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Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana (2.Pro)

Winners, podium, distance, average speed

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The race:

The Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana is a stage race with a venerable history, dating back to its first edition in 1929 (won by Salvador Cardona).

Since the last recession, the race has has been plagued with financial problems.

The last edition until 2016 was run in 2008. Organizers tried to run the race in 2010 and 2011, but were unsuccessful.

Former racing pro Angel Casero tried to get the race going again in 2015, but was unsuccessful. But in 2016 the race found its legs.

It is currently an early season race, occupying a place on the February racing calender.

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Recent podium history:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1975 Vicente Lopez Carril
25hr 40min 59sec
Santiago Lazcano
@ 3min 0sec
Nemesio Jimenez
@ 5min 17sec
916 km 35.665 km/hr
1976 Gonzalo Aja José Luis Viejo Joaquim Agostinho    
1977 Bernt Johansson René Leuenberger Custodio Mazuela    
1978 No race held
1979 Vicente Belda Bernardo Alfonsel Eulalio Garcia    
1980 Klaus-Peter Thaler Eduardo Chozas Jorge Fortia    
1981 Alberto Fernandez
20hr 57min 48sec
Pedro Munoz
@ 9sec
Antonio Coll
@ 19sec
774 km 36.922 km/hr
1982 Pedro Munoz
20hr 34min 59sec
Faustino Ruperez
@ 4sec
Bernardo Alfonsel
@ 8sec
813.1 km 39.533 km/hr
1983 Raimund Dietzen
18hr 40min 3sec
Stefan Mutter
@ 41sec
Julian Gorospe
@ 1min 24sec
763.3 km 40.889 km/hr
1984 Bruno Cornillet
20hr 33min 1sec
Pello Ruiz-Cabestany
@ 2sec
Angel Camarillo
@ 45sec
773.7 km 37.649
1985 Jesus Blanco-Villar
21hr 17min 34sec
Frits Pirard
@ 1sec
Sean Kelly
@ 10sec
754.4 km 35.430 km/hr
1986 Bernard Hinault Jesus Blanco-Villar Jorg Muller    
1987 Stephen Roche Jesus Blanco-Villar Julian Gorospe    
1988 Erich Maechler
17hr 55min 20sec
Julian Gorospe
@ 13sec
Jose Blanco-Villar
@ 25sec
695.7 km 38.817 km/hr
1989 Pello Ruiz Cabestany
24hr 40min 39sec
Remig Stumpf
@ 14sec
Charly Mottet
@ s.t.
903 km 38.137 km/hr
1990 Tom Cordes
24hr 10min 13sec
Erich Maechler
@ 10sec
Rolf Golz
@ 14sec
950.9 km 39.342
1991 Melchor Mauri
23hr 56min 14sec
Steven Rooks
@ 7sec
Peter Hilse
@ 49sec
938.5 km 39.207 km/hr
1992 Melchor Mauri
17hr 30min 52sec
Erik Breukink
@ 10sec
Andrea Chiurato
@ 13sec
703 km 40.138 km/hr
1993 Julian Gorospe
23hr 3min 51sec
Stefano Della-Santa
@ 6sec
Miguel Indurain
@ 21sec
859.6 km 37.270 km/hr
1994 Viatcheslav Ekimov
24hr 34min 6sec
Miguel Indurain
@ 10sec
Tony Rominger
@ 11sec
907 km 36.905 km/hr
1995 Alex Zülle
20hr 36min 30sec
Laurent Jalabert
@ 10sec
Abraham Olano
@ 31sec
818.8 km 39.732 km/hr
1996 Laurent Jalabert
21hr 8min 33sec
Inigo Cuesta
@ 20sec
Mariano Rojas
@ 28sec
812 km 38.406 km/hr
1997 Juan-Carlos Dominguez
20hr 42min 44sec
Armand De las Cuevas
@ 24sec
Christophe Moreau
@ 26sec
828 km 39.976 km/hr
1998 Pascal Chanteur
21h 50min 19sec
Bo Hamburger
@ s.t.
Santos Gonzalez
@ s.t.
853 km 39.059 km/hr
1999 Alexandre Vinokourov
19hr 50min 14sec
Wladimir Belli
@ 8sec
Javier Pascual-Rodriguez
@ 35sec
768.6 km 38.745 km/hr
2000 Abraham Olano
20hr 9min 42sec
Juan-Carlos Dominguez
@ 21sec
Alberto Martinez
@ 47sec
797.8 km 39.570 km/hr
2001 Fabian Jeker
16hr 22min 48sec
Michael Boogerd
@ 13sec
Alexandre Vinokourov
@ 32sec
672.5 km 41.056 km/hr
2002 Alex Zulle
17hr 7min 6sec
Ivan Basso
@ 9sec
Claus Michael Muller
@ 48sec
668.2 km 39.320 km/hr
2003 Dario Frigo
15hr 34min 7sec
David Bernabeu
@ 15sec
Javier Pascual-Llorente
@ s.t.
650.2 km 41.795 km/hr
2004 Alejandro Valverde
20hr 4min 45sec
Antonio Colom
@ 9sec
David Blanco
@ 22sec
818.4 km 40.758 km/hr
2005 Alessandro Petacchi
19hr 7min 31sec
Aitor Perez
@ 34sec
Antonio Colom
@ 38sec
787.4 km 41.170 km/hr
2006 Antonio Colom
19hr 19min 17sec
Ricardo Serrano
@ 11sec
David Bernabeu
@ 12sec
799.5 km 41.739 km/hr
2007 Alejandro Valverde
18hr 7min 2sec
Tadej Valjavec
@ 8sec
Frank Schleck
@ 12sec
774.1 km 42.727 km/hr
2008 Ruben Plaza
19hr 54min 49sec
Manuel Vazquez
@ 5sec
Xavier Florencio
@ 21sec
826.5 km 41.504


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2009 - 2015 No race held
2016 Wouter Poels
14hr 15min 51sec
Luis Leon Sanchez
@ 46sec
Benat Intxausti
@ 56sec
599.7 km 42.042
2017 Nairo Quintana
15hr 21min 49sec
Ben Hermans
@ 13sec
Manuel Senni
@ 32sec
609 km 39.639
2018 Alejandro Valverde
16hr 14min 53sec
Luis Leon Sanchez
@ 14sec
Jakob Fuglsang
@ 26sec
661.6 km 40.719
2019 Ion Izagirre
16hr 8min 44sec
Alejandro Valverde
@ 7sec
Pello Bilbao
@ s.t.
647 km 40.073
2020 Tadej Pogacar
18hr 43min 0sec
Jack Haig
@ 6sec
Tao Geoghegan Hart
@ s.t.
803.7 km 42.753
2021 Stefan Küng
14hr 49min 50sec
Nelson Oliveira
@ 6sec
Enric Mas
@ 36sec
608.8 km 41.050
2022 Aleksandr Vlasov
18hr 56min 45sec
Remco Evenpoel
@ 32sec
Carlos Rodriguez
@ 36sec
779 km 41.117
2023 Rui Costa
19hr 10min 6sec
Giulio Ciccone
@ 16sec
Tao Geoghegan Hart
@ 19sec


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