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La Polynormande (1.1), France

Winners, podium, distance, average speed

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The race:

La Polynormande is a single-day bicycle race generally held in late July or early August in the Normandy region of France. It was created by Daniel Mangeas, who had been the main commentator of the Tour de France until 2014. Mangeas is from St. Martin de Landelles, where the race finishes.

For much of its existence, the race has been a criterium (1980 - 2002). In 2003 it was reorganized as a 1.3 level event and in 2005 promoted to 1.1 and put on the UCI Europe Tour. It also is part of the French Cup (Coupe de France) racing series.

Only one rider has won La Polynormande more than once, Richard Virenque (1995 and 1997).

In 2014 the race started at Avranches and after ten circuits finished at St. Martin de Landelles.

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Complete podium history:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1980 Bernard Thevenet Jean-René Bernaudeau Raymond Martin    
1981 Lucien van Impe Raymond Martin Pierre Le Bigaut    
1982 Bernard Hinault Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle Bernard Vallet    
1983 Marc Madiot Sean Kelly Laurent Fignon    
1984 Vincent Barteau Eric Caritoux Claude Criquielion    
1985 Claude Criquielion Jean-Claude Bagot Marc Madiot    
1986 Jean-René Bernaudeau Frédédic Brun Jean-Louis Gauthier    
1987 Marc Madiot Pierre Le Bigaut Jean-René Bernardeau    
1988 Philippe Bouvatier Régis Clere Jérôme Simon    
1989 Laurent Fignon Eric Caritoux Pedro Delgado    
1990 Thierry Claveyrolat Eric Boyar Jean-Claude Bagot    
1991 Thierry Marie Gérard Rué Jean-François Bernard    
1992 Jean-François Bernard Thierry Claveyrolat Richard Virenque    
1993 Tony Rominger Jean-Philippe Dowja François Lemarchand    
1994 Djamolidine Abdoujaparov Thomas Davy Jacky Durand    
1995 Richard Virenque Laurent Madouas Marco Pantani    
1996 Laurent Brochard Stéphane Heulot Luc Leblanc    
1997 Richard Virenque Frédéric Guesdon Cédric Vasseur    
1998 Stéphane Heulot Bobby Julich Laurent Brochard    
1999 Laurent Dufaux Richard Virenque Stéphane Heulot    


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2000 Pascal Hervé Gilberto Simoni Charles Guilbert    
2001 Laurent Jalabert Christophe Moreau Sylvain Chavanel    
2002 Nicolas Vogondy Laurent Brochard Thierry Gouvenou    
2003 Jérôme Pineau
4hr 2min 48sec
Mikaël Pichon
@ 8sec
Walter Bénéteau
@ 1min 3sec
161 km 39.79
2004 Sylvain Chavanel
3hr 40min 34sec
Guido Trentin
@ s.t.
Christophe Oriol
@ 36sec
157 km 42.71
2005 Philippe Gilbert
3hr 38min 39sec
Ludovic Turpin
@ 53sec
Mikaël Buffaz
@ s.t.
157 km 43.08
2006 Anthony Charteau
3hr 39min 45sec
Bert Scheirlinckx
@ s.t.
Nicolas Crosbie
@ s.t.
157 km 42.87
2007 Benoît Vaugrenard
3hr 57min 35sec
Mikaël Buffaz
@ 1min 28sec
Bert de Waele
@ 1min 31sec
157 km 39.65
2008 Anraud Gérard Jérôme Pineau Sandy Cesar 157 km  
2009 Matthieu Ladagnous
3hr 45min 23sec
Stefan van Dijk
@ s.t.
Wesley Sulzberger
157 km 41.8
2010 Andy Cappelle
3hr 40min 49sec
Jérémie Galland
@ 3sec
Romain Hardy
@ s.t.
157 km 42.66
2011 Anthony Delaplace
3hr 43min 36sec
Julien El Farès
@ 1min 44sec
Arnaud Gérard
@ s.t.
157 km 42.13
2012 Tony Hurel
3hr 39min 29sec
Samuel Dumoulin
@ s.t.
Davy Commeyne
@ s.t.
157 km 42.919
2013 José Gonçalves
3hr 40min 29sec
Matthias Brandle
@ 14sec
Sébastien Delfosse
@ s.t.
157 km 42.72
2014 Jan Ghyselinck
3hr 56min 40sec
Antoine Duchesne
@ 8sec
Quentin Jauregui
@ 12sec
169.5 km 42.972


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2015 Oliver Naesen
4hr 14min 32sec
Fabrice Jeandesboz
@ s.t.
Antoine Duchesne
@ s.t.
190 km 44.788
2016 Baptiste Planckaert
4hr 8min 41sec
Ryan Anderson
@ s.t.
Julien Duval
@ s.t.
157 km 37.879
2017 Alexis Gougeard
3hr 59min 9sec
Johan Le Bon
@ 3sec
Laurent Pichon
@ s.t.
168.9 km 42.375
2018 Pierre-Luc Perichon
4hr 5min 22sec
Pierre Gouault
@ s.t.
Lorrenzo Manzin
@ 8sec
157 km 38.392
2019 Benoit Cosnefroy
3hr 55min 19sec
Valentin Ferron
@ 2sec
Damien Touzé
@ 14sec
168.9 km 43.123
2020 Race cancelled because of Covid-19
2021 Valentin Madouas
3hr 49min 57sec
Benoit Cosnefroy
@ s.t.
Anthony Perez
@ s.t.
168.9 km 44.070
2022 Franck Bonnamour
3hr 47min 42sec
Lorenzo Rota
@ s.t.
Anthony Turgis
@ s.t.
168.9 km 44.506
2023 Arnaud De Lie
3hr 53min 25sec
Valentin Ferron
@ s.t.
Jordan Jegat
@ s.t.
169 km 43.442