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2004 Athens Olympics Cycling Schedule and Results

Olympic Dates: August 13 - August 29

Men's Road Race | Women's Road Race | Men's Time Trial | Women's Time Trial | Track Events | Mountain Bike Races

Aug. 14:

Men's Road Road Race. 6:45 AM Eastern, 3:45 AM Pacific. 224.4 km; 17 x 13.2 kilometers in downtown Athens.


1. Paolo Bettini (Italy) 5hr 41min 44sec
2. Sergio Paolinho (Portugal) @ 1sec
3. Axel Merckx (Belgium) @ 8sec
4. Erik Zabel (Germany) @ 12sec
5. Andrej Hauptmann (Slovenia)
6. Kim Kirchen (Luxembourg)
7. Roger Hammond (Great Britain)
8. Frank Hoj (Denmark)
9. Kurt-Asle Arvesen (Norway)
10. Alexander Kolobnev (Russia)

The Race: On the first lap a crash took out World Champion Igor Astarloa as well as Michael Boogerd and Tour de France White Jersey Vladimir Karpets. The day is very hot 35 C (Mid 90's F).

At the halfway point (km 110) Magnus Backstedt who had been on a solo break for most of the day, was joined by Richard Virenque and Laszlo Bodrogi. Backstedt had a maximum lead of about three and a half minutes but now the trio is less than 2 minutes in front of the peloton.

Km 90. The break has been caught and 2004 Tour de France 2nd place Andreas Kloden as well as Magnus Backstedt have abandoned the race.

Km 160. The constant attacks and counters have thinned the field. 7 men including Robbie McEwen and Cristian Moreni are 40 seconds off the front. With no Germans, Spaniards, Frenchmen or Americans in the break, the peloton will be motivated to bring them back.

Km 175. The gap is only 20 seconds now. The rest of the group: Martin Elmiger (Switzerland), Gerrit Glomser (Austria), Unai Etxebarria (Venezuela), Cieran Power (Ireland) and Ryan Cox (South Africa).

Km 185. The break is caught. Ekimov has abandoned

Km 190. Bettini, Hamilton and Vinkourov had tried their legs in attacks. Things are still together with about 30 kilometers to go. The attacks did reduce the lead group to about, maybe 20. Ullrich and Hincapie are still there.

Km 200. Several hard attacks and it's together again. 2-time world champion Freire has quit. On the penultimate time up the hill Bettini attacks and takes Sergio Paulinho (Portugal) with him. Vinkourov and Ullrich are chasing. Leipheimer and Voigt have quit.

Km 215. The duo have opened up a big gap with little more than a lap to go the peloton with no one in between. This is a do-or-die move for Bettini. If he's caught he won't have the suds to try again.

Final lap. The gap is almost a half-minute.

Km 217. Bettini got a gap on Paulinho on the hill, but they they came together and now have a gap of over 40 seconds as they motor to the Gold and Silver just a few kilometers away. The pack will not catch them.

The finish: Merckx managed to extract himself from the field to chase the duo, but could not close the gap. Bettini beat Paulinho who led it out.

Aug. 15:

Women's Road Road Race. 9:00 AM Eastern, 6:00 AM Pacific. 118.8 km; 9 x 13.1 km, same circuit as the men's course.

Cycling's 50 Craziest Stories


1. Sara Carrigan (Australia): 3hr 24min 24sec
2. Judith Arndt (Germany) @ 7sec
3. Olga Slyusareva (Russia) @ 39sec
4. Oenone Wood (Australia) s.t.
5. Nicole Cooke (Great Britain) s.t.
6. Mirjam Melchers (Netherlands) @ 42sec
7. Joane Somarriba (Spain) s.t.
8. Kristin Armstrong (USA) s.t.
9. Edita Pucinskaite (Lithuania) @ 46sec
10. Jeannie Longo Ciprelli (France) @ 59sec

Aug. 18:

Women's Road Individual Time Trial. 7:00 AM Eastern, 4:00 AM Pacific. 24 km.


