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2006 E3 Prijs Harelbeke (HC), Belgium

49th edition: March 21, 2006
Complete Results

E3 Prijs Harelbeke podium history | 2005 edition | 2007 edition

Saturday, March 23:

Tom Boonen

Tom Boonen, winner of the 2006 E3, is shown racing the 2006 Tour of Flanders. Sirotti photo

Cycling's 50 Triumphs and Tragedies

The race: Decent weather greeted the riders at the start of the 49th edition of the E3 race. It was dry day with a mild wind.

The day's move came with forty kilometers to go, on the Paterberg climb. World road champion Tom Boonen escaped with Alessandro Ballan and that was the race.

Ballan had trouble with his saddle, but that wasn't his biggest problem. Tom Boonen was in extraordinary form and no one was going to beat him on this day.

With 300 meters to go, Boonen jumped off Ballan's wheel and that was the race. Boonen had won his third of four consecutive E3s.

Complete results:

198 kilometers raced at an average speed of 41.885 km/hr

191 starters, 90 classified finishers

1 Tom Boonen Quick Step-Innergetic 4hr 43min 3sec
2 Alessandro Ballan  Lampre @ 2sec
3 Aart Vierhouten  Skil-Shimano @ 1min 3sec
4 Bert De Waele  Landboukrediet s.t.
5 Leif Hoste  Discovery Channel s.t.
6 Marcus Ljungqvist  CSC 1'42"
7 Luca Paolini  Liquigas s.t.
8 Roger Hammond  Discovery Channel s.t.
9 Peter Van Petegem  Davitamon-Lotto s.t.
10 Baden Cooke  Unibet s.t.
11 Matteo Carrara  Lampre s.t.
12 Erik Zabel  Milram s.t.
13 Allan Johansen  CSC s.t.
14 Staf Scheirlinckx  Cofidis s.t.
15 Frédéric Guesdon  FDJ s.t.
16 Roberto Petito  Tenax Salmilano s.t.
17 Andreas Klier  T-Mobile s.t.
18 Juan Antonio Flecha  Rabobank s.t.
19 Francis Mourey  FDJ 1'51"
20 Sergey Ivanov  T-Mobile 2'48"
21 Robbie McEwen  Davitamon-Lotto 3'59"
22 Fabio Baldato  Tenax Salmilano s.t.
23 Anthony Geslin  Bouygues Telecom s.t.
24 Markus Zberg  Gerolsteiner s.t.
25 Bert Scheirlinckx  Jartazi s.t.
26 Max Van Heeswijk  Discovery Channel s.t.
27 Eduardo Gonzalo Ramirez  Agritubel s.t.
28 Marcus Burghardt  T-Mobile s.t.
29 Christian Murro  Tenax Salmilano s.t.
30 Wilfried Cretskens  Quick Step-Innergetic s.t.
31 David Kopp  Gerolsteiner s.t.
32 Stijn Devolder  Discovery Channel s.t.
33 Bram Tankink  Quick Step-Innergetic s.t.
34 Steffen Wesemann  T-Mobile s.t.
35 Jurgen Van den Broeck  Discovery Channel s.t.
36 Kevin Van Impe  Quick Step-Innergetic s.t.
37 Fabian Cancellara  CSC s.t.
38 Enrico Franzoi  Lampre s.t.
39 Lorenzo Bernucci  T-Mobile s.t.
40 James Vanlandschoot  Landboukrediet 7'06"
41 Laszlo Bodrogi  Credit Agricole s.t.
42 Maarten Tjallingii  Skil-Shimano s.t.
43 Matthé Pronk  Unibet s.t.
44 Gilles Canouet  Agritubel s.t.
45 Kevin Hulsmans  Quick Step-Innergetic s.t.
46 Alessandro Petacchi  Milram s.t.
47 Aivaras Baranauskas  Agritubel 8'41"
48 Evert Verbist  Chocolade Jacques s.t.
49 Servais Knaven  Quick Step-Innergetic s.t.
50 Marco Velo  Milram s.t.
51 Jarno Van Mingeroet  Jartazi s.t.
52 Koen Barbé  Chocolade Jacques s.t.
53 Gerrit Glomser  Vorarlberg s.t.
54 Maarten Den Bakker  Milram s.t.
55 Bradley Wiggins  Cofidis s.t.
56 Andy Cappelle  Landboukrediet s.t.
57 Thierry Marichal  Cofidis s.t.
58 Peter Ronsse  Jartazi s.t.
59 Marco Serpellini  Unibet s.t.
60 Sébastien Minard  Cofidis s.t.
61 Jean-Paul Simon  Landboukrediet s.t.
62 Matthew Wilson  Unibet s.t.
63 David McPartland  Tenax Salmilano s.t.
64 Bernhard Eisel  FDJ s.t.
65 Marlon Alirio Perez  Tenax Salmilano s.t.
66 Peter Wrolich  Gerolsteiner s.t.
67 Steven De Jongh  Quick Step-Innergetic s.t.
68 Michael Albasini  Liquigas s.t.
69 Ludovic Auger  FDJ s.t.
70 Xavier Florencio  Bouygues Telecom s.t.
71 Andy Flickinger  Bouygues Telecom s.t.
72 Franck Renier  Bouygues Telecom s.t.
73 Wim Vansevenant  Davitamon-Lotto s.t.
74 Frank Höj  Gerolsteiner s.t.
75 Dimitri Konyshev  LPR s.t.
76 Matteo Tosatto  Quick Step-Innergetic s.t.
77 Michele Maccanti  LPR s.t.
78 Wim De Vocht  Davitamon-Lotto s.t.
79 Gert Steegmans  Davitamon-Lotto s.t.
80 Nico Mattan  Davitamon-Lotto s.t.
81 Claudio Corioni  Lampre s.t.
82 Paolo Fornaciari  Lampre s.t.
83 Guennadi Mikhailov  Discovery Channel s.t.
84 Tomas Vaitkus  Ag2R s.t.
85 Daniele Righi  Lampre s.t.
86 Steven Kleynen  Landboukrediet s.t.
87 Stephan Schreck  T-Mobile s.t.
88 Mikhaylo Khalilov  LPR s.t.
89 Cédric Coutouly  Agritubel s.t.
90 Jeremy Hunt  Unibet s.t.