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1910 Paris - Roubaix

15th edition: Sunday, March 27, 1910

Complete results

Paris-Roubaix podium history | 1909 edition | 1911 edition

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The race:

The 1910 Paris-Roubaix was 266 km long and ridden at an average speed of 29.27 km/hr.

There were 145 starters and 69 (or perhaps 74) classified finishers.

Time splits after 14th place were rounded to nearest minute and are not available after 45th place.

Octave Lapize (1909 winner) and Cyrille Van Houwaert (1908 winner) separated themselves from the field well before the race's finish in the new Roubaix velodrome.

Van Houwaert was in the front for the first five laps on the track but the faster Lapize slipped by the Belgian to win his second consecutive Paris-Roubaix.

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Octave Lapize and Cyrille van Hauwaert arrive at the velodome

Cyrille Van Howaert and Octave Lapize arrive at the Roubaix velodrome.

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Complete Results:

  1. Octave Lapize (Alcyon-Dunlop) 9hr 5min 12sec.
  2. Cyrille Van Houwaert (Alcyon-Dunlop) s.t.
  3. Eugène Christophe (Alcyon-Dunlop) s.t.
  4. Edouard Léonard @ 48sec
  5. Charles Crupelandt (Le Globe-Dunlop) @ 7min 33sec
  6. René Vandenberghe @ 12min 48sec
  7. Léon Georget (La Française) @ 12min 49sec
  8. Jules Messelis (Alcyon-Dunlop) @ 15min 18sec
  9. Gustave Garrigou (Alcyon-Dunlop) @ 17min 48sec
  10. Arthur Van Daele s.t.
  11. Albert Dupont s.t.
  12. Georges Tribouillard s.t.
  13. Georges Lorgeou @ 17min 49sec
  14. Aldo Bettini (Alcyon-Dunlop) s.t.
  15. Emile Dorvillers @ 22min
  16. François Faber (Alcyon-Dunlop) @ 25min
  17. Ernest Paul @ 27min
  18. Dieudonné Jamar @ 28min
  19. Maurice Leturgie @ 30min
  20. Marceau Narcy @ 33min
  21. Jean Pichon s.t.
  22. Adrien Kranskens s.t.
  23. Louis Kranskens @ 39min
  24. Jean Bouillet (JB Louvet) @ 40min
  25. Omer Verschoore @ 41min
  26. Henri Devroye (Bovy Cycles) @ 43sec
  27. Pierre-Joseph Heusghem @ 44min
  28. Victor Dethier (Royal Sarolea) @ 45min
  29. Achille Depauw @ 46min
  30. André Blaise @ 52min
  31. Louis Pennequin (Panneton-Leman) s.t.
  32. Josef Apostel s.t.
  33. Alphonse Charpiot (Le Globe-Dunlop) @ 1hr 8min
  34. Albert Desmet @ 1hr 10min
  35. Henri Burghraeve @ 1hr 19min
  36. Jean-Baptiste Dortignacq (Legnano) @ 1hr 20min
  37. Octave Doury (Porcher) @ 1hr 22min
  38. Robert Lamont @ 1hr 24min
  39. Philippe Pautrat @ 1hr 27min
  40. Léon Lannoy (Le Globe-Dunlop) @ 1hr 28min
  41. Diard @ 1hr 37min
  42. Henri Alavoine (SL) @ 1hr 43min
  43. Félix Vervalcke @ 1hr 50min
  44. Camille Vercauteren @ 1hr 51min
  45. Pierre Delplace (Rina) @ 2hr 3min
  46. Vital Dorzée
  47. Charles Turpin
  48. Alfons Spiessens
  49. Maurice Decaup (Legnano)
  50. François Beaugendre (Le Globe-Dunlop)
  51. Albert Baudet
  52. Octave Lucas
  53. Antoine Wattelier
  54. F. Dewinne
  55. Fernand Chaalon
  56. Georges Paquier
  57. Emile Contreras
  58. Louis Jacquot
  59. Joseph Delporte
  60. Arthur Degraeve
  61. Fernand Foison
  62. Alfred Lecocq
  63. Charles Louvet
  64. Marcel Blanc
  65. Paul Piétrois
  66. Adrien Regnard
  67. Louis Constant
  68. Georges Tiersault
  69. Charles Fruit

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