1. Leontien Van Moorsel (Holland) 31min 11sec
2. Deirdre Demet-Barry (USA) @ 23sec
3. Karin Thurig (Switzerland) @ 43sec
4. Christine Thorburn (USA) @ 1min 4sec
5. Lada Kozlikova (Czech Republic) s.t.
6. Oenone Wood (Australia) @1min 5sec
7. Joane Somarriba Arrola (Spain) @ 1min 14sec
8. Zoulfia Zabirova (Russia) @ 1min 19sec
9. Priska Doppmann (Switzerland) @ 1min 29sec
10. Edita Pucinskaite (Lithuania) @ 1min 31sec
11. Judith Arndt (Germany) @ 1min 35sec
12. Olga Slyusareva (Russia) @ 1min 40sec
13. Mirjam Melchers (Netherlands) @ 1min 50sec
14. Jeannie Longo Ciprelli (France) @1min 54sec

Men's Road Individual Time Trial. 9:00 AM Eastern, 6:00 AM Pacific. 48 km.

Tour de France: the Inside Story


1. Tyler Hamilton (USA) 57min 31.74sec
2. Viatcheslav Ekimov (Russia) @ 18.84sec
3. Bobby Julich (USA) @ 26.45sec
4. Michael Rogers (Australia) @ 29.93sc
5. Michael Rich (Germany) @ 37.72sec
6. Alexandre Vinokourov (Kazakhstan) @ 1min 26.40sec
7. Jan Ullrich (Germany) @ 1min 30.3sec
8. Santiago Botero (Colombia) @ 1min 33.02sec
9. Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano (Spain) @ 2min 10.64sec
10. Fabian Cancellara (Switzerland) @ 2min 17.66sec

Friday, Aug. 20

Men's Track 4 km Individual Pursuit Qualification. 9:30 AM Eastern. 8 qualify.

Story of the Giro d'Italia, volume 1
1. Bradley Wiggins (Great Britain) 4 min 15.165sec
2. Sergi Escobar (Spain) 4min 16.862sec
3. Bradley McGee (Australia) 4min 17.510sec
4. Rob Hayles (Great Britain) 4min 17.930sec
5. Volodymyr Dyudya (Ukraine) 4min 18.169sec
6. Robert Bartko (Germany) 4min 18.991sec
7. Luke Roberts (Australia) 4min 19.353sec
8. Fabien Sanchez (France) 4min 20.606sec

Women's Track 500m Time Trial Final. 10:15 AM Eastern

1. Anna Meares (Australia) 33.952sec (World Record)
2. Yonghua Jiang (China) 34.122sec
3. Natalia Tsylinskaya (Belarus) 34.167sec
4. Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania) 34.317sec
5. Yvonne Hijgenaar (Holland) 34.532sec

Men's Track 1 km Time Trial Final. 10:55 AM Eastern

1. Chris Hoy (Great Britain) 1min .711sec
2. Arnaud Tournant (France) 1min .896sec
3. Stefan Nimke (Germany) 1min 1.186sec
4. Shane Kelly (Australia) 1min 1.224sec
5. Theo Bos (Holland) 1min 1.986sec

Men's Track 4 km Individual Pursuit 1st Round. 11:55 AM Eastern

Fastest two winners race for gold (on 21 Aug at 17:47), and the other two winners race for bronze (on 21 Aug at 17:40). Losers are classified from the 5th to the 8th place based upon their time from first round.

Therefore, the race for the Gold and Silver will be between Wiggins and McGee and the race for Bronze will be between Hayles and Escobar.

