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2018 Ronde van Drenthe (HC), Netherlands

Formerly "Albert Achterhes Profonde van Drenthe" and "Dwars door Drenthe"

56th edition: Sunday, March 11, 2018

Ronde van Drenthe podium history | 2017 edition | 2019 edition

Emmen - Hoogeveen, 192 km

Frantisek Sisr

Frantisek Sisr gives his team their first 2018 race win.

The race: Winner Frantisek Sisr's CCC Sprandi Polkowice team posted this report:

Frantisek Sisr claimed first road cycling victory for CCC Sprandi Polkowice of 2018 season, winning Dutch 1.HC race, Ronde van Drenthe.

Course: undulating, twisty, paved, cobbled and  narrow roads, 4 short and punchy climbs to Vamberg in the second part of the race

Winner Frantisek Sisr said, "I consider myself to be a fast rider, so I waited for the sprint. When other riders in the breakaway were attacking I was only responding to their moves – Frantisek Sisr said afterwards. – I was pretty confident late in the race, since I know what my strengths are. I also knew how far back the peloton was in the final kilometer, so I could play my cards right.

"It was a very hard race and early on I was not feeling that great. Thankfully I found my rhythm and good sensations, to put myself in the position to battle for the victory. After last year’s 10th place in Drenthe I knew that this race suits me and I was looking forward to it.

"It’s very important victory not only for me, but for CCC Sprandi Polkowice. It’s the first one of the season and I believe that it is just a beginning of a great year for us."

The race got off to a lively start, with multiple breakaway attempts. First an 11-man group went clear, but it got caught quite early. Another move, which this time consisted of 3 riders stuck for a little longer, but they were also brought back in, with 120km remaining.

CCC Sprandi Polkowice riders were riding attentively in the peloton, making sure not to crash and keeping a safe position in the bunch. It was not an easy task to not fall on this dangerous, slippery and twisty course. Rain, cobblestone sections, narrow and paved roads in the forests made things tricky for the participants.

Artificial, man-made climb to Vamber (750m long, with slopes up to 20%) which that day was tackled four times, saw Wesley Kreder (Wanty-Group Gobert) and Jasper Bovenhuis (Vlasman) pulling away and gaining nearly a minute on the field. Later they were joined by 4 riders and among them there was Frantisek Sisr. After another move, another sextet bridged to the front, creating a 12-man leading group.

As it later turn out this was the decisive action of the day. The leaders were maintaining around 30s gap and kept it until the finish. The finale saw few attacks from the break, but Frantisek Sisr kept his cool and was able to respond to those attempts. In the very end he took advantage of his sprinting abilities, opening the sprint with 200m to go, holding on and getting a well-deserved victory.

Complete Results:

192 kilometers raced at an average speed of 41.669 km/hr

1 František Sisr CCC Sprandi Polkowice 4hr 36min 28sec
2 Dries De Bondt Veranda's Willems-Crelan s.t.
3 Preben Van Hecke Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise s.t.
4 Zakkari Dempster Israel Cycling Academy s.t.
5 Wesley Kreder Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
6 Rick Ottema Alecto Cycling s.t.
7 Floris Gerts Roompot-Nederlandse Loterij s.t.
8 Joey van Rhee Monkey Town @ 3sec
9 Johan Le Bon Vital Concept s.t.
10 Jasper Bovenhuis Vlasman Cycling s.t.
11 Coen Vermeltfoort Roompot-Nederlandse Loterij +19''
12 Pim Ligthart Roompot-Nederlandse Loterij s.t.
13 Amaury Capiot Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise s.t.
14 Jonas Rickaert Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise s.t.
15 Jordi Warlop Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise s.t.
16 André Looij Monkey Town s.t.
17 Moreno Hofland Lotto-Soudal s.t.
18 Aksel Nõmmela BEAT Cycling Club s.t.
19 Bert De Backer Vital Concept s.t.
20 Jérémy Lecroq Vital Concept s.t.
21 Jonas Koch CCC Sprandi Polkowice s.t.
22 Hugo Hofstetter Cofidis s.t.
23 Kenny Dehaes WB-Aqua Protect-Veranclassic s.t.
24 Mark McNally Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
25 Wim Kleiman Monkey Town s.t.
26 Kevin Van Melsen Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
27 Luuc Bugter Delta Cycling Rotterdam s.t.
28 Jonas Aaen Riwal-CeramicSpeed s.t.
29 Piotr Havik BEAT Cycling Club s.t.
30 Piet Allegaert Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise s.t.
31 Jimmy Turgis Cofidis s.t.
32 Peter Schulting Monkey Town s.t.
33 Dmitry Kozonchuk Gazprom-RusVelo s.t.
34 James Lowsley Williams Canyon-Eisberg s.t.
35 Andreas Stokbro Riwal-CeramicSpeed s.t.
36 Justin Timmermans Delta Cycling Rotterdam s.t.
37 Frederik Backaert Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
38 Alan Banaszek CCC Sprandi Polkowice s.t.
39 Andrew Fenn Aqua Blue Sport s.t.
40 Beau Duvigneau Vlasman Cycling s.t.
41 Benjamin Perry Israel Cycling Academy s.t.
42 Maarten de Jonge Monkey Town s.t.
43 Nikolai Trussov Gazprom-RusVelo s.t.
44 Kamil Gradek CCC Sprandi Polkowice s.t.
45 Simone Antonini Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
46 Stijn Devolder Veranda's Willems-Crelan s.t.
47 Jaap Kooijman Vlasman Cycling s.t.
48 Kenneth Van Rooy Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise s.t.
49 Pascal Eenkhoorn Netherlands s.t.
50 Stijn Steels Veranda's Willems-Crelan s.t.
51 Ivar Slik Monkey Town s.t.
52 Tobias Kongstad Riwal-CeramicSpeed s.t.
53 Koen Bouwman Netherlands s.t.
54 Jan-Willem van Schip Roompot-Nederlandse Loterij s.t.
55 Alex Cataford UnitedHealthcare s.t.
56 Martijn Budding Roompot-Nederlandse Loterij s.t.
57 Brian van Goethem Roompot-Nederlandse Loterij s.t.
58 Anthony Turgis Cofidis +35''
59 Jimmy Duquennoy WB-Aqua Protect-Veranclassic +36''
60 Antoine Warnier WB-Aqua Protect-Veranclassic s.t.
61 Andreas Kron Riwal-CeramicSpeed +41''
62 Aimé De Gendt Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise +49''
63 Dimitri Claeys Cofidis s.t.
64 Adam Blythe Aqua Blue Sport s.t.
65 Adriaan Janssen Delta Cycling Rotterdam +1' 23''
66 Dennis van der Horst Metec-TKH s.t.
67 Lawrence Naesen Lotto-Soudal +1' 42''
68 Jetse Bol Netherlands +2' 20''
69 Frederik Frison Lotto-Soudal +2' 46''
70 Michael Goolaerts Veranda's Willems-Crelan s.t.
71 Kenneth Vanbilsen Cofidis +7' 22''
72 Rens Tulner Delta Cycling Rotterdam s.t.
73 Senne Leysen Veranda's Willems-Crelan s.t.
74 Kelvin van den Dool Vlasman Cycling +7' 24''
75 Jasper Schouten Alecto Cycling s.t.
76 Boris Vallée Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
77 Nahom Desale BEAT Cycling Club s.t.
78 Folkert Oostra Alecto Cycling s.t.
79 Max Stedman Canyon-Eisberg s.t.
80 Awet Gebremedhin Israel Cycling Academy s.t.
81 Jasper de Laat Metec-TKH s.t.
82 Sander Armée Lotto-Soudal s.t.
83 René Hooghiemster Alecto Cycling s.t.
84 Kamil Malecki CCC Sprandi Polkowice s.t.
85 Roy Goldstein Israel Cycling Academy s.t.
86 Daniel Turek Israel Cycling Academy s.t.
87 Elias Van Breussegem Veranda's Willems-Crelan s.t.
88 James Shaw Lotto-Soudal s.t.
89 Alex Mengoulas BEAT Cycling Club s.t.
90 Rémy Mertz Lotto-Soudal +7' 28''
91 David Dekker Metec-TKH s.t.
92 Aidis Kruopis Veranda's Willems-Crelan +7' 31''
93 Dexter Gardias Canyon-Eisberg s.t.
94 Tijmen Eising Metec-TKH s.t.
95 Julien Stassen WB-Aqua Protect-Veranclassic s.t.
96 Joost van der Burg Vlasman Cycling +7' 34''
97 Travis McCabe UnitedHealthcare +7' 35''
98 Hamish Schreurs Israel Cycling Academy s.t.
99 Tanner Putt UnitedHealthcare s.t.
100 Conor Dunne Aqua Blue Sport s.t.
101 Ludwig De Winter WB-Aqua Protect-Veranclassic +7' 43''
102 Ludovic Robeet WB-Aqua Protect-Veranclassic s.t.