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2021 European Cyclocross Championships

November 6 & 7, 2021: Col du Vam-Drenthe, Netherlands

European Cyclocross Championships podium history | 2020 edition | 2022 edition

Elite men | Elite women

The Race: Col du Vam is on a former landfill situated in the middle of the Dutch region of Drenthe that has since been turned into a site for bike trails. The top of the Col du Vam is the highest point in Drenthe.

Lars van der Haar

Lars van der Haar is the European cross champion.

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Elite Men: Sunday, November 7, 2021

Start list

Weather at the nearby city of Hoogeveen at 1:30 PM, local time: 11C (51F,) partly cloudy, with the wind from the west at 23 km/hr (15 mph). There is a 50% chance of rain, dropping to 24% at 4:00 PM.

The race: Here's a machine-translation of the report from third-place Michael Vanthourenhout's Pauwels-Bingoal cycling team.

Of course we had hoped for more, but with the bronze medal from Michael Vanthourenhout we were still on the podium of the European championship on the VAM mountain. Defending champion Eli Iserbyt did not give up despite an absolute off day.

The European Championships high in the north of the Netherlands started with a big downer for Toon Vandebosch: due to a serious crash shortly after the start, he was immediately allowed to write his ambitions on his stomach. Eli Iserbyt and Laurens Sweeck also lost ground in the squabble due to the tumble, but Eli quickly shot forward again, where a leading group of five broke away. Also a strong Michael Vanthourenhout, and also Quinten Hermans, Toon Aerts and Lars van der Haar.

Halfway through, an attack by Hermans completely opened up the course. Just like the later champion Lars van der Haar, the Limburger turned out to be a size too strong for us, but Michael cycled the rest of the race in third position, which he defended until the finish line on top of the VAM mountain. Laurens returned from the background to place five, Toon to place eleven. Eli may have had a serious breakdown, but the outgoing European champion did not want to give up. He finished twelfth.

"Came for more, but still happy"
Michael may have dreamed of more, but he was still happy with his medal: “I came for more than bronze, but in the end this was the highest attainable today, I think. At the beginning of the race I felt good, but the steep part of the climb towards the finish suited me a little less. Climbing for a long time turns out to be a bit more difficult for me. That was the decisive stretch in the course, so I knew winning was going to be very difficult. I was happy that I could still compete for the podium."

The European Championship was a letdown for Eli. “However, there was nothing wrong before the game”, our man in form said afterwards. “I felt great yesterday. Today I didn't feel sick either. But as soon as the race started, I noticed that I didn't have super legs. And in the fourth round my legs were suddenly completely 'cut off'. It went from bad to worse, but at a European Championship I didn't want to give up just like that."

He may have to give up his European jersey, but Eli is already motivated for his next races: “On to Niel and Tabor. After today's game, Lars van der Haar is a worthy successor. He deserved to win, my congratulations.” Something Michael fully agrees: “Lars is the deserved winner. When you see where he comes from… There wasn't much to do about him today.”

Les Woodland's book Tour of Flanders: The Inside Story - The rocky roads of the Ronde van Vlaanderen is available as an audiobook here.

Complete results:

27.18 kilometers raced at an average speed of 24.416 km/hr

1 VAN DER HAAR Lars Netherlands 1hr 1min 44sec
2 HERMANS Quinten Belgium @ 25sec
3 VANTHOURENHOUT Michael Belgium 0:54
4 AERTS Toon Belgium 1:34
5 SWEECK Laurens Belgium 1:52
6 ADAMS Jens Belgium 2:07
7 DUBAU Joshua France 2:50
8 NIEUWENHUIS Joris Netherlands 2:58
9 DORIGONI Jakob Italy 3:00
10 SOETE Daan Belgium 3:05
11 VANDEBOSCH Toon Belgium 3:33
12 ISERBYT Eli Belgium 3:36
13 MENUT David France 3:50
14 KUHN Kevin Switzerland 4:17
15 MEISEN Marcel Germany 4:30
16 MOTTIEZ Gilles Switzerland 4:53
17 ORTS LLORET Felipe Spain 5:16
18 RÜEGG Timon Switzerland 5:54
19 BERTOLINI Gioele Italy @ 1 LAP
20 GODRIE Stan Netherlands 1 LAP
21 BOROŠ Michael Czech Republic 2 LAP
22 VANÍCEK Šimon Czech Republic 2 LAP
23 ANDERLE Florian Germany 2 LAP
24 LÜTHI Eric Switzerland 3 LAP
25 HAMM Floria Germany 4 LAP
26 ERIKSSON David Switzerland 4 LAP
VAN KESSEL Corne Netherlands DNF
MEIN Thomas United Kingdom DNF


Elite Men's Start List, November 6, 2021:

