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2002 E3 Prijs Harelbeke (1.1), Belgium

45th edition: Saturday, March 30, 2002
Complete Results

E3 Prijs Harelbeke podium history | 2001 edition | 2003 edition

Dario Pieri

Winner Dario Pieri racing in the 2002 Gent-Wevelgem. Sirotti photo

The race: The day's break of three riders was caught with 27 kilometers to go.

Bicycle History

Soon after the trio was caught, a small group containing Dario pieri, Jo Planckaert, Johan Museeuw and Peter Van Petegem, among others, got away.

From that group, Dario Pieri escaped on a stretch of cobbles in Kaster. Jo Planckaert was able to bridge up to Pieri and that was the race.

Pieri was enjoying extraordinary form that day and easily won the sprint to win his first race in two years

Complete results:

209 kilometers raced at an average speed of 44.000 km/hr

191 starters, 111 classified finishers

1 Dario Pieri Alessio 4hr 45min 0sec
2 Jo Planckaert Cofidis s.t.
3 Johan Museeuw Domo-Farm Frites @ 27"
4 Paolo Bettini Mapei-Quick Step s.t.
5 Peter Van Petegem Lotto-Adecco 28"
6 Peter Farazijn Cofidis s.t.
7 Martin Hvastija Alessio 39"
8 Steffen Wesemann Telekom s.t.
9 Fred Rodriguez Domo-Farm Frites s.t.
10 Chris Peers Cofidis s.t.
11 Andrej Hauptman Tacconi Sport-Vini Caldirola 1'27"
12 Arturas Kasputis Ag2r s.t.
13 Robert Hunter Mapei-Quick Step 1'41"
14 Nico Eeckhout Lotto-Adecco s.t.
15 Hendrik Van Dijck Palmans-Collstrop s.t.
16 Cristian Moreni Alessio s.t.
17 Laszlo Bodrogi Mapei-Quick Step 1'50"
18 Matthew Wilson FDJ s.t.
19 Gianluca Bortolami Tacconi Sport-Vini Caldirola s.t.
20 Danilo Hondo Telekom s.t.
21 Alberto Vinale Alessio s.t.
22 Markus Zberg Rabobank s.t.
23 Gorik Gardeyn Lotto-Adecco s.t.
24 Mauro Zanetti Alessio s.t.
25 Lars Michaelsen Team Coast s.t.
26 Paul Van Hyfte CSC-Tiscali s.t.
27 Kristof Trouvé Palmans-Collstrop s.t.
28 Mauro Gerosa Tacconi Sport-Vini Caldirola s.t.
29 Stefan Van Dijk Lotto-Adecco s.t.
30 Philippe Gaumont Cofidis s.t.
31 Frédéric Guesdon FDJ s.t.
32 Michel Van Haecke Landbouwkrediet s.t.
33 Raphaël Schweda Team Coast s.t.
34 Vladimir Smirnov Colpack-Astro s.t.
35 Aart Vierhouten Lotto-Adecco s.t.
36 Tristan Hoffman CSC-Tiscali s.t.
37 Pedro Horrillo Mapei-Quick Step s.t.
38 Christophe Mengin FDJ s.t.
39 Stephan Schreck Telekom s.t.
40 Fabian De Waele Mapei-Quick Step s.t.
41 Coen Boerman Rabobank s.t.
42 Andreas Klier Telekom s.t.
43 Tony Bracke Palmans-Collstrop s.t.
44 Rolf Sörensen Landbouwkrediet s.t.
45 Marc Wauters Rabobank s.t.
46 Max Van Heeswijk Domo-Farm Frites 2'20"
47 Marcus Ljungqvist Team Fakta 5'39"
48 Leonardo Giordani Colpack-Astro s.t.
49 Frank Höj Team Coast s.t.
50 Rafael Mateos Perez Colpack-Astro s.t.
51 Bert Scheirlinckx RDM-Flanders s.t.
52 Nico Mattan Cofidis s.t.
53 Matthé Pronk Rabobank 11'21"
54 Tom Desmet Marlux-Ville de Charleroi s.t.
55 Kris Matthijs Marlux-Ville de Charleroi s.t.
56 Servais Knaven Domo-Farm Frites s.t.
57 Thijs Al Bankgiroloterij-Batavus s.t.
58 Stijn Vanstraelen RDM-Flanders s.t.
59 Wim Van Huffel Vlaanderen-T Interim s.t.
60 Wilfried Cretskens Domo-Farm Frites s.t.
61 Jurgen Landrie RDM-Flanders s.t.
62 Alexandar Nikacevic Alessio s.t.
63 Stefano Casagranda Alessio s.t.
64 Sébastien Joly Bonjour s.t.
65 Paolo Fornaciari Mapei-Quick Step s.t.
66 Mauro Radaelli Tacconi Sport-Vini Caldirola s.t.
67 Emmanuel Magnien Bonjour s.t.
68 Thomas Voeckler Bonjour s.t.
69 Marco Engels RDM-Flanders s.t.
70 Marek Salermo RDM-Flanders s.t.
71 Alessandro Cortinovis Lampre-Daikin s.t.
72 Bart Leysen Palmans-Collstrop s.t.
73 Roger Hammond Palmans-Collstrop s.t.
74 Geert Omloop Palmans-Collstrop s.t.
75 Paolo Bossoni Tacconi Sport-Vini Caldirola s.t.
76 Nicola Minali Tacconi Sport-Vini Caldirola s.t.
77 Steven De Jongh Rabobank s.t.
78 Ludo Dierckxsens Lampre-Daikin s.t.
79 Gerben Löwik Bankgiroloterij-Batavus s.t.
80 Marcel Duijn Rabobank s.t.
81 Steven Van Malderghem Landbouwkrediet s.t.
82 Leif Hoste Domo-Farm Frites s.t.
83 Jan Boven Rabobank s.t.
84 Rolf Aldag Telekom s.t.
85 Jeff Louder Landbouwkrediet s.t.
86 Michael Skelde Team Fakta s.t.
87 Tom Steels Mapei-Quick Step s.t.
88 Hans De Clercq Lotto-Adecco s.t.
89 Marco Serpellini Lampre-Daikin s.t.
90 Zbigniew Spruch Lampre-Daikin s.t.
91 Kurt-Asle Arvesen Team Fakta s.t.
92 Allan Johansen Team Fakta s.t.
93 Ralf Grabsch Telekom s.t.
94 Johan Verstrepen Lampre-Daikin s.t.
95 Erik Lievens Landbouwkrediet s.t.
96 André Korff Team Coast s.t.
97 Rubens Bertogliati Lampre-Daikin s.t.
98 Michael Giebelmann Team Wiesenhof s.t.
99 Thomas Bodo FDJ s.t.
100 Andy Flickinger Ag2r s.t.
101 Ludovic Capelle Ag2r s.t.
102 Jimmy Casper FDJ s.t.
103 Geoffrey Demeyere Vlaanderen-T Interim s.t.
104 Stijn Devolder Vlaanderen-T Interim s.t.
105 Tom Flammang Cofidis s.t.
106 Corrado Serina Index-Alexia s.t.
107 Matteo Carrara Cofidis s.t.
108 Eddy Serri Index-Alexia s.t.
109 Robert Sassone Cofidis s.t.
110 Franck Perque FDJ s.t.
111 Kai Hundertmarck Telekom s.t.