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1989 Omloop Het Volk ( HC)

This race is now "Omloop Het Nieuwsblad"

43rd edition: March 4, 1989

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad podium history | 1988 edition | 1990 edition

Sint Amandsberg - Sint Amandsberg, 244 km / 36.059 km/hr
181 starters / 106 classified finishers

Etienne de Wilde

Etienne de Wilde enjoys his Omloop Het Volk win

The race: In early March of 1989, 30-year old Etienne de Wilde was the reigning Belgian road champion. More than that, he was a much-feared track racer, usually spending his time on the steep boarded track of Ghent.

He came to the 43rd edition of Omloop Het Volk carrying his excellent winter track form. That winter, with various partners, he had won the six-day races of Bremen, Ghent, Cologne and Stuttgart.

Coming to the Het Volk's finishing kilometers, de Wilde was carefully tucked in among the leading group. Here he was on roads he knew well.

De Wilde followed his plan and attacked when the peloton took a corner on a small road.

That was the race. De Wilde was gone and Sean Kelly was sprinting for second place.

Complete Results:

1 Etienne de Wilde  Histor-Sigma 6hr 46min
2 Sean Kelly PDM-Ultima-Concorde @ 5sec
3 Remig Stumpf  Toshiba-Look s.t.
4 Jean-Claude Colotti  RMO-Mavic-Liberia s.t.
5 Eric Vanderaerden  Panasonic-Isostar s.t.
6 Othmar Häfliger  Helvetia-La Suisse s.t.
7 Steve Bauer  Helvetia-La Suisse s.t.
8 Ludo Peeters  Caja Rural s.t.
9 Ad Wijnands  Domex-Weinmann s.t.
10 Patrick Verschueren  Lotto-Opel-Vitus s.t.
11 Johan Capiot  TVM-Van Schilt s.t.
12 Jan Goessens  Domex-Weinmann s.t.
13 Rudy Dhaenens  PDM-Ultima-Concorde s.t.
14 Jan Van Camp  Mini Flat-Isoglass s.t.
15 Eddy Planckaert  ADR-W Cup s.t.
16 Nico Verhoeven  PDM-Ultima-Concorde s.t.
17 Greg LeMond  ADR-W Cup s.t.
18 Hendrik Redant  Lotto-Opel-Vitus s.t.
19 Hans Daams  PDM-Ultima-Concorde s.t.
20 Mauro Gianetti  Helvetia-La Suisse s.t.
21 Patrcik Deneut  Lotto-Opel-Vitus s.t.
22 Philippe Casado  Z-Peugeot s.t.
23 Neil Stephens  Caja Rural s.t.
24 Luc Colijn  Humo-TW Rock s.t.
25 Jacques Decrion  Super U-Fiat-Raleigh s.t.
26 Luc Roosen  Histor-Sigma s.t.
27 Michel Vermote  RMO-Mavic-Liberia s.t.
28 Paul Haghedooren  Histor-Sigma s.t.
29 Rolf Golz  Superconfex-Yoko s.t.
30 Frans Maassen  Superconfex-Yoko s.t.
31 Dirk De Wolf  Hitachi s.t.
32 Dominique Garde  Super U-Fiat-Raleigh s.t.
33 Ronny Van Holen  ADR-W Cup s.t.
34 Phil Anderson  TVM-Van Schilt s.t.
35 Marcel Arntz  Caja Rural s.t.
36 Ludwig Willems  Lotto-Opel-Vitus s.t.
37 Gino De Backer  ADR-W Cup s.t.
38 Claude Criquiélion  Hitachi s.t.
39 Rik Van Slycke  Histor-Sigma s.t.
40 Jacques Hanegraaf  TVM-Van Schilt s.t.
41 André Lurquin  Lotto-Opel-Vitus s.t.
42 Michael Wilson  Helvetia-La Suisse s.t.
43 Frank Hoste  ADR-W Cup s.t.
44 Ronan Pensec  Z-Peugeot s.t.
45 Jean-Claude Garde  Super U-Fiat-Raleigh s.t.
46 Wilfried Peeters  Histor-Sigma s.t.
47 Brian Holm Sörensen  Histor-Sigma s.t.
48 Marc Van Orsouw  PDM-Ultima-Concorde s.t.
49 Patrick Bol  TVM-Van Schilt s.t.
50 Benjamin Van Itterbeeck  Lotto-Opel-Vitus s.t.
51 Yvon Madiot  Toshiba-Look s.t.
52 François Lemarchand  Z-Peugeot s.t.
53 Dag Erik Pedersen  PDM-Ultima-Concorde s.t.
54 Henk Lubberding  Panasonic-Isostar s.t.
55 Jesper Skibby  TVM-Van Schilt s.t.
56 Marc Dierickx  Domex-Weinmann s.t.
57 Carlo Bomans  Domex-Weinmann s.t.
58 Teun Van Vliet  Panasonic-Isostar s.t.
59 Jelle Nijdam  Superconfex-Yoko s.t.
60 Johan Lammerts  ADR-W Cup s.t.
61 Ronny Vlassaks  SEFB-Galli-Bulo s.t.
62 Chris Scharmin  Domex-Weinmann s.t.
63 Per Pedersen  RMO-Mavic-Liberia s.t.
64 Koen Van Rooy  La William-Tonissteiner s.t.
65 Louis De Koning  Panasonic-Isostar s.t.
66 Alan Peiper  Panasonic-Isostar s.t.
67 Edwig Van Hooydonck Superconfex-Yoko 1min 0sec
68 Johannes Draaijer PDM-Ultima-Concorde 1min 20sec
69 Adri Van der Poel Domex-Weinmann 1min 25sec
70 Steven Rooks  PDM-Ultima-Concorde s.t.
71 Pius Schwarzentruber Frank-Toyo 1min 40sec
72 Herman Frison Histor-Sigma 1min 48sec
73 Joey McLoughlin Z-Peugeot 3min 8sec
74 Alvaro Pino BH 4min 20sec
75 Frédéric Garnier  Toshiba-Look s.t.
76 Gerrit Solleveld  Superconfex-Yoko s.t.
77 Jean-Louis Peillon  Super U-Fiat-Raleigh s.t.
78 Jos Lammertink  TVM-Van Schilt s.t.
79 Corne Van Rijen  Panasonic-Isostar s.t.
80 Janus Kuum  ADR-W Cup s.t.
81 Jörg Müller  PDM-Ultima-Concorde s.t.
82 Karl Kaelin  Frank-Toyo s.t.
83 Rudy Patry  Histor-Sigma s.t.
84 Henri Abadie  Z-Peugeot s.t.
85 Danny Janssens  Boccacio Life-Nico lapage s.t.
86 Lorenzo Lapage  Humo-TW Rock s.t.
87 Jan Wijnants  Hitachi s.t.
88 Jan Bogaert  La William-Tonissteiner s.t.
89 Pino Cerami  SEFB-Galli-Bulo s.t.
90 Filip Cottenies  Mini Flat-Isoglass s.t.
91 Maarten Ducrot  Domex-Weinmann s.t.
92 Koen Vekemans  Lotto-Opel-Vitus s.t.
93 Peter Harings  Panasonic-Isostar s.t.
94 Frédéric Vichot  Helvetia-La Suisse s.t.
95 Dante Rezze  RMO-Mavic-Liberia s.t.
96 Bjarne Riis  Super U-Fiat-Raleigh s.t.
97 Peter Stevenhaagen  Helvetia-La Suisse s.t.
98 Marcel Wust  RMO-Mavic-Liberia s.t.
99 Charly Mottet  RMO-Mavic-Liberia s.t.
100 Danny Lippens  Hitachi s.t.
101 Jean-Marie Vernie  Mini Flat-Isoglass s.t.
102 Patrice Bar  Humo-TW Rock s.t.
103 Patrick De Wael  Humo-TW Rock s.t.
104 Eduardo Ruiz Santamaria BH 10min 40sec
105 Javier Murguialday  BH s.t.
106 Jörg Bruggmann  Frank-Toyo s.t.