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2023 Milano-Torino (1.Pro), Italy

104th Edition: Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Milano-Torino podium history | 2022 edition | Course map & profile | Start list

Milano (Rho) - Torino (Orbassano), 192 km

Arvid De Kleijn wins the big sprint. RCS photo

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Weather at the finish city of Torino (Turin in English) at 1:10 PM, local time: 14C (58F), sunny, with the wind from the southeast at 13 km/hr (8 mph). No rain is forecast.

The route: The route of the 104th edition of the oldest race is essentially flat except, when passing through the Canavese area, where the course rises and falls, taking in some ramps, however with no lengthy sectors or steep slopes. The route starts in Rho and crosses the upper Po Valley on flat roads surrounded by rice paddies, touching Magenta, Novara and Vercelli, and reaches the Canavese through Caluso and Foglizzo. Across the Canavese, the route rises and falls all the way to La Mandria Park, north ot Turin, and eventually levels out, or just climbs slightly, at the edge of the Val di Susa, all the way to the finish. The main obstacles along the route include the ones typically found in urban areas, such as roundabouts, traffic islands and speed bumps. The last 10 kilometers run almost flat until the finish in Orbassano.

Final kms
The last 5km run on flat and broad urban roads, featuring consecutive roundabouts. There is one final bend 400m before the finish. The home straight is 400m long, and wide (8.5m width).

The race: There was one non-starter, Mike Teunissen (Intermarché-Circus-Wanty), leaving a starting peloton of 114.

The peloton got going a little before noon. Mark Cavendish, the winner of last year's edition, is at the front, RCS photo

Here's the report from seventh-place Jordi Meeus' Team Bora-hansgrohe.

The oldest bike race in the world, Milano-Torino, ended in the expected bunch sprint today. BORA – hansgrohe was in position at the head of the bunch with 10 km remaining, but after a crash with four kilometers to go the boys lost each other and their leader Jordi Meeus almost had to stop. To recover from this incident was too much of an effort and Jordi entered the last corner too far in the back. In the end he sprinted to seventh place.

“The boys worked really well, and we have been in front before the beginning of all this road furniture. But then a guy crashed, and I had to click out of the pedal and almost stopped. To come back after this was just too much effort. Shane brought me up once again, but we couldn’t move before the decisive corner anymore and after that it was impossible to gain positions.” – Jordi Meeus

Arvid De Kleijn is the day's fastest rider. Photo: RCS Sport

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Complete Results:

192 kilometers raced at an average speed of 48.194 km/hr

1 Arvid De Kleijn Tudor Pro Cycling 3hr 59min 2sec
2 Fernando Gaviria Movistar s.t.
3 Casper Van Uden Team DSM s.t.
4 Itamar Einhorn Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
5 Matteo Moschetti Q36.5 Pro Cycling s.t.
6 Nacer Bouhanni Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
7 Jordi Meeus Bora-hansgrohe s.t.
8 Andrea Vendrame Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
9 Jon Aberasturi Trek-Segafredo s.t.
10 Dylan Groenewegen Jayco-AlUla s.t.
11 Jens Reynders Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
12 Gonzalo Serrano Movistar s.t.
13 Mirco Maestri EOLO-Kometa s.t.
14 Javier Serrano EOLO-Kometa s.t.
15 Maikel Zijlaard Tudor Pro Cycling s.t.
16 Davide Gabburo Green Project-Bardiani-CSF s.t.
17 Marijn Van Den Berg EF Education-EasyPost s.t.
18 Biniam Girmay Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
19 Jenthe Biermans Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
20 Lluis Mas Movistar s.t.
21 Lawrence Naesen Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
22 David Martin EOLO-Kometa s.t.
23 Filippo Fiorelli Green Project-Bardiani-CSF s.t.
24 Asbjørn Hellemose Trek-Segafredo s.t.
25 Yevgeniy Fedorov Astana Qazaqstan s.t.
26 Victor Koretzky Bora-hansgrohe s.t.
27 Gleb Syritsa Astana Qazaqstan s.t.
28 Luca Colnaghi Green Project-Bardiani-CSF s.t.
29 Samuele Rivi EOLO-Kometa s.t.
30 Lukasz Wisniowski EF Education-EasyPost s.t.
31 Jacopo Mosca Trek-Segafredo s.t.
32 Shane Archbold Bora-hansgrohe s.t.
33 Mark Cavendish Astana Qazaqstan s.t.
34 Simone Bevilacqua EOLO-Kometa s.t.
35 Giovanni Lonardi EOLO-Kometa s.t.
36 Aaron Van Der Beken Bingoal-WB s.t.
37 Lorenzo Milesi Team DSM s.t.
38 Lorenzo Conforti Green Project-Bardiani-CSF s.t.
39 Tobias Ludvigsson Q36.5 Pro Cycling s.t.
40 Alexandr Riabushenko Astana Qazaqstan s.t.
41 Greg Van Avermaet Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
42 Francesco Busatto Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
43 Iker Bonillo Green Project-Bardiani-CSF s.t.
44 Attilio Viviani Team Corratec s.t.
45 Cyrus Monk Q36.5 Pro Cycling s.t.
46 Niklas Märkl Team DSM s.t.
47 Juri Hollmann Movistar s.t.
48 Corey Davis Q36.5 Pro Cycling s.t.
49 Cees Bol Astana Qazaqstan s.t.
50 Donavan Grondin Arkéa-Samsic @ 14sec
51 Alexander Salby Bingoal-WB s.t.
52 Alessandro Pinarello Green Project-Bardiani-CSF 0:16
53 Stefano Gandin Team Corratec s.t.
54 Ben Hermans Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
55 Alex Edmondson Team DSM 0:19
56 Erik Bystrøm Sven Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
57 Nadav Raisberg Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
58 Johan Jacobs Movistar s.t.
59 Ivan Romeo Movistar s.t.
60 Davide Martinelli Astana Qazaqstan s.t.
61 Alberto Bettiol EF Education-EasyPost s.t.
62 Matteo Badilatti Q36.5 Pro Cycling s.t.
63 Matthew Walls Bora-hansgrohe s.t.
64 Marcel Camprubí Q36.5 Pro Cycling s.t.
65 Elmar Reinders Jayco-AlUla s.t.
66 Oier Lazkano Movistar s.t.
67 Zdenek Stybar Jayco-AlUla s.t.
68 Amanuel Gebreigzabhier Trek-Segafredo s.t.
69 Niccolo Bonifazio Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
70 Kevin Ledanois Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
71 Aloïs Charrin Tudor Pro Cycling s.t.
72 Richard Carapaz EF Education-EasyPost s.t.
73 Simone Olivero Team Corratec s.t.
74 Rick Pluimers Tudor Pro Cycling s.t.
75 Luca Mozzato Arkéa-Samsic 0:27
76 Alessandro Fedeli Q36.5 Pro Cycling s.t.
77 Lukas Pöstlberger Jayco-AlUla 0:31
78 Moritz Kärsten Team DSM 0:37
79 Jens Keukeleire EF Education-EasyPost 0:41
80 Mika Heming Tudor Pro Cycling 0:45
81 Sebastian Kolze Changizi Tudor Pro Cycling s.t.
82 Stefan De Bod EF Education-EasyPost s.t.
83 Aimé De Gendt Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
84 Loic Vliegen Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
85 Alexandre Balmer Jayco-AlUla s.t.
86 Alastair Mackellar Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
87 Johan Meens Bingoal-WB s.t.
88 Simone Velasco Astana Qazaqstan s.t.
89 Alexander Konychev Team Corratec s.t.
90 Lawson Craddock Jayco-AlUla 1:00
91 Julien Bernard Trek-Segafredo 1:09
92 Benoît Cosnefroy Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
93 Matteo Amella Team Corratec s.t.
94 Patrick Konrad Bora-hansgrohe s.t.
95 Lawrence Warbasse Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
96 James Shaw EF Education-EasyPost s.t.
97 Alessandro Iacchi Team Corratec s.t.
98 Michael Schär Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
99 Alessandro Verre Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
100 Marius Mayrhofer Team DSM s.t.
101 Matteo Fabbro Bora-hansgrohe s.t.
102 Giovanni Aleotti Bora-hansgrohe s.t.
103 Remy Mertz Bingoal-WB s.t.
104 Patrick Eddy Team DSM s.t.
105 Dimitri Peyskens Bingoal-WB s.t.
106 Oliver Naesen Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
107 Marco Tizza Bingoal-WB 1:23
108 Alessio Nieri Green Project-Bardiani-CSF 1:42
109 Arthur Kluckers Tudor Pro Cycling s.t.
110 Andrea Pietrobon EOLO-Kometa s.t.
111 Alan Riou Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
112 Veljko Stojnic Team Corratec s.t.
113 Matteo Malucelli Bingoal-WB 4:37


