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Per sempre Alfredo (1.1) Italy

1st edition, Sunday, March 21, 2021

Per sempre Alfredo podium history | Course map | 2022 edition

Florence - Sesto Fiorentino, 162.1 km

Matteo Moschetti

Matteo Moschetti wins the first Per sempre Alfredo race.

Cycling's World Championships

Weather at the finish city of Sesto Fiorentino at 12:30 PM, local time: 9C (48F), partly cloudy, with the wind from the northeast at 34 km/hr (21 mph). No rain is forecast. There is a potential for high winds during the afternoon.

The race: Here's the organizer's race summary

It was the Milanese Matteo Moschetti, a talent born in '96 of Trek-Segafredo, who won the first edition of the "Per sempre Alfredo", a professional race held today between Florence and Sesto Fiorentino to honor the memory of the historic blue technical commissioner Alfredo Martini .

Moschetti, who last year had won two wins at the beginning of the season before suffering a fracture of the pelvis following a fall, has thus returned to success on the Tuscan roads, definitively putting behind that unfortunate episode that affected 2020.

Second position for Spaniard Mikel Aristi (Euskaltel Euskadi) and third for Samuele Zambelli, here competing with the Italian national team).

Per Sempre Alfredo race start

The race begins. What a setting! This is at the Piazzale Michelangelo, a viewpoint across the Arno River from Florence. You can see the famed dome of the Florence Cathedral in the distance.

The event, commissioned by the “Per sempre Alfredo” Committee and organized with the technical direction of the Emilia Sports Group, started at noon precisely from the suggestive setting of Piazzale Michelangelo, which dominates Florence from above. In the first half of the route, with four climbs, the group split, so much so that several sprinters remained in the second part, but from the middle of the race onwards the reunification took place and, in the four laps of the Sesto Fiorentino undulating circuit, always proceeded compactly, with the men of Trek-Segafredo and Vini Zabù very active in the lead.

Four kilometers from the finish, however, a fall (without consequences) knocked out, among others, Mareczko, Battaglin, Fiorelli and Malucelli. The platoon split up and there were about 25 runners left in front, with Moschetti who set them in the sprint. To win the special classification of the mountain grand prix was Christian Scaroni of Gazprom-Rusvelo. Best youngster at the finish line, the home talent (he lives just a few kilometers from Sesto Fiorentino) Tommaso Nencini who finished in eighth place.

Complete results:

