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2024 Grand Prix du Morbihan (1.Pro), France

47th edition: Saturday, May 4, 2024

Grand Prix du Morbihan podium history | Course map | Start list | 2023 edition

Josselin - Plumelec, 196.4 km. The finish city of Plumelec is on the Brittany peninsula, 10 km from the coast

Benoît Cosnefroy is first across the line. Photo: LNC/B.Bade Tour de France: the Inside Story

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Weather at the finish city of Plumelec at 2:00 PM, local time: 11C (52), cloudy, with the wind from the west at 23 km/hr (14 mph). There is a 12% chance of rain. There was rain at the start.

The race: Thibaut Guernalec (Arkea-B&B Hotels) did not start.

Here's the race report from third-place Arnaud De Lie's Team Lotto Dstny.

The Grand Prix du Morbihan offers a challenging course: after a 65-kilometer introduction, the riders had to tackle 5 laps of a large local circuit followed by 8 smaller laps, each including the tough Côte de Cadoudal. "It was a beautiful race, but very, very tough," says Arnaud De Lie. "I won't say I went all out on all 13 climbs of the Côte de Cadoudal, but at least 7 times."

2023 winner Arnaud De Lie before the race.

Two breakaway riders managed to stay ahead of the peloton briefly but were caught in the final uphill kilometer. Benoît Cosnefroy, who launched a long sprint, and Axel Zingle finished ahead of De Lie. "Maybe I lacked a bit of confidence, but I'm ultimately satisfied with my third place. The team worked well for me. We were racing in the front the whole time, and they were there when it mattered."

Arnaud De Lie thus secures his second podium in a week since his return to the peloton. "That gives me confidence. Last week was nice, but here, in this challenging race, you don't perform unless you're in good form. So, this is a good confirmation and gives me confidence for tomorrow's Tro Bro Leon."

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Melanoma: It started with a freckle Schwab Cycles South Salem Cycleworks frames

Complete results:

196.4 kilometers raced at an average speed of 40.449 km/hr

1 Benoît Cosnefroy Decathlon Ag2r La Mondiale 4hr 51min 20sec
2 Axel Zingle Cofidis s.t.
3 Arnaud De Lie Lotto Dstny s.t.
4 Clément Venturini Arkéa-B&B Hotels s.t.
5 Fredrik Dversnes Uno-X Mobility s.t.
6 Luca Van Boven Bingoal-WB s.t.
7 Vincenzo Albanese Arkéa-B&B Hotels s.t.
8 Odd Christian Eiking Uno-X Mobility s.t.
9 Xabier Berasategi Euskaltel-Euskadi s.t.
10 David González Caja Rural-Seguros RGA s.t.
11 Valentin Ferron TotalEnergies s.t.
12 Clément Braz Afonso CIC U Nantes Atlantique s.t.
13 Eduard Prades Caja Rural-Seguros RGA s.t.
14 Lorenzo Rota Intermarché-Wanty s.t.
15 Fernando Barceló Caja Rural-Seguros RGA s.t.
16 Orluis Aular Caja Rural-Seguros RGA s.t.
17 Sam Watson Groupama-FDJ s.t.
18 Gorka Sorarrain Caja Rural-Seguros RGA s.t.
19 Lewis Bower Groupama-FDJ s.t.
20 Aaron Gate Burgos-BH s.t.
21 Mattéo Vercher TotalEnergies s.t.
22 Alexandre Delettre St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93 s.t.
23 Francisco Galván Equipo Kern Pharma @ 7sec
24 Fabio Christen Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team 0:09
25 Floris De Tier Bingoal-WB s.t.
26 Thomas Gachignard TotalEnergies 0:10
27 Joris Delbove St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93 s.t.
28 Xavier Cañellas Euskaltel-Euskadi s.t.
29 Rasmus Tiller Uno-X Mobility 0:14
30 Jonathan Lastra Cofidis s.t.
31 Sven Erik Bystrøm Groupama-FDJ s.t.
32 Mikel Retegi Equipo Kern Pharma s.t.
33 Jaume Guardeño Caja Rural-Seguros RGA s.t.
34 Antonio Angulo Burgos-BH s.t.
35 Rémi Capron Van Rysel-Roubaix s.t.
36 Kenny Molly Van Rysel-Roubaix s.t.
37 Óscar Pelegrí Burgos-BH s.t.
38 Louka Matthys Bingoal-WB s.t.
39 Clément Alleno Burgos-BH s.t.
40 Alessandro Fancellu Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team s.t.
41 Nicolas Breuillard St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93 s.t.
42 Marcel Camprubí Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team s.t.
43 Xabier Isasa Euskaltel-Euskadi 0:22
44 Emmanuel Morin Van Rysel-Roubaix 0:25
45 Robin Plamondon CIC U Nantes Atlantique s.t.
46 Artus Jaladeau CIC U Nantes Atlantique s.t.
47 Damien Girard Nice Métropole-Côte d'Azur s.t.
48 Brieuc Rolland Groupama-FDJ s.t.
49 Casper Van Uden Team dsm-firmenich PostNL s.t.
50 Antoine Hue CIC U Nantes Atlantique 0:35
51 Urko Berrade Equipo Kern Pharma s.t.
52 Gerben Kuypers Intermarché-Wanty 0:39
53 Liam Slock Lotto Dstny s.t.
54 Travis Stedman Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team s.t.
55 Martin Tjøtta Arkéa-B&B Hotels s.t.
56 Johan Meens Bingoal-WB s.t.
57 Kenneth Van Rooy Bingoal-WB 0:43
58 Alex Jaime Equipo Kern Pharma 0:44
59 Aaron Van Der Beken Bingoal-WB 0:51
60 Gorka Izagirre Cofidis 0:56
61 Martí Márquez Equipo Kern Pharma s.t.
62 Joseba Lopez Caja Rural-Seguros RGA s.t.
63 Samuel Leroux Van Rysel-Roubaix s.t.
64 Hugo Page Intermarché-Wanty 0:59
65 Sandy Dujardin TotalEnergies 1:01
66 Cyrus Monk Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team 1:08
67 Markus Hoelgaard Uno-X Mobility s.t.
68 Edvald Boasson-Hagen Decathlon Ag2r La Mondiale s.t.
69 Valentin Retailleau Decathlon Ag2r La Mondiale s.t.
70 William Blume Levy Uno-X Mobility s.t.
71 Brent Van Moer Lotto Dstny 1:14
72 Axel Mariault Cofidis 1:17
73 Stan Dewulf Decathlon Ag2r La Mondiale s.t.
74 Jonas Abrahamsen Uno-X Mobility 1:35
75 Célestin Guillon Van Rysel-Roubaix s.t.
76 Maxime Jarnet Van Rysel-Roubaix s.t.
77 Nolann Mahoudo Cofidis 1:46
78 Tom Donnenwirth Decathlon Ag2r La Mondiale 1:59
79 Bryan Coquard Cofidis 2:11
80 Lorrenzo Manzin TotalEnergies s.t.
81 Maximilien Juillard Van Rysel-Roubaix 2:18
82 Embret Svestad-Bårdseng Arkéa-B&B Hotels 2:31
83 Luca Mozzato Arkéa-B&B Hotels s.t.
84 Baptiste Vadic TotalEnergies 2:56
85 Julien Simon TotalEnergies s.t.
86 John Degenkolb Team dsm-firmenich PostNL s.t.
87 Jetse Bol Burgos-BH s.t.
88 Sean Flynn Team dsm-firmenich PostNL s.t.
89 Théo Delacroix St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93 s.t.
90 James Fouche Euskaltel-Euskadi s.t.
91 Jelle Vermoote Bingoal-WB s.t.
92 Aklilu Arefayne Intermarché-Wanty s.t.
93 Danny Van Der Tuuk Equipo Kern Pharma s.t.
94 Iker Mintegi Euskaltel-Euskadi s.t.
95 Jonathan Couanon Nice Métropole-Côte d'Azur s.t.
96 Maël Guégan CIC U Nantes Atlantique s.t.
97 Dries De Bondt Decathlon Ag2r La Mondiale s.t.
98 Jean-Louis Le Ny Nice Métropole-Côte d'Azur 3:13
99 Axel Narbonne-Zuccarelli Nice Métropole-Côte d'Azur 3:47
100 Axel Källberg Team dsm-firmenich PostNL 4:52
101 Rodrigo Álvarez Burgos-BH s.t.
102 Eddy Le Huitouze Groupama-FDJ s.t.
103 Kevin Kuhn Intermarché-Wanty s.t.
104 Erik Resell Uno-X Mobility s.t.
105 Sébastien Grignard Lotto Dstny s.t.
106 Negasi Haylu Abreha Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team s.t.
107 Alexis Renard Cofidis 4:59
108 Baptiste Veistroffer Decathlon Ag2r La Mondiale 5:16
109 Matisse Julien CIC U Nantes Atlantique s.t.
110 Matthew Walls Groupama-FDJ 6:40
111 Nicolas Alustiza Euskaltel-Euskadi 6:54
112 Jasper De Buyst Lotto Dstny s.t.
113 Alec Segaert Lotto Dstny s.t.
114 Lionel Taminiaux Lotto Dstny s.t.
115 Hugo Aznar Equipo Kern Pharma 8:11
116 Romain Cardis St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93 14:15


