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1995 Giro d'Italia

78th edition: May 13- June 4

Results, stages with running GC, map, profile, photos and history

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Map of 1995 Giro d'Italia

1995 Giro d'Italia Race Profile

1995 Giro d'Italia race profile

1995 Giro Quick Facts:

3,743.9 km raced at an average speed of 38.33 km/hr

198 starters and 122 classified finishers

Neither Marco Pantani nor Miguel Indurain started the 1995 Giro.

Tony Rominger took the lead when he won the stage two time trial and never relinquished it. His form was dominating and never did his opponents put him in difficulty. His major opposition came from Evgeni Berzin and Piotr Ugrumov, both on the Gewiss-Ballan squad. Because they were both ambitious and disliked each other, they spent as much time attacking each other as they did Rominger.

1995 Giro Stage summary




Pink jersey (Leader)

May 13 1 Perugia - Terni Cipollini Cipollini
May 14 2 Foligno - Assisi (Ind. Time Trial) Rominger Rominger
May 15 3 Spoleto - Marotta Cipollini Rominger
May 16 4 Mandolfo - Loreto Rominger Rominger
May 17 5 Porto Recanati - Tintoreto Lido Casagrande   Rominger
May 18 6 Trani - Taranto Minali Rominger
May 19 7 Taranto - Terme Lunigiane Fondriest Rominger
May 20 8 Acquappesa Marina - Monte Sirino Cubino Rominger
May 21 9 Terme La Calda - Salerno Sorenson Rominger
May 22 10 Talese Terme - Maddaloni
(Ind. Time Trial)
Rominger Rominger
May 24 11 Pietrasanta - Il Ciocco Zaina Rominger
May 25 12 Borgo a Mozzano - Cento Svorada Rominger
May 26 13 Pieve a Cento - Rovereto Richard Rominger
May 27 14 Trento - Val Senales Rincon Rominger
May 28 15 Val Senales - Lenzerheide Valbella Piccoli Rominger
May 29 16 Lenzerheide - Treviglio Citterio Rominger
May 30 17 Cenate Gewiss - Selvino Aviatico (Ind. Time Trial) Rominger Rominger
May 31 18 Stradella -Santuario di Vicoforte Zanette Rominger
June 1 19 Mondovi - Chianale di Ponte Chianale Richard Rominger
June 2 20 Briançon - Gressoney St. Jean Outschakov Rominger
June 3 21 Pont St. Martin - Luino  Berzin Rominger
June 4 22 Luino - Milano Lombardi Rominger

