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1909 Paris - Roubaix

14th edition: Sunday, April 19, 1908

Complete results

Paris-Roubaix podium history | 1908 edition | 1910 edition

Paris–Roubaix: The Inside Story

Les Woodland's book Paris-Roubaix: The Inside Story - all the bumps of cycling's cobbled classic is available as an audiobook here. For the print and Kindle eBook versions, just click on the Amazon link on the right.

The race:

The 1909 Paris-Roubaix was 276 km long and raced at an average speed of 30.47 km/hr.

105 riders started and there were 46 classified finishers

Three riders came in to the Roubaix velodrome together: Louis Trouselier, Jules Masselis and newcomer to professional racing Octave Lapize.

In the velodrome Trousselier led out the sprint and was dumbfounded to see young Lapize beat him.

Octave Lapize is probably most remembered for what he said in 1910 to Tour de France officials Alphonse Steinès and Victor Breyer as he pushed his bike up the Col d'Aubisque, glassy-eyed and exhausted,  "You are murderers, yes, murderers [Vous êtes des assassins! Oui, des assassins!]"

He did win the Tour de France that year.

Lapize licensed his name not only to a line of bicycles (made by La Française) but also to accessories such as toe clips and straps. The straps had a long life. I sold them (along with Christophe toe clips) in my bike shop in the 1980s.

His career was cut short by the Great War. He became a fighter pilot and was shot down over the western front.

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Octave Lapize

Octave Lapize in an undated photo

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Complete results:

  1. Octave Lapize (Biguet-Dunlop) 9hr 3min 30sec.
  2. Louis Trousselier (Alcyon-Dunlop) s.t.
  3. Jules Masselis (Alcyon-Dunlop) s.t.
  4. Cyrille Van Houwaert (Alcyon-Dunlop) @ 30sec
  5. François Faber (Alcyon-Dunlop) @ 1min 20sec
  6. Marcel Godiver @ 15min 30sec
  7. Gustave Garrigou (Alcyon-Dunlop) @ 16min 45sec
  8. Henri Hanlet (Royal Sarolea) @ 16min 46sec
  9. Edouard Léonard @ 20min 30sec
  10. Paul Duboc (Alcyon-Dunlop) @ 22min 30sec
  11. Jean Alavoine (Alcyon-Dunlop) @ 24min 30sec
  12. Eugène Christophe (Alcyon-Dunlop) @ 24min 32sec
  13. Charles Cruchon (Biguet-Dunlop) @ 25min 30sec
  14. Odile Defraye @ 25min 45sec
  15. Henri Cornet (Nil-Supra) @ 40min 30sec
  16. Guido Devoghelaere @ 40min 31sec
  17. Aubin Dochain @ 40min 32sec
  18. Jules Beyens @ 46min 30sec
  19. Frédéric Saillot (Biguet-Dunlop) @ 49min 30sec
  20. Georges Fleury (Le Globe) s.t.
  21. Constant Ménager (Le Globe) @ 50min 30sec
  22. Adrien Kranskens (Royal-Aigle) @ 1hr 4min 30sec
  23. Victor Debaets @ 1hr 7min 30sec
  24. Antoine Wattelier @ 1hr 56min 30sec
  25. Jean-Baptiste Gauthier @ 2hr 2min 30sec
  26. Lucien Pagès @ 2hr 3min 30sec
  27. William F. Ivy @ 2hr 31min 0sec
  28. René Chaudé (Persan) @ 2hr 37min 0sec
  29. Hyppolite Desmons @ 3hr 11min 30sec
  30. Cassan @ 3hr 11min 31sec
  31. François Delpirou @ 3hr 11min 32sec
  32. Jules Nempon @ 3hr 13min 4sec
  33. François Lafourcade (Biguet-Dunlop) @ 3hr 19min 30sec
  34. Charles Ponson (Indiana) @ 3hr 19min 31sec
  35. Jules Girardin @ 3hr 19min 32sec
  36. Ernest Fraisse (Porcher) @ 3hr 25min 30sec
  37. Maurice Petit (Le Globe) @ 5hr 8min 30sec
  38. August Charpentier (Colibri Cycles) @ 5hr 8min 31sec
  39. Fernand Charlon @ 5hr 8min 32sec
  40. Léon Girault @ 5hr 8min 3sec
  41. André Herbelin @ 5hr 36min 30sec
  42. Victor Cathera @ 6hr 23min 30sec
  43. Léon Rusch @ 6hr 23min 31sec
  44. Henri Moisy @ 6hr 50min 31sec
  45. Louis Delcampe s.t.
  46. Henri Ory (Femina Cycles) @ 6hr 50min 32sec

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Peter Joffe Nye, author of Heart of Lions: The History of American Bicycle Racing, sent me a note about the rider who finished 27th, William F. Ivy. He was an African-American racer from New York.

Ivy had earlier won a 30-mile amateur handicap race on Long Island. So, as Mr. Nye noted, his Paris-Roubaix ride was a giant leap in his career. Later that same season he was fourth in a Parisian 24-hour race. That earned him enough money to sail home.

An American would not finish Paris-Roubaix again until Jonathan Boyer did it in 1981. Then came Greg LeMond's fourth place in 1985.