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2023 Milano-Torino map & profile

2023 Milano-Torino map

2023 Milano-Torino profile


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Start list with back numbers, March 14, 2023:

1 Mark Cavendish
2 Cees Bol
3 Yevgeniy Fedorov
4 Davide Martinelli
5 Alexandr Riabushenko
6 Gleb Syritsa
7 Simone Velasco
11 Benoît Cosnefroy
12 Lawrence Naesen
13 Oliver Naesen
14 Michael Schär
15 Greg Van Avermaet
16 Andrea Vendrame
17 Lawrence Warbasse
21 Matteo Malucelli
22 Johan Meens
23 Remy Mertz
24 Dimitri Peyskens
25 Alexander Salby
26 Marco Tizza
27 Aaron Van Der Beken
31 Jordi Meeus
32 Giovanni Aleotti
33 Shane Archbold
34 Matteo Fabbro
35 Patrick Konrad
36 Victor Koretzky
37 Matthew Walls
41 Alberto Bettiol
42 Richard Carapaz
43 Stefan De Bod
44 Jens Keukeleire
45 James Shaw
46 Marijn Van Den Berg
47 Lukasz Wisniowski
51 Mirco Maestri
52 Simone Bevilacqua
53 Giovanni Lonardi
54 David Martin
55 Andrea Pietrobon
56 Samuele Rivi
57 Javier Serrano
61 Filippo Fiorelli
62 Iker Bonillo
63 Luca Colnaghi
64 Lorenzo Conforti
65 Davide Gabburo
66 Alessio Nieri
67 Alessandro Pinarello
71 Biniam Girmay
72 Niccolo Bonifazio
73 Francesco Busatto
74 Erik Bystrøm Sven
75 Aimé De Gendt
76 Mike Teunissen
77 Loic Vliegen
81 Itamar Einhorn
82 Ben Hermans
83 Alastair Mackellar
84 Nadav Raisberg
85 Jens Reynders
91 Fernando Gaviria
92 Juri Hollmann
93 Johan Jacobs
94 Oier Lazkano
95 Lluis Mas
96 Ivan Romeo
97 Gonzalo Serrano
101 Matteo Moschetti
102 Matteo Badilatti
103 Marcel Camprubí
104 Corey Davis
105 Alessandro Fedeli
106 Tobias Ludvigsson
107 Cyrus Monk
111 Luca Mozzato
112 Jenthe Biermans
113 Nacer Bouhanni
114 Donavan Grondin
115 Kevin Ledanois
116 Alan Riou
117 Alessandro Verre
121 Attilio Viviani
122 Matteo Amella
123 Stefano Gandin
124 Alessandro Iacchi
125 Alexander Konychev
126 Simone Olivero
127 Veljko Stojnic
131 Marius Mayrhofer
132 Patrick Eddy
133 Alex Edmondson
134 Niklas Märkl
135 Lorenzo Milesi
136 Moritz Kärsten
137 Casper Van Uden
141 Dylan Groenewegen
142 Alexandre Balmer
143 Lawson Craddock
144 Lukas Pöstlberger
145 Blake Quick
146 Elmar Reinders
147 Zdenek Stybar
151 Jon Aberasturi
152 Julien Bernard
153 Amanuel Gebreigzabhier
154 Asbjørn Hellemose
155 Jacopo Mosca
161 Arvid De Kleijn
162 Arthur Kluckers
163 Sebastian Kolze Changizi
164 Aloïs Charrin
165 Mika Heming
166 Rick Pluimers
167 Maikel Zijlaard