from Switzerland made up the foreign group, who, in any moment, threatened the possibilities of the remarkable Spanish stars of the moment. The unexpected winner in the previous edition, Delio Rodriguez, could not repeat his triumph and had to make do with the fifth position, more than 45 minutes below Langarica. Nevertheless, he achieved five new stages troughout the race and therefore, he increased his number of partial victories to thirty-one.

In spite of the advantage that Costa had respect the rest of riders, the enthusiasts' attention was concentrated on the fight between Langarica and Berrendero, who were reducing distances day by day.

Finally, Costa could not resist the pressure and Langarica took the leadership after the stage which covered the way between Reinosa and Gijón. The possibility of an unexpected surprise vanished completely and Dalmacio Langarica was the winner after 3,797 kilometres. Julián Berrendero, Jan Lambrichts, Manuel Costa and Delio Rodriguez, escorted Langarica to the podium in the first five positions in the Individual Overall Standings.

As regards the Climbers Overall Standings, Emilio Rodriguez had an advantage respect Dalmacio Langarica and 25 respect Julián Berrendero, who had been the winner in the two previous editions.

  • 48 starters, 29 classified finishers
  • 3,847 kilometers raced at an average speed of 27.701 km/hr
  • The GC leader wore a white jersey with a red band in the 1946 Vuelta

1946 Vuelta a España stages:

1. Madrid-Salamanca, 212 km
2. Salamanca-Bejar, 73 km individual time trial
3. Bejar-Caceres, 141 km
4. Caceres-Badajoz, 132 km
5. Badajoz-Sevilla, 218 km
6. Sevilla-Granada, 251 km
7. Granada-Baza, 107 km
8. Baza-Murcia, 178 km
9. Murcia-Valencia, 264 km
10. Valencia-Castellon, 67 km team time trial
11. Castellon-Tortosa, 123 km
12. Tortosa-Barcelona, 215 km
13. Barcelona-Lerida, 162 km
14. Lerida-Zaragoza, 144 km
15. Zaragoza-San Sebastian, 276 km
16. San Sebastian-Bilbao, 207 km
17. Bilbao-Santander, 226 km
18. Santander-Reinosa, 110 km
19. Reinosa-Gijon, 204 km
20. Gijon-Oviedo, 53 km individual time trial
21. Oviedo-Leon, 119 km
22. Leon-Valladolid, 134 km
23. Valladolid-Madrid, 200 km

Complete Final General Classification:

  1. Dalmacio Langarica: 137hr 10min 38sec
  2. Julian Berrendero @ 17min 32sec
  3. John Lambrichs @ 23min 54sec
  4. Manuel Costa @ 24min 19sec
  5. Delio Rodriguez @ 45min 4sec
  6. Alejandro Fombellida @ 46min 9sec
  7. Antonio-Andrès Sancho @ 1hr 0min 10sec
  8. Emilio Rodriguez @ 1hr 3min 45sec
  9. José gutierrez @ 1hr 18min 48sec
  10. João Rebelo @ 1he 53min 37sec
  11. Georges Aeschlimann @ 1hr 58min 13sec
  12. Cirpriano Aguirrezabal @ 2hr 7min 59sec
  13. Bernardo Ruiz @ 2hr 18min 0sec
  14. Pastor Ridriguez @ 2hr 20min 10sec
  15. Joaquin Olmos @ 2hr 25min 38sec
  16. Antonio Martin @ 2hr 33min 26sec
  17. Ernest Kuhn @ 3hr 8min 45sec
  18. Vicente Miro @ 3hr 20min 24sec
  19. José Lopez Gandara @ 3hr 23min 42sec
  20. Frans Pauwels @ 3hr 29min 54sec
  21. Joaquin Jimenez @ 3hr 38min 7sec
  22. Pedro Font @ 4hr 5min 33sec
  23. Cees Joosen @ 4hr 10min 22sec
  24. Gabriel Palmer @ 4hr 15min 5sec
  25. Theo Perret @ 4hr 40min 32sec
  26. Kurt Zaugg @ 4hr 44min 41sec
  27. Jorge Pereira @ 5hr 2min 7sec
  28. Aristides Martins s.t.
  29. Joào Lorenço @ 5hr 50min 28sec

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