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1996 E3 Prijs Harelbeke (1.1), Belgium

39th edition: Saturday, March 30, 1996
Complete Results

E3 Prijs Harelbeke podium history | 1995 edition | 1997 edition

The race: Perfect weather for a day of Belgian Spring racing: 0 degrees Celsius, with snow and freezing rain.

Tour de France: the Inside Story

Winner Carlo Bomans took off with Massimo Strazzer halfway through the race and the pair eventually grew their lead to four minutes before being stopped by a train.

The lead was now a slim two minutes. Bomans attacked again on the Tiegemberg, just fifteen kilometers from the finish. He motored to the finish, crossing the line with almost a half-minute to spare.

Complete results:

206 kilometers raced at an average speed of 39.776 km/hr

184 starters, 178 classified finishers

1 Carlo Bomans  Mapei-GB 5hr 10min 44sec
2 Peter Van Petegem  TVM-Farm Frites @ 23"
3 Wilfried Nelissen  Lotto-Isoglass 29"
4 Viatcheslav Ekimov  Rabobank 34"
5 Olaf Ludwig  Telekom s.t.
6 Johan Museeuw  Mapei-GB s.t.
7 Tristan Hoffman  TVM-Farm Frites s.t.
8 Lance Armstrong  Motorola s.t.
9 Andrei Tchmil  Lotto-Isoglass s.t.
10 Massimo Strazzer  Brescialat-Oyster s.t.
11 Lars Michaelsen  Festina-Lotus s.t.
12 Fabio Baldato  MG-Technogym s.t.
13 Bruno Boscardin  Festina-Lotus 5'37"
14 Johan Capiot  Collstrop-Lystex s.t.
15 Mario De Clercq  Palmans-Boghemans s.t.
16 Marco Milesi  Brescialat-Oyster s.t.
17 Wilfried Peeters  Mapei-GB s.t.
18 Léon Van Bon  Rabobank s.t.
19 Bart Leysen  Mapei-GB s.t.
20 Mauro Bettin  Refin-Mobilvetta s.t.
21 François Simon  GAN s.t.
22 Nicola Loda  MG-Technogym s.t.
23 Arvis Piziks  Rabobank s.t.
24 Marc Sergeant  Lotto-Isoglass s.t.
25 Tom Steels  Mapei-GB s.t.
26 Servais Knaven  TVM-Farm Frites s.t.
27 Mario Scirea  Saeco s.t.
28 Giorgio Furlan  Saeco s.t.
29 Fabiano Fontanelli  MG-Technogym s.t.
30 Michele Bartoli  MG-Technogym s.t.
31 Ludwig Willems  Mapei-GB s.t.
32 Hans De Clercq  Palmans-Boghemans s.t.
33 Remigius Lupeikis  US Postal Service s.t.
34 Sébastien Van den Abeele  Cedico-Ville de Charleroi s.t.
35 Robbie Van Daele  Palmans-Boghemans s.t.
36 Kaspars Ozers  Motorola s.t.
37 Wiebren Veenstra  Foreldorado-Golff s.t.
38 Roberto Pelliconi  Amore & Vita s.t.
39 Andy De Smet  Ipso-Asfra s.t.
40 Eric De Clercq  Collstrop-Lystex s.t.
41 Bart Bowen  Saturn s.t.
42 Marnix Cappelle  Palmans-Boghemans s.t.
43 Frédéric Guesdon  Polti 11'35"
44 Peter Naessens  Ipso-Asfra s.t.
45 Steve Bauer  Saturn s.t.
46 Nico Mattan  Lotto-Isoglass s.t.
47 Wim Vansevenant  Vlaanderen 2002 s.t.
48 Thierry Marichal  Cedico-Ville de Charleroi s.t.
49 Aart Vierhouten  Rabobank s.t.
50 Gianmatteo Fagnini  Saeco s.t.
51 Chris Peers  Collstrop-Lystex s.t.
52 Wim Feys  Vlaanderen 2002 s.t.
53 François Lemarchand  GAN s.t.
54 Hendrik Redant  TVM-Farm Frites s.t.
55 Frank McCormack  Saturn s.t.
56 Rolf Aldag  Telekom s.t.
57 Geert Van Bondt  Vlaanderen 2002 s.t.
58 Steffen Wesemann  Telekom s.t.
59 Cristian Salvato  Refin-Mobilvetta s.t.
60 Johan Verstrepen  Vlaanderen 2002 s.t.
61 Stefano Casagranda  MG-Technogym s.t.
62 Jürgen Werner  Telekom s.t.
63 Claudio Camin  Brescialat-Oyster s.t.
64 Emmanuel Magnien  Festina-Lotus s.t.
65 Stéphane Hennebert  Cedico-Ville de Charleroi s.t.
66 Jeroen Blijlevens  TVM-Farm Frites s.t.
67 Tyler Hamilton  US Postal Service s.t.
68 Stephen Hodge  Festina-Lotus s.t.
69 Eric Vanderaerden  San Marco Group s.t.
70 Oscar Dalla Costa  San Marco Group s.t.
71 Marco Saligari  MG-Technogym s.t.
72 Mario Manzoni  Roslotto-ZG Mobili s.t.
73 Nate Reiss  US Postal Service s.t.
74 Darren Baker  US Postal Service s.t.
75 George Hincapie  Motorola s.t.
76 John Talen  Foreldorado-Golff s.t.
77 Mirko Crepaldi  Polti s.t.
78 Giovanni Lombardi  Polti s.t.