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2004 E3 Prijs Harelbeke (1.1), Belgium

47th edition: Saturday, March 27, 2004
Complete Results

E3 Prijs Harelbeke podium history | 2003 edition | 2005 edition

Tom Boonen

Before winning E3, Tom Boonen had won Gent-Wevelgem.

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The race: With 27 kilometers to go, Michael Boogerd, Dave Bruylandts and Stijn Devolder were dangling off the front with a slim lead and a disorganized chase behind them.

With about five kilometers remaining, The Lotto & Quick Step teams realized that the race was headed down the road without them and began cooperating.

Come the final kilometer for the sprint, the lead trio slowed as they jockeyed for position. That was just enough hesitation for Boonen, lead out by teammate Stefano Zanini, to zoom by and take the first of what would become four consecutive E3 wins.

Complete results:

195 kilometers raced at an average speed of 43.173 km/hr

175 starters, 78 classified finishers

1 Tom Boonen  Quick Step-Davitamon 4hr 31min 0sec
2 Jaan Kirsipuu  Ag2r s.t.
3 Andris Nauduzs  Domina Vacanza s.t.
4 Steven De Jongh  Rabobank s.t.
5 Marcus Ljungqvist  Alessio-Bianchi s.t.
6 Gabriele Balducci  Saeco s.t.
7 Andreas Klier  T-Mobile s.t.
8 Roger Hammond s.t.
9 Léon Van Bon  Lotto-Domo s.t.
10 Fabio Baldato  Alessio-Bianchi s.t.
11 Dave Bruylandts  Chocolade Jacques s.t.
12 Romans Vainsteins  Lampre s.t.
13 Oscar Freire Rabobank s.t.
14 Robbie McEwen  Lotto-Domo s.t.
15 Roy Sentjens  Rabobank s.t.
16 Stefano Zanini  Quick Step-Davitamon s.t.
17 James Vanlandschoot  Relax-Bodysol s.t.
18 Stijn Devolder  US Postal Service s.t.
19 Steffen Wesemann  T-Mobile s.t.
20 Serguei Ivanov  T-Mobile s.t.
21 Michael Boogerd  Rabobank s.t.
22 Jörg Ludewig  Saeco s.t.
23 Cédric Hervé  Credit Agricole s.t.
24 Nico Mattan  Relax-Bodysol s.t.
25 Gianluca Bortolami  Lampre s.t.
26 Gerhard Trampusch  Acqua & Sapone s.t.
27 Stephan Schreck  T-Mobile s.t.
28 Geert Verheyen  Chocolade Jacques s.t.
29 Rolf Aldag  T-Mobile s.t.
30 Wim Van Huffel  Vlaanderen-T Interim s.t.
31 Tristan Hoffman  CSC s.t.
32 Serhiy Honchar  De Nardi s.t.
33 Jan Schaffrath  T-Mobile s.t.
34 Chris Peers  Chocolade Jacques s.t.
35 Peter Van Petegem  Lotto-Domo s.t.
36 Jimmy Engoulvent  Cofidis s.t.
37 Michele Bartoli  CSC s.t.
38 Daniele Nardello  T-Mobile @ 22"
39 Johan Museeuw  Quick Step-Davitamon s.t.
40 Leif Hoste  Lotto-Domo s.t.
41 Max Van Heeswijk  US Postal Service s.t.
42 Kevin Hulsmans  Quick Step-Davitamon 36"
43 Maximilian Sciandri  CSC s.t.
44 Gerben Löwik  Chocolade Jacques s.t.
45 Marc Wauters  Rabobank s.t.
46 Hans De Clercq  Lotto-Domo s.t.
47 Aart Vierhouten  Lotto-Domo 1'42"
48 Paolo Bettini  Quick Step-Davitamon 2'06"
49 Stuart O'Grady  Cofidis 3'45"
50 Fabrizio Guidi  CSC s.t.
51 Matej Jurco  De Nardi 6'25"
52 Christophe Mengin  FDJ 6'46"
53 Lars Michaelsen  CSC s.t.
54 Benoît Joachim  US Postal Service s.t.
55 Matthew Wilson  FDJ s.t.
56 Anthony Geslin  Brioches La Boulangere s.t.
57 Antonio Cruz  US Postal Service s.t.
58 Wilfried Cretskens  Quick Step-Davitamon s.t.
59 Alessandro Cortinovis  Lampre s.t.
60 Massamiliano Mori  Domina Vacanza s.t.
61 Sergio Marinangeli  Domina Vacanza s.t.
62 Robert Hunter  Rabobank s.t.
63 Paolo Fornaciari  Saeco s.t.
64 Paolo Bossoni  Lampre s.t.
65 Dario Pieri  Saeco s.t.
66 Frédéric Guesdon  FDJ s.t.
67 Michael Skelde  Alessio-Bianchi s.t.
68 Allan Johansen  Bank Giro Loterij s.t.
69 Alessandro Ballan  Lampre s.t.
70 Andy De Smet s.t.
71 Ludo Dierckxsens  Landbouwkrediet s.t.
72 Mario Aerts  T-Mobile s.t.
73 Scott Sunderland  Alessio-Bianchi s.t.
74 Magnus Backstedt  Alessio-Bianchi s.t.
75 Fred Rodriguez  Acqua & Sapone s.t.
76 Julian Dean  Credit Agricole s.t.
77 Gorik Gardeyn  Lotto-Domo s.t.
78 Michel Van Haecke s.t.