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Tour de Romandie (HC)
April 29 - May 4, 2003

The Giro will start May 10. This is the final tune-up. The race is 701.7 km long with 7,142 meters of climbing.The race consists of a prologue and 5 stages. The final stage is a 20.4 individual time trial. The first 2 stages are not too tough, but the 3rd has a mountain top finish and the 4th stage has three category 1 climbs and a finish on a cat 2.

16 teams of 8 riders are entered including: Frigo, Hamilton, Belli, Zulle, Moncoutie and Casar.

Tour de Romandie podium history.

Sunday, May 4: 5th and final Stage, Lausanne 20.4 Individual Time Trial. 319 meters of climbing. The final 5 kilometers start at 306 meterss elevation and climb to 608 meters. Word has it that Francisco Perez is not only a good climber, he's pretty good against the clock. Moos, Hamilton and Dufaux will have to do a really good ride if they want to wrest the lead from Perez.

What a ride!!! Tyler takes it all with a blistering time trial win!

1. Tyler Hamilton (CSC) 26min 18.34sec
2. Alex Zulle (Phonak) @ 42sec
3. Laurent Dufaux (Alessio) @ 47sec
4. Aitor Gonzalez (Fassa Bortolo) @ 50sec
5. Fabian Jeker (Milaneza) @ 53sec
14. Francisco Perez (Milaneza) @ 1min 41sec

Final GC after Stage 5:

1. Tyler Hamilton (CSC) 18hr 6min 37sec
2. Laurent Dufaux (Alessio) @ 33sec
3. Francisco Perez (Milaneza) @ 38sec
4. Fabian Jeker (Milaneza) @ 54sec
5. Alexandre Moos (Milaneza) @ 59sec
6. Carlos Sastre (CSC) @ 1min 45sec
7. Yarolslav Popovych (Landbouwkrediet) @ 1min 48sec
8. David Moncoutie (Cofidis) @ 2min 12sec
9. Roberto Leiseka (Euskaltel) @ 2min 23sec
10. Inigo Chaurreau (Ag2R) s.t.
11. Claus Moller (Milaneza) @ 2min 34sec
12. Gerrit Glomser (Saeco) @ 2min 39sec
13. Alberto Martinez (Euskaltel) @ 2min 53sec
14. Inigo Cuesta (Cofidis) @ 3min 27sec
15. Jose Maria del Olmo (Milaneza) @ 3min 35sec
16. Marco Fertonani (Phonak) @ 3min 45sec
17. Alex Zulle (Phonak) @ 4min 3sec
18. Eddy Mazzoleni (Vini Caldirola) @ 4min 19sec
19 Bingen Fernandez (Cofidis) @ 5min
20. Andrea Noe (Alessio) @ 5min 2sec

Saturday, May 3: Stage 4, Monthley - Les Paccots. This is the tough one. There are three Category 1 climbs: at kilometers 31.4, 77.7 and 125.6. The stage finishes at the top of the Category 2 Le Paccots (1,081 m. elevation) for a total of 2,688 meters of climbing.

1. Francisco Perez (Milaneza) 3hr 56min 7sec
2. Eddy Mazzoleni (Sidermec) @ 21sec
3. Fabian Jeker (Milaneza) @ 31sec
4. Alexandre Moos (Phonak) s.t.
5. Tyler Hamilton (CSC) s.t.
6. Laurent Dufaux (Alessio) s.t.

GC after stage 4:

1. Francisco Perez (Milaneza) 17hr 39min 36sec
2. Laurent Dufaux (Alessio) @ 29sec
3. Alexandre moos (Phonak) @ 35sec
4. Tyler Hamilton (CSC) @ 43sec
5. Fabian Jeker (Milaneza) @ 44sec

Friday, May 2: Stage 3, Moudon - Loche les Bains, 171.3 km, 1560 meters of elevation gain. The first 145 kilometers of this stage aren't terribly challenging. But at this point (km 145, 555 meters elevation) the Category 1 climb to the finish begins. The climb ends at 1,411 meters elevation at km 169,8. Then, a couple of downhill kms to the finish. There should be some be some big GC changes today.

Francisco Perez was away alone and went off course just before the finish. He was awarded a co-first place with Dufaux.

1. Laurent Dufaux (Alessio) 4hr 29min 23sec
1. Francisco Perez (Milaneza) s.t.
2. Fabian Jeker (Milaneza) s.t.
3. Alexander Moos (Phonak) s.t.
4. Tyler Hamilton (CSC) @ 2sec
5. Carlos Sastre (CSC) @ 7sec

GC after Stage 3

1. Laurent Dufaux (Alessio) 13hr 43min 27sec
2. Alexander Moos (Phonak) @ 6sec
3. Francisco Perez (Milaneza) @ 14sec
4. Tyler Hamilton (CSC) @ 19sec
5. Fabian Jeker (Milaneza) @ 19sec
6. Carlos Sastre (CSC) @ 26sec

Thursday, May 1: Stage 2, Travers - Lucens, 178.2 km. 1,360 meters of climbing. There are two rated climbs on this stage; a Category 3 at kilometer 43 and a Category 4 at kilometer 152. A sprint finish won't be surprising.

Another long break. Krivstov and Elmiger escaped just 20 kilometers into the race.

1. Yuriy Krivstov (Jean Delatour) 4hr 19min 36sec
2. Martin Elmiger (Phonak) s.t.
3. Angelo Furlan (Alessio) won the field sprint @ 1min23 sec

GC after Stage 2:

1. Simone Bertoletti (Lampre) 9hr 13min 11sec
2. Fabian Cancellera (Fassa Bortolo) @ 1min 1sec
3. Alexander Moos (Phonak) @ 1min 3sec
4. Laurent dufaux (Alessio) @ 1min 4sec
5. Oscar Pereiro (Phonak) @ 1min 5sec

Wednesday, April 30: Stage 1, Geneva - Fleurier, 181.9 km, 1,185 meters of climbing. There are 2 Category Two climbs followed by a Category Three about 6 kms from the finish.

After a 160 km solo break in the rain, Bertoletti wins the stage.

1. Simone Bertoletti (Lampre) 4hr 47min 42sec
2. Gerrit Glomser (Saeco) s.t.
3. Eddy Mazzoleni (Sidermec) s.t.
4. Wladimir Belli (Lampre) s.t.

GC after Stage 2:

1. Simone Bertoletti (Lampre) 4hr 52min 13sec
2. Fabian Cancellera (Fassa Bortolo) @ 1min 1sec
3. Alexander Moos (Phonak) @ 1min 3sec
4. Laurent dufaux (Alessio) @ 1min 4sec
5. Oscar Pereiro (Phonak) @ 1min 5sec
7. Tyler Hamilton (CSC) @ 1min 6sec
8. Alex Zulle (Phonka) @ 1min 8sec

Tuesday, April 29: Geneva 3.4 km prologue individual time trial. Technical but flat. It starts at 385 meters elevation, climbs to 400 at km 1, then slowly falls to 300 meters.

Provisional results:

1. Fabian Cancellera (Fassa Bortolo) 4min 24sec
2. Alexandre Moos (Phonak) @ 2sec
3. Laurent Dufaux (Alessio) @ 3sec
7. Tyler Hamilton (CSC) @ 7sec
8. Alex Zulle (Phonak) @ 7sec
42. Dario Frigo (Fassa Bortolo) @ 15sec.