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Renewi-Benelux Tour (WorldTour)

Winners, podium, distance, average speed

Formerly Benelux Tour, Binckbank Tour, Eneco Tour & Tour of the Netherlands (Ronde van Nederland)

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The race:

The Eneco Tour of Benelux began in 2005 as a result of reinvigorating and reorganizing the Tour of the Netherlands, which was running on hard times. The Tour of Belgium is a co-sponsor of the race. Eneco is a major supplier of gas, electricity and heat in the Netherlands.

In 2017 online banker Binckbank took over as the title sponsor.

The Tour of the Netherlands did not become a regular annual event until 1975. Hence, there are missing years, which are years the race wasn't held, in the race results below.

Distances and average speeds listed in early 1950s editions of the Tour of the Netherlands should be considered approximate.

In 2021, with BinckBank not sponsoring the race, it went back to calling itself the "Benelux Tour"

The race was not run in 2022. The organizer explained the reasons: "The Benelux Tour, the only multi-day UCI WorldTour competition in Belgium and the Netherlands, will be moved to 2023. Originally, the competition was scheduled to take place between 29 August and 4 September of this year. The organisation has no other option but to move the event to avoid complications caused by a cycling calendar that is too full, especially when it comes to logistics and media coverage. The busy international cycling calendar leads to several conflicts and, despite frantic efforts, it was impossible to find an alternative solution forcing us to postpone."

Waste management company Renewi became the race's main sponsor in 2023 and the race once again, got a new name, the Renewi Tour.

Eneco Benelux Tour results start here

Binckbank Tour results start here

Benelux Tour results start here

Renewi Tour results start here

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1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

