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GP d'Ouverture - La Marseillaise (1.1)

Winners, podium, distance, average speed

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The race:

GP d'Ouverture - La Marseillaise is a single-day race, held around the southern French city of Marseille.

It's the first race on the continental European race calender, generally coming in the first week of February. The next day is the Étoile de Bessèges stage race, also held in southern France. Until 1991, the race was simply named La Marseillaise.

There is a legend among racers that winning this race brings bad luck. Tell that to Bernard Hinault, who won in 1982 and then went on the win the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France in that same year.

Close on its heels is the Italian GP Costa degli Etruschi, also usually held in the first week of February.

Currently (2020) the race starts and ends in Marseilles and is part of the UCI Europe Tour.

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Complete Podium history:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1980 Leon Van Vliet
3hr 15min
Patrick Friou
@ s.t.
Frits Pirard
@ s.t.
124 km 38.153
1981 Jan Bogaert
2hr 47min
Pascal Poisson
@ s.t.
Patrick Josotte
@ s.t.
125 km 36.585
1982 Bernard Hinault
2hr 54min 2sec
Ad Winands
@ s.t.
Pierre-Henri Menthéour
@ s.t.
124 km 42.750
1983 Jan Raas
3hr 9min
Cees Priem
@ 43sec
Erich Maechler
@ s.t.
128 km 40.634
1984 Eddy Planckaert Gilbert Glaus Pascal Jules    
1985 Charly Mottet Walter Planckaert Paul Haghedooren    
1986 Eddy Planckaert
2hr 22min 52sec
Vincent Barteau
@ s.t.
Jörg Bruggmann
@ s.t.
100 km 41.997
1987 Johnny Welz Jean Claude Colotti Paul Watson    
1988 Aad Wijnands
3hr 18min 43sec
Teun Van Vliet
@ s.t.
Adri Van Der Poel
@ s.t.
133 km 40.157
1989 Thierry Claveyrolat Guido Winterberg Ronan Pensec    
1990 Etienne de Wilde Carlo Bomans Hendrik Redant    
1991 Edwig Van Hooydonck
3hr 5min 24sec
Pierre Dewailly
@ s.t.
Herman Frison
@ s.t.
118 km 38.187
1992 Edwig Van Hooydonck
3hr 24min 2sec
Eddy Seigneur
@ 3sec
Gilles Delion
@ 9se
134 km 39.405
1993 Didier Rous
3hr 18min 50sec
Eddy Seigneur
@ s.t.
Armand De Las Cuevas
@ 8sec
129.5 km 39.077
1994 Gilles Delion
3hr 33min 10sec
Wilfried Nelissen
@ 12sec
François Simon
@ s.t.
135 km 37.998
1995 Stéphane Hennebert
3hr 22min 40sec
Nico Mattan
@ s.t.
Gianluca Pianegonda
@ 1min 36sec
142.6 km 42.217
1996 Fabiano Fontanelli
3hr 27min 8sec
Jan Svorada
@ 30sec
Andrei Tchmil
@ s.t.
135 km 39.105
1997 Richard Virenque
3hr 24min 29sec
Gilles Bouvard
@ 7min 3sec
Jan Svorada
@ s.t.
136 km 41.58
1998 Marco Saligari
3hr 14min 50sec
Richard Virenque
@ s.t.
Viatcheslav Djavanian
@ s.t.
142 km 43.576
1999 Frank Vandenbroucke
3hr 27min 25sec
Jens Voigt
@ s.t.
Frédéric Bessy
@ s.t.
140 km 40.296
2000 Emmanuel Magnien
3hr 24min 33sec
Lauri Aus
@ s.t.
Christophe Bassons
@ s.t.
135.5 km 39.75
2001 Jakob Piil
3hr 32min 19sec
Nicolai-Bo Larsen
@ s.t.
Florent Brard
@ s.t.
151 km 42.672
2002 Xavier Jan
3hr 27min 23sec
Alexandre Botcharov
@ 7sec
Cyril Dessel
@ 27sec
144 km 41.662
2003 Ludo Dierckxsens
3hr 32min 48sec
Magnus Backstedt
@ s.t.
Stefano Casagranda
@ 7sec
150.3 km 42.293
2004 Baden Cooke
3hr 38min 30sec
Jo Planckaert
@ s.t.
Fabio Baldato
@ s.t.
150.3 km 41.272


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Peaks Coaching: work with a coach! Schwab Cycles
2005 Nicki Sørensen
3hr 20min 40sec
Vladimir Gusev @ s.t. Daniele Masolino
@ s.t.
128.3 km 38.362
2006 Baden Cooke
3hr 17min 55sec
Philippe Gilbert
@ s.t.
Anthony Geslin
@ s.t.
136.2 km 41.290
2007 Jeremy Hunt
3hr 7min 9sec
Miklail Ignatiev
@ 3sec
Staf Scheirlinckx
@ 13sec
126.7 km 40.619
2008 Hervé Duclos-Lassalle
3hr 22min 23sec
Frederik Veuchelen
@ s.t.
Ryder Hesjedal
@ s.t.
140.8 km 41.742
2009 Rémi Pauriol
3hr 29min 12sec
Thomas Voeckler
@ 27sec
Yuri Trofimov
@ s.t.
136.8 km 39.235
2010 Jonathan Hivert
3hr 34min 2sec
Johnny Hoogerland
@ s.t.
Samuel Dumoulin
@ s.t.
139.7 km 39.162
2011 Jérémy Roy
3hr 30min 55sec
Sylvain Georges
@ 2min 38sec
Romain Feillu
@ 2min 43sec
139.7 km 39.741
2012 Samuel Dumoulin
3hr 39min 29sec
Marco Marcato
@ s.t.
Arthur Vichot
@ 2.t.
148.1 km 40.486
2013 Justin Jules
3hr 40min 5sec
Samuel Dumoulin
@ s.t.
Thomas Damuseau
@ s.t.
148.1 km 40.376
2014 Kenneth Vanbilsen
3hr 34min 18sec
Baptiste Planckaert
@ s.t.
Samuel Dumoulon
@ s.t.
137.9 km 38.609
2015 Pim Ligthart
3hr 39min 33sec
Kenneth van Bilsen
@ s.t.
Antoine Demoitie
@ s.t.
139.7 km 38.178
2016 Dries Devenyns
3hr 31min 43sec
Thibaut Pinot
@ s.t.
Baptiste Planckaert
@ 42sec
144 km 40.809
2017 Arthur Vichot
3hr 45min 43sec
Maxime Bouet
@ s.t.
Lilian Calmejane
@ s.t.
146 km 38.810
2018 Alexandre Geniez
3hr 47min 21sec
Odd Christian Eiking
@ s.t.
Lilian Calmejane
@ s.t.
145 km 38.267
2019 Anthony Turgis
3hr 39min 47sec
Romain Combaud
@ s.t.
Tom van Asbroeck
@ 23sec
139.8 km 38.165
2020 Benoit Cosnefroy
3hr 49min 51sec
Valentin Madouas
@ s.t.
Tom Devriendt
@ s.t.
145.3 km 37.929
2021 Aurélien Paret-Peintre
4hr 24min 29sec
Thomas Boudat
@ s.t.
Bryan Coquard
@ s.t.
171.6 km 38.929
2022 Amaury Capiot
4hr 31min 11sec
Mads Pedersen
@ s.t.
Francisco Galvan
@ s.t.
174.3 km 38.564
2023 Neilson Powless
4hr 19min 13sec
Valentin Ferron
@ 1min 15sec
Brent van Moer
@ s.t.
167.9 km 38.840


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