Heat 1

1. Rob Hayles (Great Britain) 4min 19.559sec
2. Volodymyr Dyudya (Ukraine) 4min 22.720min

Heat 2

1. Bradley McGee (Australia) 4min 17.978sec
2. Robert Bartko (Germany) 4min 26.184sec

Heat 3

1. Sergi Escobar (Spain) 4min 19.581sec
2. Luke Roberts (Australia) 4min 20.336sec

Heat 4

1. Bradley Wiggins (Great Britain) 4min 17.215sec
2. Fabien Sanchez (France) 4min 21.235sec

Saturday, August 21

All times Eastern

Men's Track 4km Individual Pursuit Final 1-2. 10:47 AM

1. Bradley Wiggins (Great Britain) 4min 16.304sec: Gold Medal
2. Bradley McGee (Australia) 4min 20.436 sec: Silver Medal

Men's Track 4km Individual Pursuit Final 3-4. 10:40 AM

3. Sergi Escobar (Spain) 4min 17.947sec: Bronze Medal
4. Rob Hayles (Great Britain) 4min 22.291sec

Men's Track Olympic Sprint Qualification. 9:30 AM. 8 qualify for the next round

1. France: Mickaël Bourgain, Laurent Gané, Arnaud Tournant, 44.179sec
2. Germany: Jens Fiedler, Stefan Nimke, René Wolff , 44.251sec
3. Japan: Toshiaki Fushimi, Masaki Inoue, Tomohiro Nagatsuka, 44.355sec
4. Spain: José Antonio Escuredo, Salvador Meliá, José Antonio Villanueva, 44.452sec
5. Australia: Ryan Bayley, Sean Eadie, Shane Kelly, 44.512sec
6. Holland: Jan Bos, Theo Bos, Tim Veldt, 44.539sec
7. Great Britain: Chris Hoy, Craig MacLean, Jamie Staff , 44.693sec
8. Greece: Georgios Cheimonetos, Dimitris Georgalis, Labros Vassilopoulos , 44.986sec
9. Poland: Rafal Furman, Lukasz Kwiatkowski, Damian Zielinski, 45.093sec
10. Cuba: Reinier Cartaya, Julio César Herrera, Ahmed Lopez , 45.548sec
11. United States: Adam Duvendeck, Giddeon Massie, Christian Stahl, 45.742sec
12. Slovakia: Peter Bazilik, Jaroslav Jerabek, Jan Lepka, 45.978sec

Men's Track Olympic Sprint 1st Round. 10:25 AM. Team members listed abnove in the qualifying round.

Heat 1

1. Australia 44.230sec
2. Spain 44.687sec

Heat 2

1. Japan 44.081sec
2. Netherlands 44.370sec

Heat 3

1. Germany 43.955sec
2. Great Britain 44.075 sec

Heat 4

1. France 44.128sec
2. Greece 45.708sec

Men's Track Olympic Sprint Final 1-2. 11:10 AM

1. Germany 43.980sec Gold Medal
2. Japan 44.246sec Silver Medal

Men's Track Olympic Sprint Final 3-4. 11:05 AM

1. France 44.359sec Bronze Medal
2. Australia 44.404sec

Women's Track 3km Individual Pursuit Qualification. 9:50 AM

1. Sarah Ulmer (New Zealand) 3min 26.279sec
2. Katie Mactier (Australia) 3min 29.945sec
3. Leontien Zijlaard-van Moorsel (Holland) 3min 30.422sec
4. Kathy Bates (Australia) 3min 31.236sec
5. Yelena Chalykh (Russia) 3min 33.709sec
6. Karin Thürig (Switzerland) 3min 34.746sec
7. Emma Davies (Great Britain) 3min 35.069sec
8. Olga Slioussareva (Russia) 3min 35.177sec

Women's Track 3km Individual Pursuit 1st Round. 11:25 AM

Heat 1

1. Katherine Bates (Australia) 3min 34.743sec
2. Elena Chalykh (Russia) 3mn 36.442sec

Heat 2

1. Leontien Zijlaard-Van Moorsel (Holland) 3min 28.747sec
2. Karin Thürig (Switzerland) 3min 34.831sec

Heat 3

1. Katie Mactier (Australia) 3min 28.095sec
2. Emma Davies (Great Britain) 3min 38.015sec

Heat 4

1. Sarah Ulmer (New Zealand) 3min 27.444sec
2. Olga Slioussareva (Russia) 3min 36.263sec

Bates and Zijlaard-Van Moorsel will race for the Bronze
Ulmer and Mactier will race for the Silver and Gold.

Aug. 22

All times Eastern

Women's Track 3km Individual Pursuit Final 1-2. 10:45 AM

1. Sarah Ulmer (New Zealand) 3min 24.537sec. Gold Medal
2. Katie Mactier (Australia) 3min 27.650sec. Silver Medal

Women's Track 3km Individual Pursuit Final 3-4. 10:40 AM

1. Leontien Zijlaard-van Moorsel (Holland) 3min 27.037sec. Bronze Medal
2. Kathy Bates (Australia) 3min 31.715sec

Men's Track Sprint Qualification. 2:15 AM. Fastest 18 riders continue to 1/16 finals

