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Le Samyn (1.1), Belgium

Winners, podium, distance, average speed

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The race:

Le Samyn is a single-day road race held in either late February or early March. Held in Fayt-le-Franc, southern Belgium, the race starts in Quaregnon and ends in Dour.

In 2000 the UCI classed the race as a 1.4, and then in 2002 it was downgraded to 1.5. In 2003 the UCI upgraded it to 1.3 and then in 2005 it was given its current rank, 1.1

In the year of its first organization, it was called the GP Fayt-le-Franc. After the death of the competition's first winner in 1969, José Samyn, the race was renamed the Memorial José Samyn.

The race is now simply called "Le Samyn".

There is also a women's edition of the race, called "Le Samyn des Dames"

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Podium history:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1968 José Samyn
5hr 4min
Bernard Guyot
@ s.t.
Victor van Schil
@ 11min
202.5 km 39.996
1969 Herman Vrijders
5hr 39min
Roger Kindt
@ 15sec
Freddy Decloedt
@ s.t.
192 km 33.982
1970 Ronny de Vijver Jacques Zwaenepoel André Dierickx    
1971 Julien van Lint
5hr 7min
Etienne Sonck
@ 2sec
Ronny de Vijver
@ s.t.
200 km 38.09
1972 Marc Demeyer
4hr 53sec
Gérard Hendrickx
@ 1min 40sec
Willy Vanneste
@ 1min 45sec
194 km 39.863
1973 Louis Verredt
4hr 45min
Christian de Buysschere
@ 1 length
Eric Wijckaert
@ s.t.
185 km 38.95
1974 André Dierickx
5hr 22min
Ferdy Bracke
@ s.t.
Gustaaf van Roosbroeck
@ 30sec
184 km 34.286
1975 Alain Santy
4hr 52min
Ronald De Witte
@ s.t.
Eric Leman
@ 35sec
194 km 39.86
1976 Dirk Baert Jacques Martin Ferdi van den Haute    
1977 Michel Perin Rudy Pevenage Frans van Vlierberghe    
1978 Herman van Springel Frank Hoste Marc Demeyer    
1979 Adrie Schipper Roger Verschaeve Ferdi van den Haute    
1980 Gery Verlinden Michel Pollentier José De Cauwer    
1981 Pol Verschuere Adri van der Poel Patrick Versluys    
1982 Jozef Jacobs Daniel Willems Pol Verschuere    
1983 Jacques van Meer Luc Colijn Ludo de Keulenaer    
1984 Daniel Rossel Ludwig Wijnants Alain de Roo    
1985 Ronny van Holen Paul Haghedooren Luc Meersman    
1986 Patrick Onnockx Marc Sergeant William Tackaert    
1987 Claude Criquielion Patrick Onnockx Edwig van Hooydonck    
1988 Race not held    
1989 Hendrick Redant Jean-Marie Wampers Jerry Cooman    
1990 Hendrik Redant Frank Pirard Peter Pieters    
1991 Johnny Dauwe Eric Vanderaerden Hendrik Redant    
1992 Johan Capiot Eric Vanderaerden Jean-Pierre Heynderickx    
1993 Wilfried Nelissen Johan Museeuw Johan Capiot    
1994 Johan Capiot Peter de Clercq Ludo Dierckxsens    
1995 Johan Capiot Johan Verstrepen Nico Mattan    
1996 Hans de Meester Stéphane Hennebert Ludo Dierckxsens    
1997 Michel Vanhaecke Jo Planckaert Kris Gerits    
1998 Ludovic Auger Mario Aerts Tom Desmet    
1999 Thierry Marichal Erwin Thijs John Talen    


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2000 Frank Høy Roger Hammond Jan Boven    
2001 Kris Gerrits Peter Farazijn Bert Hiemstra    
2002 Magnus Bäckstedt Stijn Devolder Gordon McCauley    
2003 Stefan van Dijk Gert Vanderaerden Jeroen Blijlevens    
2004 Robbie McEwen
4hr 31min
Ludovic Capelle
@ s.t.
Jan Koerts
@ s.t.
184 km 40.74
2005 Race cancelled because of snow    
2006 Renaud Dion Philippe Gilbert Matti Breschel    
2007 Jimmy Casper Philippe Gilbert Bastiaan Giling    
2008 Philippe Gilbert Kevyn Ista Aleksejs Saramotins    
2009 Wouter Weylandt
4hr 43min 28sec
Rémi Cusin
@ s.t.
Björn Leukemans
@ 6sec
191.9 km 40.619
2010 Jens Keukeleire
4hr 34min 35sec
Grégory Joseph
@ s.t.
Cédric Pineau
@ s.t.
191.9 km 42.195
2011 Domink Klemme
4hr 43min 44sec
Kevyn Ista
@ 8sec
Robert Wagner
@ 9sec
193.1 40.834
2012 Arnaud Démare
4hr 31min 17sec
Kris Boeckmans
@ s.t.
Adrien Petit
@ s.t.
187.9 km 41.56
2013 Alexey Tsatevich
5hr 5min 19sec
Kris Boeckmans
@ s.t.
Adrien Petit
@ s.t.
206 km 40.48
2014 Maxime Vantomme
4hr 36min 20sec
Alexey Tsatevich
@ s.t.
Nacer Bouhanni
@ s.t.
195.9 km 42.536
2015 Kris Boeckmans
4hr 47min 1sec
Gianni Meersman
@ s.t.
Christophe Laporte
@ s.t.
201 km 41.018
2016 Niki Terpstra
4hr 52min 52sec
Scott Thwaites
@ 19sec
Florian Sénéchal
@ 37sec
202.6 km 41.507
2017 Guillaume van Keirsbulck
4hr 53min 55sec
Alex Kirsch
@ s.t.
Iljo Keisse
@ 11sec
202 km 41.236
2018 Niki Terpstra
4hr 47min 48sec
Philippe Gilbert
@ 4sec
Damien Gaudin
@ 46sec
200 km 41.696
2019 Florian Senechal
4hr 38min 20sec
Aime de Gendt
@ s.t.
Niki Terpstra
@ s.t.
201.4 km 43.416
2020 Hugo Hofstetter
4hr 42min 2sec
Aime De Gendt
@ s.t.
David Dekker
@ s.t.
201.9 km 42.952
2021 Tim Merlier
4hr 34min 29sec
Rasmus Tiller
@ s.t.
Andrea Pasqualon
@ s.t.
205.4 km 44.899
2022 Matteo Trentin
4hr 49min 29sec
Hugo Hofstetter
@ s.t.
Dries De Bondt
@ s.t.
209 km 43.319
2023 Milan Menten
4hr 49min 28sec
Hugo Hofstetter
@ s.t.
Edward Theuns
@ s.t.
209 km 43.321
2024 Laurenz Rex
4hr 38min 40sec
António Morgado
@ s.t.
Jenthe Biermans
@ s.t.
204.3 km 43.988


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