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Tour Poitou-Charentes en Nouvelle-Aquitaine (2.1), France

Winners, podium, distance, average speed.

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The race:

The Tour Poitou-Charentes en Nouvelle-Aquitaine is a French stage race generally run in the late season. Poitou-Charentes is the old name of the French region now called Nouvelle Aquitaine. The region is in western France facing the Bay of Biscay.

The race was first held in 1987 as an amateur race. In 1988 it was an "Open" race and in 1989 and 1990 it was again an amateur event.

The GC leader wears a white jersey.

In 2005 it became a 2.1 rated race and was made part of the UCI Europe Tour

As of 2020, Sylvain Chavanel has won the race most often, with four victories.

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Complete podium history:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1987 Jean-Louis Conan        
1988 Pascal Peyramaure Andre Urbanek Jacques Decrion    
1989 Pavel Tonkov        
1990 Juri Manouylov        
1991 Kim Andersen Christophe Manin Arturas Kasputis    
1992 Pascal Lance Laurent Bezault Eddy Seigneur    
1993 Thierry Marie François Simon Francis Moreau    
1994 Philippe Gaumont Herve Boussard Frederic Laubier    
1995 Nicolas Aibier Arnaud Pretot Laurent Roux    
1996 Eddy Seigneur Jacky Durand Emmanuel Magnien    
1997 Joaquim Andrade Stephane Barthe Uwe Peschel    
1998 Lauri Aus David Millar Marc Streel    
1999 Christophe Moreau Jean-Cyril Robin Lauri Aus    
2000 Floyd Landis Peter Wrolich Marcel Gono    
2001 Jens Voigt
15hr 21min 52sec
Ivailo Gabrovski
@ 35sec
Lauri Aus
@ 2min 45sec
660.8 km 43.008 km/hr
2002 Guido Trentin
15hr 30min 21sec
Sylvain Chavenal
@ 2sec
Nicolas Jalabert
@ 50sec
663.9 km 42.816 km/hr
2003 Jens Voigt
15hr 10min 55sec
Sylvain Chavanel
@ 16sec
Jorgen-Bo Petersen
@ 34sec
662 km 43.604 km/hr
2004 Stephane Barthe
16hr 6min 32sec
Ronald Mutsaars
@ 23sec
Jimmy Engoulvent
@ 26sec
672.6 km 41.753 km/hr
2005 Sylvain Chavanel
15hr 25min 31sec
Christophe Moreau
@ 5sec
Linas Balciunas
@ 16sec
672.3 km 43.584 km/hr
2006 Sylvain Chavanel
15hr 37min 42sec
Rick Flens
@ 24sec
Jussi Veikkanen
@ 1min 34sec
668.2 km 42.755 km/hr
2007 Thomas Voeckler
15hr 38min 51sec
Emilien-Benoit Berges
@ 2sec
Lars Boom
@ 8sec
670.7 km 42.863 km/hr
2008 Benoit Veugrenard
15hr 20min 9sec
Kevin Ista
@ 8sec
Florian Morizot
@ 17sec
649.3 km 42.338 km/hr
2009 Gustave Erik Larsson
15hr 35min 46sec
Brett Lancaster
@ 29sec
David Lelay
@ 33sec
677 km 43.408 km/hr


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2010 Jimmy Engoulvent
15hr 43min 59sec
Dominique Rollin
@ s.t.
Martin Elmiger
@ 28sec
680.2 km 43.234
2011 Jesse Sergent
15hr 14min 40sec
Alex Dowsett
@ 18sec
Michal Kwiatkowski
@ s.t.
656.1 km 43.039
2012 Luke Durbridge
16hr 37min 13sec
Jérémy Roy
@ 6sec
Laszlo Bodrogi
@ 11sec
687.3 km 41.353
2013 Thomas Voeckler
16hr 19min 31sec
Jesus Herrada
@ 23sec
Mikhail Ignatiev
@ 26sec
705.7 km 43.227
2014 Sylvain Chavanel
16hr 33min 57sec
Svein Tuft
@ 47sec
Cyril Lemoine
@ 1min 1sec
703.2 km 42.449
2015 Tony Martin
16hr 48min 46sec
Adriano Malori
@ 37sec
Jonathan Castroviejo
@ 38sec
701.3 km 41.712
2016 Sylvain Chavanel
15hr 31min 11sec
Wilco Kelderman
@ 30sec
Nelson Oliveira
@ s.t.
658.9 km 42.456
2017 Mads Pedersen
15hr 12min 6sec
Jonathan Castroviejo
@ 35sec
Jean-Pierre Drucker
@ 42sec
658.3 km 43.304
2018 Arnaud Démare
15hr 33min 32sec
Sylvain Chavanel
@ 54sec
Yoann Paillot
@ 1min 0sec
660.6 km 42.458
2019 Christophe Laporte
15hr 4min 36sec
Tony Gallopin
@ 33sec
Niki Terpstra
@ 41sec
658.1 km 43.650
2020 Arnaud Démare
15hr 18min 59sec
Josef Cerny
@ 12sec
Joseph Rosskopf
@ 32sec
671.2 km 43.796
2021 Connor Swift
16hr 1min 28sec
Bruno Armirail
@ 12sec
Morten Hulgaard
@ 20sec
691.6 km 43.159
2022 Stefan Küng
15hr 30min 2sec
Kévin Vauquelin
@ 21sec
Pierre Latour
@ 29sec
682.7 km 44.044
2023 Soren Wærenskjold
14hr 50min 18sec
Bruno Amirail
@ 6sec
Mirco Maestri
@ 57sec
667.5 km 44.985


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