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Your source for results of recent bicycle races, along with past race results, beginning in 1896 with the first Paris-Roubaix. Use the menu options above for archives.

latest race results

Nov 5: European Cyclocross Championships
Nov 5:
Men's race
1. Michael Vanthourenhout
2. Cameron Mason
3. Lars Van Der Haar
Nov 5:
Women's race
1. Fem van Empel
2. Ceylin Alvarado
3. Sara Casasola
Nov 1: Cyclocross Koppenberg
Nov 1:
Men's race
1. Thibau Nys
2. Lars van der Haar
3. Eli Iserbyt
Nov 1:
Women's race
1. Fem Van Empel
2. Denise Betsema
3. Anna Kay
Oct 28: Cyclocross Ruddervoorde
Oct 28:
Men's race
1. Eli Iserbyt
2. Lars Van Der Haar
3. Michael Vanthourenhout
Oct 28:
Women's race
1. Ceylin Alvarado
2. Annemarie Worst
3. Marion Riberolle
Oct 22: Vlaamse Druivenveldrit Cross
Oct 22:
Men's race
1. Eli Iserbyt
2. Michael Vanthourenhout
3. Lars Van Der Har
Oct 22:
Women's race
1. Fem Van Empel
2. Ceylin Alvarado
3. Inge Van Der Heijden
Oct 12 - 17: Tour of Guangxi
Oct 17, Stage 6:
Guilin -

1. Olav Kooij
2. Sebastian Molano
3. Ethan Hayter
Final GC leader: Milan Vader

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The Story of the Giro d'Italia, volume 1 South Salem Cycleworks frames Neugent Cycling Wheels

Each week I'm posting a photo of a winner of the Giro d'Italia, in year order.

For this week, here is a photo by Sirotti of 2018 Giro d'Italia stage 20 as the riders spend their last day is the high Alps before the final stage in Rome.

The day before Chris Froome had taken the GC lead from Simon Yates.

Mikel Nieve won the stage with the GC men coming in more than six minutes later. Tom Dumoulin finished second in the GC.

We have results for every stage of every edition of the Giro d'Italia. You can find them here.

Book of the week

At the dawn of the 20th Century, French newspapers used bicycle races as promotions to build readership. Looking to deliver a coup de grace in a vicious circulation war, Henri Desgrange—editor of L’Auto—organized a race that would last several days longer than anything else, like the 6-day races on the track, but on the road.

That’s exactly what happened. For almost 3 weeks the riders in the first Tour de France rode over dirt roads and cobblestones in a grand circumnavigation of France. The race was an electrifying success. Held annually, the Tour grew longer and more complex with an ever-changing set of rules, as Desgrange kept tinkering with the Tour, looking for the perfect formula for his race.

Come join us, will you? It's all there and much more in The Story of the Tour de France.

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