1995 Giro d'Italia Complete Final General Classification:

  1. Tony Rominger (Mapei-GB) : 97hr 39min 50sec
  2. Evgeni Berzin (Gewiss-Ballan) @ 4min 13sec
  3. Piotr Ugrumov (Gewiss-Ballan) @ 4min 55sec
  4. Claudio Chiappucci (Carrera) @ 9min 23sec
  5. Oliverio Rincón (ONCE) @ 10min 3sec
  6. Pavel Tonkov (Panaria) @ 11min 31sec
  7. Enrico Zaina (Carrera) @ 13min 40sec
  8. Heinz Imboden (Refin-Cantina-Tollo) @ 16min 23sec
  9. Georg Totschnig (Polti) @ 18mn 5sec
  10. Francesco Casagrande (Mercatone Uno) @ 18min 50sec
  11. Bruno Cenghialta (Gewiss-Ballan) @ 21min 28sec
  12. Laurent Madouas (Castorama) @ 23min 0sec
  13. Pascal Richard (MG-Technogym) @ 23min 21sec
  14. Vladimir Poulnikov (Telekom) @ 24min 31sec
  15. Paolo Lanfranchi (Brescialat) @ 25min 33sec
  16. Nelson Rodriguez (ZG Mobili) @ 25min 45sec
  17. Stefano Cattai (ZG Mobili) @ 29min 14sec
  18. Hernan Buenahora (Kelme) @ 30mn 28sec
  19. Francisco Javier Mauleon (Mapei-GB) @ 33min 16sec
  20. Mariano Piccoli (Brescialat) @ 33min 16sec
  21. Arsenio Gonzalez (Mapei-GB) @ 37min 13sec
  22. Davide Rebellin (MG-Technogym) @ 38min 11sec
  23. Michel Lafis (Amore & Vita-Galatron) @ 43min 50sec
  24. Andrei Teteriouk (AKI-Gipiemme) @ 54min 29sec
  25. Pascal Hervé (Festina) @ 55min 33sec
  26. José Maria Jimenez (Banesto) @ 55min 56sec
  27. Jesus Montoya (Banesto) @ 56min 26sec
  28. Vladislav Bobrik (Gewiss-Ballan) @ 58min 52sec
  29. Francesco Frattini (Gewiss-Ballan) @ 1hr 1min 17sec
  30. Alberto Elli (MG-Technogym)@ 1hr 2min 9sec
  31. Giuseppe Guerini (Navigare-Blue Storm) @ 1hr 3min 56sec
  32. François Simon (Castorama) @ 1hr 6min 43sec
  33. Thomas Davy (Banesto) @ 1hr 8min 49sec
  34. Giorgio Furlan (Gewiss-Ballan) @ 1hr 11min 11sec
  35. Andrea Tafi (Mapei-GB) @ 1hr 14min 28sec
  36. Andrea Noè (Mapei-GB) @ 1hr 15min 13sec
  37. Jon Unzaga (Mapei-GB) @ 1hr 18min 11sec
  38. Zenon Jaskula (AKI-Gipiemme) @ 1hr 23min 49sec
  39. Omar Pumar (Brescialat) @ 1hr 24min 19sec
  40. Laudelino Cubino (Kelme) @ 1hr 28min 21sec
  41. Quintino Rodrigues (Sisacal Carnes-Acral) @ 1hr 32min 29sec
  42. Gianni Faresin (Lampre) @ 1hr 33min 11sec
  43. Laurent Dufaux (Festina) @ 1hr 36min 11sec
  44. Patrick Jonker (ONCE) @ 1hr 38min 32sec
  45. Alberto Volpi (Gewiss-Ballan) @ 1hr 45min 33sec
  46. Udo Bölts (Telekom) @ 1hr 46min 20sec
  47. Bruno Thibout (Castorama) @ 1hr 53min 2sec
  48. Rodolfo Massi (Refin-Cantina Tollo) @ 1hr 6min 50sec
  49. José Martin Farfan (Kelme) @ 1hr 58min 47sec
  50. Felice Puttini (Refin-Cantina Tollo) @ 2hr 1min 51sec
  51. Oscar Lopez Uriarte (Banesto) @ 2hr 5min 47sec
  52. José Jaime Gonzalez (Kelme) @ 2hr 11min 46sec
  53. Daniele Nardello (Mapei-GB) @ 2hr 12min 31sec
  54. Franco Vona (MG-Technogym) @ 2hr 12min 58sec
  55. Marcelino Garcia (ONCE) @ 2hr 14min 9sec
  56. Massimo Ghirotto (ZG Mobili) @ 2hr 15min 45sec
  57. Marcello Siboni (Carrera) @ 2hr 18min 2sec
  58. Andrew Hampsten (Banesto) @ 2hr 19min 20sec
  59. Erik Breukink (ONCE) @ 2hr 23min 27sec
  60. Roberto Menegotto (ZG Mobili) @ 2hr 24min 54sec
  61. Rolf Sørensen (MG-Technogym) @ 2hr 27min 52sec
  62. Carlo Finco (ZG Mobili) @ 2hr 29min 9sec
  63. Giancarlo Perini (Brescialat) @ 2hr 31min 36sec
  64. José Luis Arrieta (Banesto) @ 2hr 31min 48sec
  65. Juan Carlos Vicario (Castelblanch) @ 2hr 32min 15sec
  66. Francesco Secchiari (Navigare-Blue Storm) @ 2hr 37min 48sec
  67. Marco Saligari (MG-Technogym) @ 2hr 38min 29sec
  68. Maurizio Molinari (Amore & Vita-Galatron) @ 2hr 38min 48sec
  69. Eric Boyer (Polti) @ 2hr 39min 2sec
  70. Ignacio Garcia Camacho (Kelme) @ 2hr 41min 29sec
  71. Denis Zanette (AKI-Gipiemme) @ 2hr 44min 54sec
  72. Miguel Angel Peña (Mapei-GB) @ 2hr 46min 30sec
  73. Serguei Outschakov (Polti) @ 2hr 46min 31sec
  74. Kai Hundertmarck (Telekom) @ 2hr 46min 55sec
  75. Sergio Barbero (Carrera) @ 2hr 50min 4sec
  76. Juan Rodrigo Arenas (Festina) @ 2hr 50min 6sec
  77. Andrea Vatteroni (Navigare-Blue Storm) @ 2hr 53min 21sec
  78. Angel Yesid Camargo @ 2hr 53min 22sec
  79. Roberto Sierra (Kelme) @ 2hr 55min 1sec
  80. Luca Gelfi (Brescialat) @ 2hr 55min 30sec
  81. Mario Chiesa (Carrera) @ 2hr 56min 45sec
  82. Sauro Gallorini (Navigare-Blue Storm) @ 3hr 0min 10sec
  83. Juaquim Gomes (Sisacal Carnes-Acral) @ 3hr 1min 2sec
  84. Mauro Bettin (AKI-Gipiemme) @ 3hr 4min 12sec
  85. