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2023 La Roue Tourangelle (1.1), France

21st Edition: Sunday, March 26, 2023

La Roue Tourangelle podium history | 2022 edition | 2024 edition

Chambray lès Tours - Tours: 202 km


Irish road champion Rory Townsend wins in Tours. Photo: B. Bade

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Weather at the finish city of Tours at 1:30 PM, local time: 12C (53F), rain showers, with the wind from the west at 23 km/hr (14 mph). The rain is forecast to continue through the afternoon.

The race: Here’s the report from 10th-place Donavan Grondin’s Team Arkéa-Samsic:

Thibault Guernalec was in the lead for a long time, but like the rest of the Arkéa-Samsic team, he was aggressive in the Roue Tourangelle. Donavan Grondin finished 10th in Tours.

Thibault Guernalec:
“I had a little bit of trouble last weekend, I was lacking some energy after Paris-Nice. I am happy with my feeling today. I had a good attack in the final of this Roue Tourangelle, we knew that there was a tailwind in the last thirty kilometres and that we had to try. Some riders told me afterwards that they regretted not to have followed me. We were the only ones to try something, others were more wait and see and can bite their fingers off. We tried. It didn’t work in our favour, but it’s the state of mind that we must have and that will pay off”.

Mickaël Leveau, Sport-director:
“We opted for an offensive race. The riders tried to harden the race during the difficulties, Thibault went in a breakaway, but unfortunately, he never received the support that would have allowed him to go further. Laurent and Donavan also tried in the final, but the outcome of the race was a sprint. Donavan finished in 10th position in what was a rather disjointed race”.

Rory Townsend wins a soggy Roue Tourangelle

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Complete Results:

202 kilometers raced at an average speed of 41.328 km/hr

1 Rory Townsend Bolton Equities-Black Spoke 4hr 53min 16sec
2 Gerben Thijssen Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
3 Pierre Barbier CIC U Nantes Atlantique s.t.
4 Arvid De Kleijn Tudor Pro Cycling s.t.
5 Anthony Perez Cofidis s.t.
6 Timothy Dupont Tarteletto-Isorex s.t.
7 Paul Penhoët Groupama-FDJ s.t.
8 Eddy Finé Cofidis s.t.
9 Tord Gudmestad Uno-X s.t.
10 Donavan Grondin Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
11 Gotzon Martín Euskaltel-Euskadi s.t.
12 Emmanuel Morin CIC U Nantes Atlantique s.t.
13 Emilien Jeannière TotalEnergies s.t.
14 Romain Cardis St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93 s.t.
15 Edo Goldstein Team Ecoflo Chronos s.t.
16 Madis Mihkels Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
17 Lilian Calmejane Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
18 Maikel Zijlaard Tudor Pro Cycling s.t.
19 Stanislaw Aniolkowski Human Powered Health s.t.
20 Andreas Goeman Tarteletto-Isorex s.t.
21 Stian Fredheim Uno-X s.t.
22 Antoine Raugel Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
23 André Carvalho Cofidis s.t.
24 Kenny Molly GO Sport-Roubaix-Lille Metropole s.t.
25 Nils Brun Tudor Pro Cycling s.t.
26 Bram Welten Groupama-FDJ s.t.
27 Fredrik Dversnes Uno-X s.t.
28 Xabier Berasategi Euskaltel-Euskadi s.t.
29 Unai Iribar Euskaltel-Euskadi s.t.
30 Jaakko Hänninen Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
31 Théo Delacroix St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93 s.t.
32 Toon Clynhens Team Flanders-Baloise s.t.
33 Ryan Christensen Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
34 Mathis Le Berre Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
35 Jérémy Leveau GO Sport-Roubaix-Lille Metropole s.t.
36 Fabien Grellier TotalEnergies s.t.
37 Noah Vandenbranden Team Flanders-Baloise s.t.
38 Sebastian Kolze Changizi Tudor Pro Cycling s.t.
39 Laurent Pichon Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
40 Jacob Scott Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
41 Dries De Pooter Intermarché-Circus-Wanty @ 12sec
42 Lars Van Den Berg Groupama-FDJ s.t.
43 Benjamin Thomas Cofidis 0:46
44 Thomas Boudat GO Sport-Roubaix-Lille Metropole 0:47
45 Niccolo Bonifazio Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
46 Maël Guégan CIC U Nantes Atlantique 0:52
47 Jason Tesson TotalEnergies s.t.
48 Damien Girard Nice Métropole Côte d'Azur s.t.
49 Harrison Wood Cofidis s.t.
50 Aaron Gate Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
51 Juan Jose Lobato Euskaltel-Euskadi 0:59
52 Nicolas Rivard Team Ecoflo Chronos 1:24
53 Enzo Paleni Groupama-FDJ s.t.
54 Flavien Maurelet St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93 1:41
55 Julius Johansen Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
56 Thomas Joseph Tarteletto-Isorex s.t.
57 Marcus Sander Hansen Uno-X s.t.
58 Jean-Louis Le Ny Nice Métropole Côte d'Azur s.t.
59 Brieuc Rolland Groupama-FDJ s.t.
60 Maxime Jarnet GO Sport-Roubaix-Lille Metropole s.t.
61 Jenno Berckmoes Team Flanders-Baloise 2:05
62 Lorrenzo Manzin TotalEnergies 2:14
63 Valentin Tabellion GO Sport-Roubaix-Lille Metropole s.t.
64 Davide Cimolai Cofidis 2:31
65 Mika Heming Tudor Pro Cycling 3:58
66 Niklas Larsen Uno-X s.t.
67 Simon Pellaud Tudor Pro Cycling s.t.
68 August Jensen Human Powered Health s.t.
69 Adrien Petit Intermarché-Circus-Wanty 5:12
70 Chad Haga Human Powered Health 5:18
71 Gianni Marchand Tarteletto-Isorex 5:22
72 Jacob Relaes Tarteletto-Isorex s.t.
73 Enekoitz Azparren Euskaltel-Euskadi s.t.
74 Florian Rapiteau St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93 s.t.
75 Paul Lapeira Ag2r-Citroën 6:03
76 Thibault Guernalec Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
77 Louis Coqueret Team Ecoflo Chronos 8:40
78 Valentin Paret-Peintre Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
79 Colin Savioz Groupama-FDJ s.t.
80 Lenaic Langella Team Ecoflo Chronos s.t.
81 Wessel Krul Human Powered Health s.t.
82 Len De Pauw Tarteletto-Isorex s.t.
83 Mitchel Fitzsimons Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
84 Ådne Holter Uno-X s.t.
85 Tuur Dens Team Flanders-Baloise s.t.
86 Julien Simon TotalEnergies s.t.
87 Anthony Maldonado St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93 s.t.
88 Nicolas Debeaumarché St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93 s.t.
89 Andrea Mifsud Nice Métropole Côte d'Azur s.t.
90 Célestin Guillon GO Sport-Roubaix-Lille Metropole s.t.
91 Iker Ballarin Euskaltel-Euskadi s.t.


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