134 starters, 21 abandons, 113 classified finishers

162.1 kilometers raced at an average speed of 42.627 km/hr

1 Matteo Moschetti Trek-Segafredo 3hr 48min 10sec
2 Mikel Aristi Euskaltel-Euskadi s.t.
3 Samuele Zambelli Nazionale Italiana s.t.
4 Jon Aberasturi Caja Rural-Seguros RGA s.t.
5 Luca Colnaghi Nazionale Italiana s.t.
6 Giovanni Lonardi Bardiani CSF Faizanè s.t.
7 Stefano Gandin Zalf Désirée Fior s.t.
8 Tommaso Nencini Nazionale Italiana s.t.
9 Natnael Tesfazion Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec s.t.
10 Marius Mayrhofer Team DSM s.t.
11 Damiano Cima Gazprom-RusVelo s.t.
12 Edoardo Zambanini Zalf Désirée Fior s.t.
13 Kamil Gradek Vini Zabú s.t.
14 Emanuele Onesti Giotti Victoria-Savini Due s.t.
15 Orluis Aular Caja Rural-Seguros RGA s.t.
16 Kevin Bonaldo Team Qhubeka s.t.
17 Henok Mulubrhan Team Qhubeka s.t.
18 Felix Gall Team DSM s.t.
19 Michal Paluta Global 6 Cycling s.t.
20 David Gonzalez Caja Rural-Seguros RGA s.t.
21 Antonio Angulo Euskaltel-Euskadi s.t.
22 Kevin Vermaerke Team DSM s.t.
23 Luca Coati Team Qhubeka s.t.
24 Jacopo Mosca Trek-Segafredo s.t.
25 Cristian Rocchetta General Store-F.Ili Curia s.t.
26 Xabier Azparren Euskaltel-Euskadi s.t.
27 Petr Rikunov Gazprom-RusVelo @ 5sec
28 Alexander Cepeda Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec s.t.
29 Davide Appollonio Amore & Vita s.t.
30 Evgeny Shalunov Gazprom-RusVelo 0:08
31 Johnatan Canaveral Bardiani CSF Faizanè s.t.
32 Davide Gabburo Bardiani CSF Faizanè 0:21
33 Cristian Scaroni Gazprom-RusVelo s.t.
34 Marco Brenner Team DSM s.t.
35 Matteo Zurlo Zalf Désirée Fior s.t.
36 Luca Cretti Beltrami TSA Tre Colli 0:44
37 Lorenzo Milesi Beltrami TSA Tre Colli s.t.
38 Paolo Simion Giotti Victoria-Savini Due s.t.
39 Gebrihiwet Berhane Team Qhubeka s.t.
40 Ibai Azurmendi Euskaltel-Euskadi s.t.
41 Drew Christensen Team Qhubeka s.t.
42 Manuel Senni Amore & Vita s.t.
43 Kristian Yustre Giotti Victoria-Savini Due s.t.
44 Nicola Plebani Colpack Ballan s.t.
45 Garikoitz Bravo Euskaltel-Euskadi s.t.
46 Nicholas Agostini General Store-F.Ili Curia s.t.
47 Antonio Tiberi Trek-Segafredo s.t.
48 Federico Burchio Work Service Marchiol s.t.
49 Nicolo Buratti Nazionale Italiana s.t.
50 Davide Rebellin Work Service Marchiol s.t.
51 Giacomo Garavaglia Work Service Marchiol s.t.
52 Antonio Nibali Trek-Segafredo s.t.
53 Marco Frapporti Vini Zabú s.t.
54 Alessio Martinelli Colpack Ballan s.t.
55 Simone Bevilacqua Vini Zabú s.t.
56 Simone Ravanelli Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec s.t.
57 Stefano Di Benedetto Work Service Marchiol s.t.
58 Ilan Van Wilder Team DSM s.t.
59 Ivan Rovny Gazprom-RusVelo s.t.
60 Paul Double MG.K Vis VPM s.t.
61 Vincenzo Albanese Eolo-Kometa 0:50
62 Raul Colombo Work Service Marchiol 1:16
63 Andrea Piras Beltrami TSA Tre Colli 1:21
64 Giovanni Visconti Bardiani CSF Faizanè 1:35
65 Roberto Gonzalez Vini Zabú s.t.
66 Andrea Guardini Giotti Victoria-Savini Due s.t.
67 James Mitri Global 6 Cycling s.t.
68 Francesco Bongiorno Global 6 Cycling s.t.
69 Matteo Freddi Beltrami TSA Tre Colli s.t.
70 Umberto Marengo Bardiani CSF Faizanè s.t.
71 Giosue Crescioli Beltrami TSA Tre Colli s.t.
72 Emil Dima Giotti Victoria-Savini Due s.t.
73 Alessandro Bisolti Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec s.t.
74 Oier Lazkano Caja Rural-Seguros RGA s.t.
75 Samuele Carpene General Store-F.Ili Curia s.t.
76 Nicola Conci Trek-Segafredo s.t.
77 Mattia Guasco Team Qhubeka s.t.
78 Lorenzo Fortunato Eolo-Kometa s.t.
79 Paolo Toto Amore & Vita s.t.
80 Niccolo Salvietti MG.K Vis VPM s.t.
81 Amanuel Gebreigzabhier Trek-Segafredo s.t.
82 Alex Tolio Zalf Désirée Fior s.t.
83 Mattia Petrucci Colpack Ballan s.t.
84 Negasi Abreha Team Qhubeka s.t.
85 Mathias Vacek Gazprom-RusVelo s.t.
86 Jacopo Menegotto General Store-F.Ili Curia s.t.
87 Riccardo Lucca General Store-F.Ili Curia s.t.
88 Alessandro Fancellu Eolo-Kometa s.t.
89 Paul Wright MG.K Vis VPM s.t.
90 Edoardo Faresin Zalf Désirée Fior s.t.
91 Gabriele Benedetti Zalf Désirée Fior s.t.
92 Unai Cuadrado Euskaltel-Euskadi s.t.
93 Sergio Meris Colpack Ballan s.t.
94 Txomin Juaristi Euskaltel-Euskadi s.t.
95 Jonathan Lastra Caja Rural-Seguros RGA s.t.
96 Hector Saez Caja Rural-Seguros RGA 2:47
97 Nicolas Sessler Global 6 Cycling s.t.
98 Henri Vandenabeele Team DSM s.t.
99 Niklas Eg Trek-Segafredo s.t.
100 Francesco Zandri Work Service Marchiol s.t.
101 Edward Ravasi Eolo-Kometa s.t.
102 Marco Tizza Amore & Vita s.t.
103 Samuele Rivi Eolo-Kometa s.t.
104 Edoardo Zardini Vini Zabú s.t.
105 Eric Montagner Work Service Marchiol s.t.
106 Mattia Frapporti Eolo-Kometa 3:46
107 Stepan Kurianov Global 6 Cycling 3:59
108 Matteo Malucelli Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec 4:10
109 Davide Plebani Nazionale Italiana s.t.
110 Filippo Fiorelli Bardiani CSF Faizanè s.t.
111 Jakub Mareczko Vini Zabú s.t.
112 Santiago Umba Androni Giocattoli-Sidermec 4:47
113 Enrico Battaglin Bardiani CSF Faizanè 4:55

Course map:


Course map