1 ISERBYT Eli Belgium
2 SOETE Daan Belgium
3 HERMANS Quinten Belgium
4 VANDEBOSCH Toon Belgium
5 ADAMS Jens Belgium
6 AERTS Toon Belgium
7 VANTHOURENHOUT Michael Belgium
8 SWEECK Laurens Belgium
9 VAN DER HAAR Lars Netherlands
10 VAN KESSEL Corne Netherlands
11 GODRIE Stan Netherlands
12 NIEUWENHUIS Joris Netherlands
13 ORTS LLORET Felipe Spain
15 MENUT David France
16 DUBAU Joshua France
17 RÜEGG Timon Switzerland
18 MOTTIEZ Gilles Switzerland
19 KUHN Kevin Switzerland
20 LÜTHI Eric Switzerland
21 BERTOLINI Gioele Italy
22 DORIGONI Jakob Italy
23 MEISEN Marcel Germany
24 ANDERLE Florian Germany
25 HAMM Florian Germany
26 BOROŠ Michael Czech Republic
27 VANÍCEK Šimon Czech Republic
28 MEIN Thomas United Kingdom
29 ERIKSSON David Sweden


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Elite Women: Saturday, November 6, 2021

Start list

Lucinda Brand

Lucinda Brand wins the Euro Cross Champs.

Weather at the nearby city of Hoogeveen at 1:10 PM, local time: 10C (50F), cloudy, with the wind from the southwest at 23 km/hr (14 mph). Thereis a 5% chance of rain, growing to 20% at 3:00 PM.

The race: Here's a machine-translation of the report from fifth-place Denise Betsema's Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal team:

No third medal for Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal at the European Championships. Denise Betsema did not have her best legs and had to settle for fifth place. The title went to Lucinda Brand, ahead of Blanka Kata Vas and Yara Kastelijn.

With already four victories under her belt and the leader in the international ranking, Denise was considered the top favorite for the European title fight on the VAM mountain (not even that far from her Texel) for many followers, but an offday completely undermined that. Denise was briefly part of a large leading group in the initial phase, until it was beaten apart by the later winner Brand, and Denise finished the rest of the race on her own in fifth place.

"An off day.” reacted a disappointed Denise, who of course had also imagined much more of this European championship. But our Texel girl does not lose her motivation for what follows: "Recover quickly and go to Niel."

Les Woodland's book Cycling's 50 Triumphs and Tragedies: The Rise and Fall of Bicycle Racing's Champions is available as an audiobook here.

Complete results:

19.09 kilometers raced at an average speed of 23.677 km/hr

1 BRAND Lucinda Netherlands 48min 22sec
2 VAS Kata Blanka Hungary @ 56sec
3 KASTELIJN Yara Netherlands 1:02
4 ALVARADO Ceylin Del Carmen Netherlands 1:29
5 BETSEMA Denise Netherlands 2:01
6 CLAUZEL Hélène France 2:21
7 WORST Annemarie Netherlands 2:34
8 ARZUFFI Alice Maria Italy 2:50
9 PERSICO Silvia Italy 2:58
10 CANT Sanne Belgium 3:04
11 VAN DER HEIJDEN Inge Netherlands 3:20
12 VAN ALPHEN Aniek Netherlands 3:31
13 LECHNER Eva Italy 3:43
14 FRANCK Alicia Belgium 4:22
15 VERHOEVEN Suzanne Belgium 4:42
16 BARHOUMI Zina Switzerland 5:35
17 BAKKER Manon Netherlands 5:55
18 BRANDAU Elisabeth Germany 6:18
19 KRÄHEMANN Lara Switzerland 6:32
20 CLAUZEL Perrine France @ 1 LAP
21 TRUYEN Marthe Belgium 1 LAP
22 CASASOLA Sara Italy 1 LAP
23 HEIGL Nadja Austria 2 LAP
24 BOROWIECKA Barbara Poland 3 LAP
25 BIALEK Antonina Poland 3 LAP
26 SALMELA Kajsa Finland 3 LAP

Elite Women's Start list, Novemeber 5, 2021:

1 ALVARADO Ceylin Del Carmen Netherlands
2 BRAND Lucinda Netherlands
3 WORST Annemarie Netherlands
4 KASTELIJN Yara Netherlands
5 BETSEMA Denise Netherlands
6 VAN ALPHEN Aniek Netherlands
7 BAKKER Manon Netherlands
8 VAN DER HEIJDEN Inge Netherlands
9 CLAUZEL Perrine France
10 CLAUZEL Hélène France
11 LECHNER Eva Italy
12 ARZUFFI Alice Maria Italy
13 PERSICO Silvia Italy
14 CASASOLA Sara Italy
15 CANT Sanne Belgium
16 FRANCK Alicia Belgium
17 VERHOEVEN Suzanne Belgium
18 TRUYEN Marthe Belgium
19 BARHOUMI Zina Switzerland
20 KRÄHEMANN Lara Switzerland
21 BRANDAU Elisabeth Germany
22 HEIGL Nadja Austria
23 SALMELA Kajsa Finland
24 VAS Kata Blanka Hungary
25 BOROWIECKA Barbara Poland
26 BIALEK Antonina Poland


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