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Course map & profile:

Course map & profile

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Start list with back numbers, May 3, 2024:

Lotto Dstny
1 Arnaud De Lie
2 Jasper De Buyst
3 Sébastien Grignard
4 Alec Segaert
5 Liam Slock
6 Lionel Taminiaux
7 Brent Van Moer
Arkea-B&B Hotels
11 Vincenzo Albanese
12 Thibault Guernalec
13 Kevin Ledanois
14 Luca Mozzato
15 Clément Venturini
16 Embret Svestad-Bårdseng
17 Martin Tjøtta
21 Axel Zingle
22 Bryan Coquard
23 Gorka Izagirre
24 Jonathan Lastra
25 Nolann Mahoudo
26 Axel Mariault
27 Alexis Renard
Decathlon Ag2r La Mondiale
31 Benoît Cosnefroy
32 Dries De Bondt
33 Stan Dewulf
34 Valentin Retailleau
35 Edvald Boasson-Hagen
36 Tom Donnenwirth
37 Baptiste Veistroffer
Team dsm-firmenich PostNL
41 John Degenkolb
42 Nils Eekhoff
43 Sean Flynn
44 Casper Van Uden
45 Axel Källberg
46 Benjamin Peatfield
51 Sven Erik Bystrøm
52 Eddy Le Huitouze
54 Matthew Walls
55 Sam Watson
56 Lewis Bower
57 Brieuc Rolland
61 Aklilu Arefayne
62 Rune Herregodts
63 Gerben Kuypers
64 Hugo Page
65 Lorenzo Rota
66 Kevin Kuhn
71 Floris De Tier
72 Johan Meens
73 Luca Van Boven
74 Aaron Van Der Beken
75 Kenneth Van Rooy
76 Jelle Vermoote
77 Louka Matthys
81 Clément Alleno
82 Antonio Angulo
83 Jetse Bol
84 Jesus Ezquerra
85 Aaron Gate
86 Óscar Pelegrí
87 Rodrigo Álvarez
Caja Rural-Seguros RGA
91 Orluis Aular
92 Fernando Barceló
93 David González
94 Joseba Lopez
95 Eduard Prades
96 Jaume Guardeño
97 Gorka Sorarrain
Equipo Kern Pharma
101 Francisco Galván
102 Urko Berrade
103 Mikel Retegi
104 Danny Van Der Tuuk
105 Martí Márquez
106 Alex Jaime
107 Hugo Aznar
111 Xabier Berasategi
112 James Fouche
113 Iker Mintegi
114 Xavier Cañellas
115 Xabier Isasa
116 Iker Bonillo
117 Nicolas Alustiza
Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team
121 Negasi Haylu Abreha
122 Marcel Camprubí
123 Fabio Christen
124 Alessandro Fancellu
125 Frederik Frison
126 Cyrus Monk
127 Travis Stedman
131 Lorrenzo Manzin
132 Sandy Dujardin
133 Valentin Ferron
134 Thomas Gachignard
135 Julien Simon
136 Baptiste Vadic
137 Mattéo Vercher
Uno-X Mobility
141 Jonas Abrahamsen
142 Fredrik Dversnes
143 William Blume Levy
144 Odd Christian Eiking
145 Markus Hoelgaard
146 Erik Resell
147 Rasmus Tiller
CIC U Nantes Atlantique
151 Clément Braz Afonso
152 Jon Rye-Johnsen
153 Maël Guégan
154 Artus Jaladeau
155 Matisse Julien
156 Robin Plamondon
157 Antoine Hue
Nice Métropole-Côte D'Azur
161 Jean-Louis Le Ny
162 Paul Hennequin
163 Alexander Konijn
164 Damien Girard
165 Jonathan Couanon
166 Axel Narbonne-Zuccarelli
167 Alexandre Léonien
St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93
171 Alexandre Delettre
172 Jérémy Cabot
173 Romain Cardis
174 Théo Delacroix
175 Joris Delbove
176 Nicolas Breuillard
177 Morne Van Niekerk
Van Rysel-Roubaix
181 Samuel Leroux
182 Rémi Capron
183 Célestin Guillon
184 Maxime Jarnet
185 Maximilien Juillard
186 Emmanuel Morin
187 Kenny Molly