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1996 E3 Prijs Harelbeke (1.1), Belgium

39th edition: Saturday, March 30, 1996
Complete Results

E3 Prijs Harelbeke podium history | 1995 edition | 1997 edition

The race: Perfect weather for a day of Belgian Spring racing: 0 degrees Celsius, with snow and freezing rain.

Winner Carlo Bomans took off with Massimo Strazzer halfway through the race and the pair eventually grew their lead to four minutes before being stopped by a train.

The lead was now a slim two minutes. Bomans attacked again on the Tiegemberg, just fifteen kilometers from the finish. He motored to the finish, crossing the line with almost a half-minute to spare.

Complete results:

206 kilometers raced at an average speed of 39.776 km/hr

184 starters, 178 classified finishers

1 Carlo Bomans  Mapei-GB 5hr 10min 44sec
2 Peter Van Petegem  TVM-Farm Frites @ 23"
3 Wilfried Nelissen  Lotto-Isoglass 29"
4 Viatcheslav Ekimov  Rabobank 34"
5 Olaf Ludwig  Telekom s.t.
6 Johan Museeuw  Mapei-GB s.t.
7 Tristan Hoffman  TVM-Farm Frites s.t.
8 Lance Armstrong  Motorola s.t.
9 Andrei Tchmil  Lotto-Isoglass s.t.
10 Massimo Strazzer  Brescialat-Oyster s.t.
11 Lars Michaelsen  Festina-Lotus s.t.
12 Fabio Baldato  MG-Technogym s.t.
13 Bruno Boscardin  Festina-Lotus 5'37"
14 Johan Capiot  Collstrop-Lystex s.t.
15 Mario De Clercq  Palmans-Boghemans s.t.
16 Marco Milesi  Brescialat-Oyster s.t.
17 Wilfried Peeters  Mapei-GB s.t.
18 Léon Van Bon  Rabobank s.t.
19 Bart Leysen  Mapei-GB s.t.
20 Mauro Bettin  Refin-Mobilvetta s.t.
21 François Simon  GAN s.t.
22 Nicola Loda  MG-Technogym s.t.
23 Arvis Piziks  Rabobank s.t.
24 Marc Sergeant  Lotto-Isoglass s.t.
25 Tom Steels  Mapei-GB s.t.
26 Servais Knaven  TVM-Farm Frites s.t.
27 Mario Scirea  Saeco s.t.
28 Giorgio Furlan  Saeco s.t.
29 Fabiano Fontanelli  MG-Technogym s.t.
30 Michele Bartoli  MG-Technogym s.t.
31 Ludwig Willems  Mapei-GB s.t.
32 Hans De Clercq  Palmans-Boghemans s.t.
33 Remigius Lupeikis  US Postal Service s.t.
34 Sébastien Van den Abeele  Cedico-Ville de Charleroi s.t.
35 Robbie Van Daele  Palmans-Boghemans s.t.
36 Kaspars Ozers  Motorola s.t.
37 Wiebren Veenstra  Foreldorado-Golff s.t.
38 Roberto Pelliconi  Amore & Vita s.t.
39 Andy De Smet  Ipso-Asfra s.t.
40 Eric De Clercq  Collstrop-Lystex s.t.
41 Bart Bowen  Saturn s.t.
42 Marnix Cappelle  Palmans-Boghemans s.t.
43 Frédéric Guesdon  Polti 11'35"
44 Peter Naessens  Ipso-Asfra s.t.
45 Steve Bauer  Saturn s.t.
46 Nico Mattan  Lotto-Isoglass s.t.
47 Wim Vansevenant  Vlaanderen 2002 s.t.
48 Thierry Marichal  Cedico-Ville de Charleroi s.t.
49 Aart Vierhouten  Rabobank s.t.
50 Gianmatteo Fagnini  Saeco s.t.
51 Chris Peers  Collstrop-Lystex s.t.
52 Wim Feys  Vlaanderen 2002 s.t.
53 François Lemarchand  GAN s.t.
54 Hendrik Redant  TVM-Farm Frites s.t.
55 Frank McCormack  Saturn s.t.
56 Rolf Aldag  Telekom s.t.
57 Geert Van Bondt  Vlaanderen 2002 s.t.
58 Steffen Wesemann  Telekom s.t.
59 Cristian Salvato  Refin-Mobilvetta s.t.
60 Johan Verstrepen  Vlaanderen 2002 s.t.
61 Stefano Casagranda  MG-Technogym s.t.
62 Jürgen Werner  Telekom s.t.
63 Claudio Camin  Brescialat-Oyster s.t.
64 Emmanuel Magnien  Festina-Lotus s.t.
65 Stéphane Hennebert  Cedico-Ville de Charleroi s.t.
66 Jeroen Blijlevens  TVM-Farm Frites s.t.
67 Tyler Hamilton  US Postal Service s.t.
68 Stephen Hodge  Festina-Lotus s.t.
69 Eric Vanderaerden  San Marco Group s.t.
70 Oscar Dalla Costa  San Marco Group s.t.
71 Marco Saligari  MG-Technogym s.t.
72 Mario Manzoni  Roslotto-ZG Mobili s.t.
73 Nate Reiss  US Postal Service s.t.
74 Darren Baker  US Postal Service s.t.
75 George Hincapie  Motorola s.t.
76 John Talen  Foreldorado-Golff s.t.
77 Mirko Crepaldi  Polti s.t.
78 Giovanni Lombardi  Polti s.t.