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1998 E3 Prijs Harelbeke (1.1), Belgium

41st edition: Saturday, March 28, 1998
Complete Results

E3 Prijs Harelbeke podium history | 1997 edition | 1999 edition

Johan Museeuw

1998 E3 winner Johan Museeuw shown racing in the 1998 Tour of Flanders

The race: Daniel Contrini and Mark Giroletti were able to escape only fifteen kilometers into the race and stay away for about 120 kilometers.

The powerful Rabobank team tried to control things, but on the day's final major climb, the Tiegemberg, Johan Museeuw attacked. Michele Bartoli, Mirko Celestino, Ludo Dierckxsens and Servais Knaven were able to join him.

The quintet built a lead of over a minute. From that group, Johan Museeuw was the fastest, winning the 41st edition of the race.

Complete results:

205 kilometers raced at an average speed of 42.708 km/hr

195 starters, 75 classified finishers

1 Johan Museeuw Mapei-Bricobi 4hr 48min 0sec
2 Michele Bartoli  ASICS s.t.
3 Mirko Celestino  Polti s.t.
4 Ludo Dierckxsens  Lotto-Mobistar s.t.
5 Servais Knaven  TVM-Farm Frites s.t.
6 Tristan Hoffman  TVM-Farm Frites @ 1min 2sec
7 Dario Pieri  Scrigno-Gaerne s.t.
8 Stefano Dante  Vini Caldirola s.t.
9 Andrei Tchmil  Lotto-Mobistar s.t.
10 Wilfried Peeters  Mapei-Bricobi s.t.
11 Marcus Zberg  Post Swiss s.t.
12 Carlo Bomans  Palmans-Ideal s.t.
13 Mario Manzoni  Mobilvetta-Northwave s.t.
14 Léon Van Bon  Rabobank s.t.
15 Chris Peers  Lotto-Mobistar s.t.
16 Johan Capiot  TVM-Farm Frites s.t.
17 Jaan Kirsipuu  Casino s.t.
18 Max Van Heeswijk  Rabobank s.t.
19 Maarten Den Bakker  Rabobank s.t.
20 Wim Vansevenant  Vlaanderen 2002 s.t.
21 Juris Silovs  Team Home-Jack & Jones s.t.
22 Nico Mattan  Mapei-Bricobi s.t.
23 Marco Serpellini  Brescialat s.t.
24 Germano Pierdomenico  Cantina-Tollo s.t.
25 Christophe Mengin  FDJ s.t.
26 Christian Henn  Telekom-ADR s.t.
27 Roberto Petito  Saeco-Cannondale s.t.
28 Martin Hvastija  Cantina-Tollo s.t.
29 Dirk Baldinger  Telekom-ADR s.t.
30 Fabrizio Guidi  Polti s.t.
31 Aart Vierhouten  Rabobank s.t.
32 Frédéric Guesdon  FDJ s.t.
33 Franco Ballerini  Mapei-Bricobi s.t.
34 Jacky Durand  Casino 4'38"
35 Marc Wauters  Rabobank s.t.
36 Lauri Aus  Casino s.t.
37 Eddy Mazzoleni  Saeco-Cannondale s.t.
38 Christophe Rinero  Cofidis s.t.
39 Diego Ferrari  Mapei-Bricobi s.t.
40 Enrico Cassani  Polti s.t.
41 Pavel Padrnos  Saeco-Cannondale s.t.
42 Michel Van Haecke  Ipso s.t.
43 Alexander Vinokourov  Casino s.t.
44 Bruno Thibout  Cofidis s.t.
45 Stefano Zanini  Mapei-Bricobi s.t.
46 Rossano Brasi  Polti 7'38"
47 Steven De Jongh  TVM-Farm Frites s.t.
48 Renzo Ragnetti  Mobilvetta-Northwave s.t.
49 Bert Dietz  Telekom-ADR s.t.
50 Hans De Clercq  Palmans-Ideal s.t.
51 Oscar Dalla Costa  Vini Caldirola s.t.
52 Frank Höj  Palmans-Ideal s.t.
53 Lars Michaelsen  TVM-Farm Frites s.t.
54 Stefano Panetta  Scrigno-Gaerne s.t.
55 Ellis Rastelli  Brescialat s.t.
56 Pierre Bourquenoud  Post Swiss 8'57"
57 Alessandro Bertolini  Cofidis 12'26"
58 Fabio Sacchi  Polti s.t.
59 Sébastien Demarbaix  Home Market-Charleroi s.t.
60 David Tani  ASICS s.t.
61 Massimo Gimondi  Amore & Vita s.t.
62 Mauro Radaelli  Vini Caldirola s.t.
63 Carlo Marino Bianchi  ASICS s.t.
64 Rolf Huser  Post Swiss s.t.
65 Franz Hotz  Post Swiss s.t.
66 Eric De Clercq  Collstrop s.t.
67 Davide Casarotto  Scrigno-Gaerne s.t.
68 Hendrik Van Dijck  TVM-Farm Frites s.t.
69 David Millar  Cofidis s.t.
70 Paolo Fornaciari  Saeco-Cannondale s.t.
71 Michael Rich  Saeco-Cannondale s.t.
72 Federico Colonna  ASICS s.t.
73 Luca Scinto  ASICS s.t.
74 Maximilian Sciandri  FDJ s.t.
75 Tom Steels  Mapei-Bricobi s.t.