Tour of the Netherlands

1948 Emile Rogiers
44hr 5min 52sec
Jean Goldschmidt
@ 1min 52sec
Arie Vooren 1677 km 38.03
1949 Gerrit Schulte
51hr 38min 9sec
Desire Keteleer
@ 2min 25sec
Bouk Schellingerhoudt
@ 5min 51sec
1963 km 38.02
1950 Henk Lakeman
45hr 24min 14sec
Jules Depoorter
@ 28sec
Norbert Callens
@ 35sec
1635 km 36.01
1951 Jean Bogaerts
36hr 40min 7sec
Joseph Van Stayen
@ 2min 56sec
Jozef De Feyter
@ 8min 15sec
1352 km  36.87
1952 Wim Van Est
36hr 36min 22sec
Wout Wagtmans
@ 5min 53sec
Gerrit Voorting
@ 6min 40sec
1364 km 37.26
1954 Wim Van Est
32hr 17min 56sec
Gerrit Schulte
@ 2min 49sec
Gerrit Voorting
@ 5min
1297 km 40.16
1955 Piet Haan
46hr 18min 4sec
Wim Van Est
@ 1min 7sec
Hein Van Breenen
@ 3min 4sec
1717 km 37.08
1956 Rik Van Looy
40hr 8min 19sec
Guido Carlesi
@ 15min 50sec
Wim Van Est
@ 17min 51sec
1533 km 38.19
1957 Rik Van Looy
39hr 56min 50sec
Wim Van Est
@ 3min 15sec
P. Van Der Brekel
6min 25sec
1571 km 39.33
1958 Piet Van Est
29hr 40min 43sec
Peter Post
@ 1min 8sec
Leo Van Den Brand
@ 3min 29sec
1160 km 39.09
1960 Peter Post
37hr 22min 4sec
Roger Baens
@ 6sec 
Coen Niesten
@ 1min 11sec
1485 km 39.74
1961 Dick Enthoven
44hr 26min 46sec
Huub Zilverberg
@ 10min 1sec
Joop Captein
@ 13min 15sec
1686 km 37.91
1963 Lex Van Kreuningen
30hr 11min 46sec
Lambert Van der Ven
@ 1min 5sec
Theo Nijs
@ 1min 9sec
1117 km 36.91
1965 Jan Janssen
23hr 57min 15sec
Bas Maliepaard
@ 29sec
Joseph Huysmans
@ 1min 22sec
1080 km 42.58
1975 Joop Zoetemelk
23hr 35sec
Frans Verbeeck
@ 33sec
Gerard Vianen
@ 53sec
912 km 38.66
1976 Gerrie Kneteman
23hr 21min 39sec
Ludo Peeters
@ 1min 3sec
Jozef Jacobs
@ 1min 46sec
970 km 41.12
1977 Bert Pronk
25hr 38min 56sec
Sean Kelly
@ 6sec
Rudy Pevenage
@ 1min 34sec
1044 km  40.19
1978 Johan Van De Velde
25hr 4min 46sec
Eienne Van Der Helst
@ 13sec
Rudy Pevenage
@ 19sec
1009 km 40.23 
1979 Jan Raas
23hr 35min
Gerrie Knetemann
@ 29sec
Daniel Willems
@ 1min 5sec
947 km 40.13
1980 Gerrie Knetemann
25hr 10min 25sec
Ludo Delcroix
@ 57sec
Gery Verlinden
@ 2min 45sec
1016 km 40.36 
1981 Gerrie Knetemann
21hr 58min 28sec
Hennie Kuiper
@ 2min 20sec 
Rene Martens
@ s.t.
905 km 41.19 
1982 Bert Osterbosch
21hr 6min 6sec
Jan Raas
@ 16sec
Gerrie Knetemann
@ 27sec
880 km 41.70
1983 Adri Van Houwelingen
10hr 36min 32sec
Johnny Broers
@ 31sec
Herman Frison
@ 35sec
461 km 43.45
1984 Johan Lammerts
22hr 18min 21sec
Jos Lammertink
@ 8sec
Gert-Jan Theunisse
@ 50sec
908 km 43.93
1985 Eric Vanderaerden
25hr 23min 37sec
Theo de Rooij
@ 50sec
Adri Van Houwelingen
@ 1min 1sec
1075 km 42.33
1986 Gerrie Knetemann
26hr 46min 16sec
Gerrit Solieveld
@ 9sec
Peter Pieters
@ 27sec
1077.4 km 40.23
1987 Teun Van Vliet
22hr 22min 45sec
Marc Sergeant
@ 26sec
Adri Van Der Poel
@ 35sec
946 km 42.27 
1988 Thierry Marie
20hr 58min 48sec
Erik Breukink
@ 16sec
Peter Stevenhaagen
@ 26sec
859 km 40.94
1989 Laurent Fignon
21hr 13min 13sec
Thierry Marie
@ 1sec
Eddy Schurer
@ 4sec
857 km 40.39
1990 Jelle Nijdam
24hr 2min 20sec
Erik Breukink
@ 27sec
Thierry Marie
@ 30sec
911.1 km 37.90
1991 Frans Maassen
20hr 38min 13sec
Olaf Ludwig
@ 6sec
Eddy Shurer
@ 36sec
878.6 km 42.59
1992 Jelle Nijdam
20hr 36min 31sec
Thierry Marie
@ 43sec
Laurent Bezault
@ 55sec
855.6 km 41.54
1993 Erik Breukink
20hr 48min 22sec
Jelle Nijdam
@ 21sec
Olaf Ludwig
@ 28sec
856 km 41.14
1994 Jesper Skibby
21hr 23min 25sec
Djamolidine Abdoujaparov
@ 7sec
Dario Bottaro
@ 22sec
868 km 40.48
1995 Jelle Nijdam
21hr 2min 24sec
Viatcheslav Ekimov
@ 14sec
Flavio Vanzella
@ 18sec
895.1 km 42.54
1996 Rolf Sorensen
20hr 36min 54sec
Lance Armstrong
@ 2sec
Viatcheslav Ekimov
@ 1min 7sec
880.2 km 42.69
1997 Erik Dekker
22hr 14min 52sec
Peter Meinert Nielsen
@ 15sec
Jan Ullrich
@ 23sec
895.7 km 40.27
1998 Rolf Sorensen
21hr 8min 6sec
Viatcheslav Ekimov
@ 2sec
Peter Van Petegem
@ 10sec
900 km 42.58
1999 Serguei Gontchar
21hr 2min 32sec
Erik Dekker
@ 7sec
Dylan Casey
@ 17sec
888 km 42.20
2000 Erik Dekker
20hr 36min 32sec
Robert Hunter
@ 13sec
Servais Knaven
@ 18sec
895 km 43.43
2001 Leon Van Bon
21hr 47min 31sec
Erik Dekker
@ 6sec
Serguei Gontchar
@ 27sec
896 km 41.12
2002 Kim Kirchen
19hr 53min 4sec
Erik Dekker
@ 4sec
Victor Hugo Pena
@ 14sec
892 km 44.922
2003 Viatcheslav Ekimov
20hr 41min 48sec
Bradley McGee
@ 25sec
Serguei Gontchar
@ 34sec
889 km 42.95
2004 Erik Dekker
21hr 21min 52sec
Viatcheslav Ekimov
@ 1sec
Marc Wauters
@ 4sec
915.50 km 42.83

Eneco Tour of Benelux

2005 Bobby Julich
29hr 8min 1sec
Erik Dekker
@ 21sec
Leif Hoste
@ 41sec
1230 km 42.281
2006 Stefan Schumacher
27hr 20min 55sec
George Hincapie
@ 1sec
Vincenzo Nibali
@ 12sec
1176.6 km 43.02
2007 José Iván Gutiérrez
26hr 5min 44sec
David Millar
@ 11sec
Gustav Erik Larsson
@ 1min 5sec
1134.1 km 43.56
2008 José Iván Gutiérrez
26hr 27min 7sec
Sebastien Rosseler
@ 4sec
Michael Rogers
@ 7sec
1130.5 km 42.74
2009 Edvald Boasson Hagen
26hr 49min 40sec
Sylvain Chavanel
@ 45sec
Sebastian Langeveld
@ 47sec
1131.1 km 42.161
2010 Tony Martin
28hr 50min 57sec
Koos Moerenhout
@ 31sec
Edvald Boasson Hagen
@ 1min 46sec
1,216.0 km 42.15
2011 Edvald Boasson Hagen
22hr 54min 22sec
Philippe Gilbert
@ 22sec
David Millar
@ 28sec
967.8 km 42.251
2012 Lars Boom
24hr 51min 13sec
Sylvain Chavanel
@ 26sec
Niki Terpstra
@ 49sec
1,140.6 km 45.89
2013 Zdenek Stybar
25hr 14min 5sec
Tom Dumoulin
@ 26sec
Andriy Grivko
@ 50sec
1080.3 km 42.81
2014 Tim Wellens
25hr 30min 15sec
Lars Boom
@ 7sec
Tom Dumoulin
@ 13sec
1067.4 km 41.85
2015 Tim Wellens
26hr 31min 59sec
Greg van Avermaet
@ 59sec
Wilco Kelderman
@ 1min 17sec
1,126.9 km 42.47
2016 Niki Terpstra
22hr 43min 26sec
Oliver Naesen
@ 31sec
Peter Sagan
@ 1min 0sec
998.2 km 43.93


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Binckbank Tour

2017 Tom Dumoulin
24hr 34min 33sec
Tim Wellens
@ 17sec
Jasper Stuyven
@ 46sec
1,080.3 km 43.96
2018 Matej Mohoric
25hr 13min 1sec
Michael Matthews
@ 5sec
Tim Wellens
@ 20sec
1,122.4 km 44.510
2019 Laurens De Plus
21hr 29min 55sec
Oliver Naesen
@ 35sec
Tim Wellens
@ 36sec
977.2 km 45.454
2020 Mathieu van der Poel
10hr 43min 8sec
Søren Kragh Andersen
@ 8sec
Stefan Küng
@23 sec
482.2 km 44.986

Benelux Tour

2021 Sonny Colbrelli
24hr 14min 29sec
Matej Mohoric
@ 29sec
Victor Campenaerts
@ 1min 14sec
992.6 km 40.947
2022 Race not held


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Renewi Tour

2023 Tim Wellens
15hr 51min 52sec
Florian Vermeersch
@ 23sec
Yves Lampaert
@ s.t.
735.9 km 46.387