1. Ryan Bayley (Australia) 10.177sec
2. Theo Bos (Holland) 10.214sec
3. René Wolff (Germany) 10.230sec
4. Mickaël Bourgain (France) 10.264sec
5. Laurent Gané (France) 10.271sec
6. Ross Edgar (Great Britain) 10.381sec
7. Damian Zielinski (Poland) 10.441sec
8. José Antonio Villanueva (Spain) 10.446sec
9. Sean Eadie (Australia) 10.454sec
10. Lukasz Kwiatkowski (Poland) 10.462sec
11. Josiah Ng (Malaysia) 10.515sec
12. Teun Mulder (Netherlands) 10.565sec
13. Barry Forde (Barbados) 10.597sec
14. Tomohiro Nagatsuka (Japan) 10.646sec
15. Chi Bum Kim (South Korea) 10.673sec
16. Jaroslav Jerabek (Slovakia) 10.758sec
17. Hee-Chun Yang (South Korea) 10.955sec
18. Alois Kankovsky (Czech Republic) 10.956sec
19. Stefan Nimke (Germany) 11.338sec

Men's Track Sprint 1/16 Final. 9:50 AM. Winner, each heat, to 1/8 finals (on 22 Aug at 18:00). Losers to 1/16 final repechage (on 22 Aug at 17:30)

Heat 1

1. Ryan Bayley (Australia) 10.510sec
2. Stefan Nimke (Germany)

Heat 2

1. Theo Bos (Holland) 10.799sec
2. Alois Kankovsky (Czech Republic)

Heat 3

1. René Wolff (Germany) 11.104sec
2. Hee-Chun Yang (South Korea)

Heat 4

1. Mickaël Bourgain (France) 10.988sec
2. Jaroslav Jerabek (Slovakia)

Heat 5

1. Laurent Gané (France) 11.166sec
2. Chi Bum Kim (South Korea)

Heat 6

1. Ross Edgar (Great Britain) 10.768sec
2. Barry Forde (Barbados)

Heat 7

1. Damian Zielinski (Poland) 10.833sec
2. Netherlands Teun Mulder (Holland)

Heat 8

1. José Antonio Villanueva (Spain) 11.234sec
2. Josiah Ng (Malaysia)

Heat 9

1. Sean Eadie (Australia) 11.025sec
2. Lukasz Kwiatkowski (Poland)

Men's Track Sprint Repechage Round. 10:30 AM. Winner of each heat to 1/8 finals

Heat 1

1. Barry Forde (Barbados) 10.731sec
2. Lukasz Kwiatkowski (Poland)
3. Stefan Nimke (Germany

Heat 2

1. Teun Mulder (Holland) 10.740sec
2. Chi Bum Kim (South Korea)
3. Alois Kankovsky (Czech Republic)

Heat 3

1. Josiah Ng (Malaysia) 11.006sec
2. Hee-Chun Yang (South Korea)
3. Jaroslav Jerabek (Slovakia)

Men's Track Sprint 1/8 Final. 11:00 AM. Winner of each heat to 1/4 finals (on 23 Aug at 17:05). Losers to 1/8 final repechage (on 22 Aug at 18:50)

Heat 1

1. Ryan Bayley (Australia) 10.520sec
2. Josiah Ng (Malaysia)

Heat 2

1. Theo Bos (Holland) 11.164sec
2. Teun Mulder (Holland)

Heat 3

1. René Wolff (Germany) 10.548sec
2. Barry Forde (Barbados)

Heat 4

1. Mickaël Bourgain (France) 10.936sec
2. Sean Eadie (Australia)

Heat 5

1. Laurent Gané (France) 10.772sec
2. José Antonio Villanueva (Spain)

Heat 6

1. Damian Zielinski (Poland) 10.848sec
2. Ross Edgar (Great Britain)

Men's Track Sprint Repechage Round 2. 11:50 AM

Heat 1

1. Ross Edgar (Great Britain) 10.906sec
2. Josiah Ng (Malaysia)
3. Sean Eadie (Australia)

Heat 2

1. Barry Forde (Barbados) 11.294sec
2. José Antonio Villanueva (Spain)
3. Teun Mulder (Holland)

Women's Track Sprint Qualification. 2:00 AM. 12 qualify for next round.

1. Anna Meares (Australia) 11.291sec
2. Natalia Tzilinskaya (Belarus) 11.364sec
3. Tamilla Abasova (Russia) 11.364sec
4. Lori-Ann Muenzer (Canada) 11.380sec
5. Yvonne Hijgenaar (Holland) 11.400sec
6. Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania) 11.430sec
7. Svetlana Grankovskaia (Russia) 11.456sec
8. Daniela Larreal (Venezuela) 11.597sec
9. Jennie Reed (United States) 11.622sec
10. Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain) 11.646sec
11. Katrin Meinke (Germany) 11.655sec
12. Evgenia Radanova (Bulgaria) 12.457sec

Women's Track Sprint 1/8 Final. 9:30 AM

Heat 1

1. Anna Meares (Australia) 11.927sec
2. Evgenia Radanova (Bulgaria)

Heat 2

1. Natalia Tzilinskaya (Belarus) 11.84sec
2. Katrin Meinke Germany

Heat 3

1. Tamilla Abasova (Russia)11.71sec
2. Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain)

Heat 4

1. Lori-Ann Muenzer (Canada) 11.88sec
2. Jennie Reed (United States)

Heat 5

1. Daniela Larreal (Venezuela) 11.84sec
2. Yvonne Hijgenaar (Netherlands)

Heat 6

1. Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania)11.872sec
2. Svetlana Grankovskaia (Russia)

Women's Track Sprint Repechage Round. 10:25 AM .Winner of each heat to 1/4 finals (on 23 Aug at 16:30). Losers to race for 9th-12th places (on 23 Aug at 16:45)

Heat 1

1. Svetlana Grankovskaia (Russia) 12.015sec
2 .Jennie Reed (United States)
3. Evgenia Radanova (Bulgaria)

Heat 2

1. Katrin Meinke (Germany) 12.132sec
2. Yvonne Hijgenaar (Holland)
3. Victoria Pendleton (Great Britain)

Men's Track Team Pursuit Qualification. 2:35 AM. Fastest 8 teams qualify.

1. Australia: Graeme Brown, Peter Dawson, Brett Lancaster, Luke Roberts, Stephen Wooldridge, 4min .613sec
2. Great Britain: Steven Cummings, Rob Hayles, Paul Manning, Bryan Steel, Bradley Wiggins, 4min 3.985sec
3. Spain: Carlos Castaño, Sergi Escobar, Guillermo Ferrer, Asier Maeztu, Carlos Torrent, 4min 4.421sec
4. Germany: Robert Bartko, Robert Bengsch, Guido Fulst, Christian Lademann, Leif Lampater, 4min 5.823sec
5. Netherlands: Thomas Dekker, Levi Heimans, Jens Mouris, Peter Schep, Jeroen Straathof, 4min 6.286min
6. Ukraine: Volodymyr Dyudya, Roman Kononenko, Sergei Matveev, Lioubamyr Polotayko, Vitaliy Popkov, 4min 7.175sec
7. France: Anthony Langella, Fabien Merciris, Jérôme Neuville, Franck Perque, Fabien Sanchez, 4min 7.336sec
8. Lithuania: Linas Balciunas, Aivaras Baranauskas, Vytautas Kaupas, Tomas Vaitkus, Raimondas Vilcinskas, 4min 8.812sec
9. Russia: Oleg Grichkine, Mikhail Ignatiev, Alexander Khatuntsev, Alexei Markov, Andrei Minachkine, 4min 9.394sec
10. New Zealand: Hayden Godfrey, Tim Gudsell, Peter Latham, Matt Randall, Marc Ryan, 4min 10.820sec

Men's Track Team Pursuit 1st Round. 11:20 AM

Heat 1

1 Germany 4min 3.785sec
2 Netherlands 4min 4.605sec

Heat 2

1 Spain 4min 2.37sec
2 Ukraine 4min 5.26sec

Heat 3

1 Great Britain 3min 59.86sec
2 France

Heat 4

1 Australia 3min 56.342 sec (World Record)
2 Lithuania

Monday, August 23

Women's Track Sprint Quarterfinal. 9:30 AM

Heat 1

1. Anna Meares (Australia) 2
2. Katrin Meinke (Germany) 0

Heat 2

1. Svetlana Grankovskaia (Russia) 2
2. Natalia Tzilinskaya (Belarus) 0

Heat 3

1. Tamilla Abasova (Russia) 2
2. Simona Krupeckaite (Lithuania) 1

Heat 4

1. Lori-Ann Muenzer (Canada) 2
2. Daniela Larreal (Venezuela) 0

Men's Track Sprint Quarterfinal 10:05 AM

In all four heats, the winners won 2 - 0.

Heat 1

1. Ryan Bayley (Australia)
2. Barry Forde (Barbados)

Heat 2

1. Theo Bos (Holland)
2. Ross Edgar (Great Britain)

Heat 3

1. René Wolff (Germany)
2. Damian Zielinski (Poland)

Heat 4

1. Laurent Gané (France)
2. Mickaël Bourgain (France)

Men's Track Team Pursuit Final 1-2. 10:37 AM

1. Australia: Bradley McGee, Graeme Brown, Brett Lancaster, Luke Roberts: 3min 58.233sec. Gold Medal
2. Great Britain: Steve Cummings, Rob Hayles, Paul Manning, Bradley Wiggins: 4min 1.760sec. Silver Medal

Men's Track Team Pursuit Final 3-4. 10:30 AM

1.Spain: Carlos Castano, Sergi Escobar, Asier Maeztu, Carlos Torrent: 4min 5.523sec. Bronze Medal
2. Germany: Robert Bartko, Guido Fulst, Christian Lademann, Leif Lampater: 4min 7.193sec. 4th place

Tuesday, August 24

All times Eastern

Men's Track Sprint Final 1-2. 11:35 AM

Ryan Bayley (Australia) Gold Medal beat Theo Bos (Holland) Silver Medal, 2 - 1

Men's Track Sprint Final 3-4. 11:30 AM

Rene Wolff (Germany) Bronze Medal beat Laurent Gane (France) 2 - 0

Men's Track Sprint Semi Final. 9:40 AM

Ryan Bayley (Australia) beat Laurent Gane (France) 2- 0
Theo Bos (Holland) beat René Wolff (Germany) 2-0

Women's Track Sprint Semi Final. 9:30 AM

Lori-Ann Muenzer (Canada) beat Anna Meares (Australia) 2 - 1
Tamilla Abassova (Russia) beat Svetlana Grankovskaya (Russia) 2 - 1

Men's Track Points Race Final. 10:30 AM

1. Mikhail Ignatyev (Russia) 93 Points
2. Joan Llaneras (Spain) 82
3. Guido Fulst (Germany) 79
4. Greg Henderson (New Zealand) 68
5. Milan Kadlec (Czech Republic) 65
14. Colby Pearce (USA) 23

Women's Track Sprint Final 1-2. 11:25 AM

Lori-Ann Muenzer (Canada) Gold Medal beat Tamilla Abassova (Russia) Silver Medal 2 - 0

Women's Track Sprint Final 3-4. 11:20 AM

Anna Meares (Australia) Bronze Medal beat Svetlana Grankovskaya (Russia) 2 - 0

Aug. 25

Wednesday, August 25

Men's Track Madison Final.

1. Australia (Graeme Brown, Stuart O'Grady) 22 Points
2. Switzerland (Franco Marvulli, Bruno Risi) 15 points
3. Great Britain (Rob Hayles, Bradley Wiggins) 12 points

Men's Track Keirin Final

1. Ryan Bayley (Australia)
2. Jose Escuredo (Spain)
3. Shane Kelly (Australia)

Friday, August 27
Women's MTB Race, 31.1 km.

1. Gunn-Rita Dahle (Norway) 1hr 56min 51sec
2. Marie-Helene Premont (Canada) @ 59sec
3. Sabine Spitz (Germany) @ 2min 30sec
4. Alyson Sydor (Canada) @ 2min 56sec
5. Elsbeth Van Rooy-Vink (Holland) 4min 50sec
9. Mary McConneloug (USA) @ 9min 21sec

Saturday, August 28
Mens MTB Race, 43.3 km.

1. Julien Absolon (France) 2hr 15min 2sec
2. Jose Antonio Hermida (Spain) @ 1min
3. Bart Brentjens (Holland) 2min 3sec
4. Roel Paulisen (Belgium) @ 3min 8sec
5. Liam Killeen (Great Britain) @ 3min 30sec
DNF. Miguel Martinez (France), 2000 Gold Medalist.