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Giro Rosa (2.1), Italy

Giro Ciclistico d'Italia Femminile

Winners, podium, distance, average speed

The Giro Rosa is the women's Tour of Italy, currently held in July. Prior to 2013 the race was called the Giro Donne. The race has suffered organizing and financing difficulties in recent years. For a long time the race was a nine or ten day event. But 2013 the race was in crisis with the organizer, Epinike, said to be no longer willing to put on the race. The 2013 edition was put on in a shortened version, as was the 2014 race.

Story of the Giro d'Italia, volume 1

The race was not run in 1991 and 1992.

The 2015 Giro Rosa will be back to its old self with ten stages, counting the prologue individual time trial.

Sadly, as of 2015, the Giro Rosa is the only Grand Tour on the women's racing calender.

The 2001 winner, Zinaida Stahuskaia was later declassified for doping.

The first edition of the Giro Rosa was held in 1988.

Podium history:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1988 Maria Canins Elisabeth Hepple Petra Rossner    
1989 Roberta Bonanomi Alexandra Koliasseva Tea Vyksted Nyman    
1990 Catherine Marsal Maria Canins Kathy Watt    
1991-1992 Race not run
1993 Lenka Ilavska Luzia Zberg Imelda Chiappa    
1994 Michela Fanini Kathy Watt Luzia Zberg    
1995 Fabiana Luperini Luzia Zberg Roberta Bonanomi    
1996 Fabiana Luperini Alessandra Cappellotto Imelda Chiappa    
1997 Fabiana Luperini Linda Jackson Edita Pucinskaite    
1998 Fabiana Luperini
30hr 33min 18sec
Linda Jackson
@ 2min 22sec
Barbara Heeb
@ 3min 13sec
1,173.4 km 38.403
1999 Joane Somarriba Arrola
29hr 17min 40sec
Svetlana Boubnenkova
@ 3min 23sec
Daniele Veronesi
@ 3min 26sec
1,208 km 41.236
2000 Joane Somarriba Arrola
34hr 34min 23sec
Alessandra Cappellotto
@ 1min 19sec
Valentina Polkhanova
@ 1min 59sec
1,298 km 37.544
2001 Zinaida Stahuskaia
39hr 15min 5sec
declassified for dope
1st: Nicole Brändli
@ 32sec
2nd: Diana Ziliute
@ 4min 29sec
1,450.8 km 36.707
2002 Svetlana Boubenkova
23hr 0min 0sec
Zinaida Stahuskaia
@ 1min 26sec
Diana Ziliute
@ 1min 47sec
877.2 km 38.052
2003 Nicole Brändli
22hr 36min 32sec
Edita Pucinskaite
@ 17sec
Joane Somarriba Arrola
@ 2min 15sec
886.2 km 39.197
2004 Nicole Cooke
21hr 33min 11sec
Fabiana Luperini
@ 57sec
Priska Doppmann
@ 1min 5sec
879.6 km 40.811
2005 Nicole Brändli
22hr 8min 34sec
Joane Somarriba Arrola
@ 1min 10sec
Edita Pucinskaite
@ 1min 35sec
879.6 km 39.724
2006 Edita Pucinskaite
22hr 36min 25sec
Nicole Brändli
@ 11sec
Susanne Ljungskog
@ 13sec
894.2 km 39.554
2007 Edita Pucinskaite
22hr 36min 49sec
Nicole Brändli
@ 18sec
Maribel Moreno Allue
@ 36sec
871.8 38.552
2008 Fabiana Luperini
21hr 18min 40sec
Amber Neben
@ 2min 37sec
Claudia Häsler
@ 2min 40sec
809.6 km 37.990
2009 Claudia Häusler
25hr 21min 32sec
Mara Abbott
@ 30sec
Nicole Brändli
@ 2min 33sec
918 km 36.200
2010 Mara Abbott
25hr 15min 54sec
Judith Arndt
@ 2min 5sec
Tatiana Guderzo
@ 3min 50sec
921.9 km 36.489
2011 Marianne Vos
25hr 42min 40sec
Emma Pooley
@ 3min 16sec
Judith Arndt
@ 8min 15sec
962.1 km 37.420
2012 Marianne Vos
24hr 50min 43sec
Emma Pooley
@ 3min 27sec
Evelyn Stevens
@ 6min 32sec
961 km 38.679
2013 Mara Abbott
20hr 30min 15sec
Tatiana Guderzo
@ 1min 33sec
Claudia Häusler
@ 2min 18sec
803 Km 39.163
2014 Marianne Vos
25hr 12min 7sec
Pauline Ferrand-Privot
@ 15sec
Anna Van der Breggen
@ 1min 32sec
953 km 37.815
2015 Anna Van der Breggen
24hr 15min 8sec
Mara Abbott
@ 1min 30sec
Megan Guarnier
@ 1min 43sec
913.68 km 37.667
2016 Megan Guarnier
22hr 42min 20sec
Evelyn Stevens
@ 34sec
Anna Van der Breggen
@ 1min 53sec
857.7 km 37.775