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Vuelta a Asturias (2.1), Spain

Winners, podium, distance, average speed

The Vuelta a Asturias is a professional road race of long standing, the first edition being held in 1925.

The race has had a spotty promotion history, notably not being run from 1929 to 1946, but there are other gaps as well.

In the 1979 edition, the top three finishers were all found to be positive for dope, causing the classification to be annuled. The 2010 race was marred by winner Constantino Zaballa's dope positive.

In 2014, because of a funding shortage, the Asturias race was again not held.

In 2015 the race was made part of the Europe Tour and elevated to a 2.1 ranking. The race is currently (2017) a three-day affair.

Asturias is on the northwest coast of Spain.

Recent podium history


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1974 Juan Manuel Santisteban Agustin Tamames José Freitas    
1975 Miguel Lasa José Antonio Gonzalez Luis Ocaña    
1976 Santiago Lazcano José Luis Viejo Domingo Perurena    
1977 Vicente Lopez-Carril José Nazabal Klaus-Peter Thaler    
1978 Enrique Martinez Bernardo Alfonsel Enrique Cima    
1979 Results annulled after the first three finishers were positive for dope
1980 Faustino Ruperez Angel Arroyo Juan Pujol    
1981 Angel Arroyo Eduardo Chozas Pedro Muñoz    
1982 Jeronimo Ibañez Faustino Ruperez Alvaro Pino    
1983 Pedro Muñoz Alvaro Pino Faustino Ruperez    
1984 Faustino Ruperez
28hr 8min 47sec
Alberto Fernandez
@ 33sec
Jesus Ibanez
@ 4min 58sec
1,003 km 36.452 km/hr
1985 Jesus Blanco Raimun Dietzen Angel Camarillo    
1986 Jesus Rodriguez Vicente Belda Guillermo Arenas    
1987 Iñaki Gaston Julian Gorospe Anselmo Fuerte    
1988 Rolf Golz Fedrico Echave Janusz Kuum    
1989 Gert-Jan Theunisse Janusz Kuum Alvaro Pino    
1990 Raul Alcala
26hr 23min 52sec
Miguel Indurain
@ 7sec
Javier Murguialday
@ 31sec
1,006.4 km 41.25 km/hr
1991 Piotr Ugramov
24hr 34min 9sec
Jesus Rodriguez
@ 42sec
Erik Breukink
@ 54sec
1,000.7 km 40.73 km/hr
1992 Alex Zulle
24hr 23min 17sec
Tony Rominger
@ 21sec
Jesus Montoya
@ 42sec
943.4 km 38.683 km/hr
1993 Erik Breukink
24hr 3min 8sec
Peter Meinert
@ 50sec
Pedro Delgado
@ 55sec
931.8 km 38.741 km/hr
1994 Abraham Olano Pedro Delgado Felix Manuel Garcia    
1995 Beat Zberg
21hr 48min 2sec
Iñigo Cuesta
@ 1min 10sec
Miguel Indurain
@ 1min 11sec
848 km 38.897 km/hr
1996 Miguel Indurain
22hr 26min 25sec
Fernando Escartin
@ 13sec
Marcelino Garcia
@ 35sec
852.8 km 38.003
1997 Manuel Fernandez
21hr 56min 17sec
Abraham Olano
@ 13sec
Fernando Escartin
@ 19sec
867.8 km 39.557
1998 Laurent Jalabert
22hr 47min 2sec
José Maria Jimenez
@ 24sec
Santiago Blanco
@ 30sec
864.5 km 37.943
1999 Juan Carlos Dominguez
24hr 33min 24sec
Roberto Laiseka
@ 58sec
Fernando Escartin
@ 59sec
984.3 km 40.083
2000 Joseba Beloki
21hr 46min 33sec
Alberto Lopez
@ 21sec
Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano
@ 29sec
836.3 km 38.405
2001 Juan Carlos Dominguez
22hr 31min 46sec
Joan Horrach
@ 56sec
Alex Zülle
@ 1min 12sec
810.8 km 35.988
2002 Leonardo Piepoli
20hr 49min 21sec
David Bernabeu
@ 3sec
Joseba Beloki
@ 3sec
805.2 km 38.670
2003 Fabian Jeker
20hr 45min 8sec
Juan Miguel Mercado
@ 27sec
Hernan Buenahora
@ 46sec
830.4 km 40.015
2004 Iban Mayo
20hr 49min 54sec
Félix Cardenas
@ 1min 18sec
Haimar Zubeldia
@ 1min 47sec
848.3 km 40.722
2005 Adolfo Garcia
21hr 13min 4sec
Samuel Sanchez
@ 1min 28sec
Giampoalo Cheula
@ 1min 34sec
838.5 km 39.519
2006 Oscar Sevilla
20hr 34min 54sec
Eladio Jimenez
@ 1min 20sec
Luca Mazzanti
@ 1min 43sec
851 km 41.347
2007 Koldo Gil
19hr 41min 56sec
Alberto Fernandez
@ 11sec
John-Lee Agustyn
@ 50sec
807 km 40.966
2008 Angel Vicioso
19hr 52min 27sec
Xavier Tondo
@ 1min 6sec
Bruno Pires
@ 1min 42sec
803.7 km 40.439
2009 Francisco Mancebo
19hr 19min 6sec
Tiago Machado
@ 24sec
Javier Moreno
@ 39sec
799.7 km 41.395
2010 Constantino Zaballa
19hr 52min 51sec
Fabio Duarte
@ 58sec
Beñat Intxausti
@ 1min 17sec
769.4 km 38.701
2012 Beñat Intxausti
10hr 55min 33sec
David De la Cruz
@ 36sec
Rémy Di Gregorio
@ 42sec
437 km 39.997
2013 Amets Txurruka
8hr 25min 48sec
Mikel Landa
@ 3sec
Javier Moreno
@ 4sec
325.2 km 38.577
2014 Race not held
2015 Igor Anton
8hr 51min 56sec
Amets Txurruka
@ 12sec
Jesus Herrada
@ 25sec
317 km 35.756
2016 Hugh Carthy
11hr 50min 53sec
Sergio Pardilla
@ 22sec
Daniel Moreno
@ 53sec
462 km 38.884 km/hr
2017 Raul Alarcon
12hr 20min 42sec
Nairo Quintana
@ 32sec
Oscar Sevilla
@ 1min 7sec
466.3 km 37.772 km/hr
2018 Richard Carapaz
11hr 22min 26sec
Jonathan Caicedo
@ 40sec
Ricardo Mestre
@ 59sec
460 km 40.444 km/hr
2019 Richard Carapaz
11hr 34min 16sec
Krists Neilands
@ 2min 0sec
Aleksandr Vlasov
@ 2min 4sec
469.3 km 40.558 km/hr
2020 Race cancelled because of Coronavirus pandemic
2021 Nairo Quintana
13hr 34min 27sec
Antonio Pedrero
@ 36sec
Pierre Latour
@ 54sec
510.3 km 37.401 km/hr