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Vuelta a Castilla y León (2.1)

Winners, podium, distance, average speed

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The race:

The Vuelta a Castilla y León started as a nearly season-long series of Spanish bicycle races.

Castilla y León is a landlocked Spanish "autonomous community" in northwest Spain, bordering on Portugal.

When pro racing underwent Pro-Tour reorganization in 2005, the Vuelta a Castilla y León occured at the end of April, conflicting with both the Pro-Tour ranked Tour of Romandie and the just-to-begin Giro d'Italia. Only lower-ranked Professional Continental teams who were obligated to race Pro Tour races competed in the Spanish race.

The race also has had financial problems and difficulty attracting television coverage. Now (2021) the race is run in late July and attracts a stellar field.

Note: the race was run in May in 2017.

It is currently held in late July.

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Podium history:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1985 Jesus Blanco Villar Federico Echave Miguel Angel Iglesias    
1986 Alfonso Gutierrez Carlos Hernandez Manuel Jorge Dominguez    
1987 Alfonso Gutierrez Manuel Jorge Dominguez Antonio Esparza    
1988 Raimund Dietzen Federico Echave Angel Arroyo    
1989 Federico Echave Peter Hilse Luc Suykerbuyk    
1990 Race not held
1991 José Rodriguez Garcia Juan Carlos González Alfonso Gutierrez    
1992 Asiate Saitov Malcom Elliott Angel Edo    
1993 Miguel Induráin Abraham Olano Antonio Martin Velasco    
1994 Melchior Mauri Alvaro González de Galdeano Nico Edmonds    
1995 Santiago Blanco Aitor Garmendia Claus Michael Møller    
1996 Andrea Peron
22hr 57min 10sec
Udo Bölts
@ s.t.
Iñigo Cuesta
@ 7sec
892.5 km 38.884
1997 Angel Casero
18hr 48min 27sec
Laurent Jalabert
@ 1min 42sec
Udo Bölts
@ 1min 55sec
720 km 38.283
1998 Aitor Garmendia
15hr 40min 58sec
Angel Luis Casero
@ 1min 6sec
Jan Ullrich
@ s.t.
617.3 km 39.361
1999 Leonardo Piepoli
21hr 43min 28sec
Alberto Elli
@ 1min 25sec
Giuseppe Guerini
@ 2min 34sec
861.4 km 39.651
2000 Francisco Mancebo
17hr 27min 5sec
Aitor Osa
@ 14sec
Dave Bruylandts
@ 47sec
679.5 km 38.937
2001 Marcos Serrano
18hr 13min 11sec
Levi Leipheimer
@ 1min 4sec
Manuel Beltran
@ 1min 10sec
709.7 km 38.952
2002 Juan Miguel Mercado
20hr 37min 33sec
Joan Horrach
@ 26sec
Leonardo Piepoli
@ 36sec
814.3 km 39.480
2003 Francisco Manceco
17hr 22min 17sec
Denis Menchov
@ s.t.
Alex Zülle
@ 27sec
707.8 km 40.745
2004 Koldo Gil
16hr 3min 5saec
David Navas
@ 19sec
José Ivan Gutierrez
@ 22sec
625.9 km 38.994
2005 Carlos Garcia Quesada
17hr 3min 31sec
Francisco Perez
@ 50sec
David Blanco
@ 1min 8sec
681.8 km 39.968
2006 Alexandre Vinokourov
16hr 25min 12sec
Luis Leon Sanchez
@ 21sec
José Luis Rubiera
@ 26sec
643.2 km 38.778
2007 Alberto Contador
15hr 4min 15sec
Koldo Gil
@ 36sec
Juan José Cobo
@ 46sec
631 km 41.869
2008 Alberto Contador
15hr 57min 37sec
Juan Mauricio Soler
@ 39sec
Thomas Dekker
@ 46sec
630.1 km 39.479
2009 Levi Leipheimer
15hr 33min 26sec
Alberto Contador
@ 16sec
David Zabriskie
@ 22sec
659.3 km 42.379


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2010 Alberto Contador
16hr 56min 1sec
Igor Anton
@ 41sec
Ezequiel Mosquera
@ 1min 20sec
700.5 km 41.367
2011 Xavier Tondo
17hr 1min 40sec
Bauke Mollema
@ 9sec
Igor Anton @ 17sec 728.5 km 42.783
2012 Javier Moreno
12hr 46min 5sec
Guillaume Levarlet
@ 1sec
Pablo Urtasun
@ 3sec
491.4 km 38.487
2013 Ruben Plaza
12hr 35min 3sec
Francisco Mancebo
@ 6sec
Francesco Lasca
@ 9sec
542 km 43.070
2014 David Belda
13hr 51min 48sec
Marcos Garcia
@ 57sec
Sylvester Szmyd
@ 1min 1sec
532.2 km 37.740
2015 Pierre Rolland
13hr 18min 36sec
Benat Intxausti
@ 16sec
Igor Anton
@ 24sec
515.60 km 38.738
2016 Alejandro Valverde
13hr 4min 55sec
Pello Bilbao
@ 30sec
Jóni Brandão
@ 1min 6sec
488.3 km 37.326
2017 Jonathan Hivert
11hr 48min 28sec
Jaime Roson
@ 38sec
Henrique Casimiro
@ 58sec
479.9 km 40.643
2018 Ruben Plaza
12hr 51min 7sec
Carlos Barbero
@ 35sec
Eduard Prades
@ 42sec
541.3 km 42.118
2019 Davide Cimolai
13hr 2min 18sec
Guillaume Boivin
@ 15sec
Jerome Cousin
@ 16sec
503.1 km 38.570
2020 Race cancelled because of Coronavirus pandemic


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2021 Matis Louvel
4hr 16min 13sec
Stefano Oldani
@ 44sec
Mauricio Moreira
@ 1min 25sec
181.2 km 42.433
2022 Simon Yates
8hr 6min 41sec
George Bennett
@ 57sec
Jonathan Lastra
@ 1min 4sec
346.0 km 42.461
2023 Eduardo Sepulveda
8hr 26min 48sec
Felix Engelhardt
@ 14sec
Alex Molenaar
@ 24sec
355.1 km 42.040