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1988 Omloop Het Volk ( HC)

This race is now "Omloop Het Nieuwsblad"

42nd edition: March 5, 1988

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad podium history | 1987 edition | 1989 edition

Sint Amandsberg - Sint Amandsberg, 246 km / 42.171 km/hr
200 starters / 72 classified finishers

Ronny van Holen

Ronny van Holen finishes just ahead of Johan Lammerts.

Ronny van Holen

Winner Ronny Van Holen in 1991 or 1992

The race: It was a cold March day in Belgium.

Close to the race's end Johan Lammerts was away. Ronny van Holen looked to have lots of energy and started moving up. He used other riders chasing Lammerts as bridges, going from one rider to the next. He then went alone up to Lammerts who wasn't too far up the road.

They were now close to the finish. Van Holen spent a few seconds on Lammerts' wheel and then sped by to cross the line alone, a few seconds ahead of a surely disappointed Lammerts.

This was the last big win for van Holen, who had already won the GP Pino Cerami (1982), GP Jef Scherens (1984, 1987) as well as the Branbantse Pijl (1984)

Complete Results:

1 Ronny van Holen  Roland-Colnago-Citroen 5hr 50min
2 Johan Lammerts  Toshiba-Look 7sec
3 John Talen  Panasonic-Isostar 18sec
4 Rudy Dhaenens  PDM-Ultima-Concorde s.t.
5 Hendrik Redant  Isoglass-EVS-Robland s.t.
6 Etienne de Wilde  Sigma Paints-Fina s.t.
7 Sean Kelly  Kas s.t.
8 Carlo Bomans  Lotto-Merckx s.t.
9 Henri Manders  Weinmann-La Suisse s.t.
10 Marc Sergeant  Hitachi-Bosal-BCE Snooker s.t.
11 Jacques van der Poel  Roland-Colnago-Citroen s.t.
12 Edwig Van Hooydonck  Superconfex-Yoko-Opel s.t.
13 Peter Stevenhaagen  PDM-Ultima-Concorde s.t.
14 Toine Poels  Superconfex-Yoko-Opel s.t.
15 Bernard Richard  Fagor-MBK s.t.
16 Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle Z-Peugeot s.t.
17 Patrick Cocquyt Eurotop Keuken-Arkel-Multifax s.t.
18 Soren Lilholt Sigma Paints-Fina 27sec
19 Luc Roosen Roland-Colnago-Citroen s.t.
20 Laurent Fignon Systeme U 37sec
21 Steven Rooks PDM-Ultima-Concorde s.t.
22 Rik van Slucke Sigma Paints-Fina s.t.
23 Hennie Kuiper Sigma Paints-Fina 1min 15sec
24 Eric Vanderaerden Panasonic-Isostar 2min 1sec
25 Roger Ilegems Sigma Paints-Fina s.t.
26 Jan van Camp Isoglass-EVS-Robland s.t.
27 Wim van Eynde Lotto-Merckx s.t.
28 Jean-Pierre Henderyckx Sigma Paints-Fina s.t.
29 Jos Alberts Zero Boys s.t.
30 Michel Dernies Lotto-Merckx s.t.
31 Ludo Peeters Superconfex-Yoko-Opel s.t.
32 Stephane van Leeuwe SEFB-Peugeot s.t.
33 Johan Capiot TVM-Van Schilt s.t.
34 Eddy Planckaert ADR-Anti M-Enerday s.t.
35 Patrick Jacobs Hitachi-Bosal-BCE Snooker s.t.
36 Danny Luyckx SEFB-Peugeot s.t.
37 Rudy Rogiers Hitachi-Bosal-BCE Snooker s.t.
38 Peter Pieters TVM-Van Schilt s.t.
39 Pascal Dubois Systeme U s.t.
40 Peter Roes Lotto-Merckx s.t.
41 Alfred Achermann Kas s.t.
42 Philippe Casado Z-Peugeot s.t.
43 Jorg Muller PDM-Ultima-Concorde s.t.
44 John Bogers Roland-Colnago-Citroen s.t.
45 Gert-Jan Theunisse PDM-Ultima-Concorde s.t.
46 Gerrit Solleveld Superconfex-Yoko-Opel s.t.
47 Jean-Luc Vandenbroucke Hitachi-Bosal-BCE Snooker s.t.
48 Paul Haghedooren Sigma Paints-Fina s.t.
49 Federico Echave BH s.t.
50 Peter Declercq Lotto-Merckx s.t.
51 Corne van Rijen Panasonic-Isostar s.t.
52 Ad Wijnands Panasonic-Isostar s.t.
53 Marcel Arntz Caja Rural-Orbea s.t.
54 Guy Nulens Panasonic-Isostar s.t.
55 Eddy Schurer TVM-Van Schilt s.t.
56 Malcom Elliott Fagor-MBK s.t.
57 Ludwig Willems Lotto-Merckx s.t.
58 Phil Anderson TVM-Van Schilt s.t.
59 Steve Bauer Weinmann-La Suisse s.t.
60 Marc Madiot Toshiba-Look s.t.
61 Sean Yates Systeme U s.t.
62 Christophe Lavainne Systeme U s.t.
63 Pino Cerami SEFB-Peugeot s.t.
64 Ludwig Wijnants Sigma Paints-Fina s.t.
65 Thierry Marie Systeme U s.t.
66 Herman Frison Roland-Colnago-Citroen s.t.
67 Frank van de Vijver Lotto-Merckx s.t.
68 Andre Meuwissen Sigma Paints-Fina s.t.
69 Alan Peiper Panasonic-Isostar s.t.
70 Manuel Dominguez BH s.t.
71 Teun van Vliet Panasonic-Isostar s.t.
72 Adri van der Poel PDM-Ultima-Concorde s.t.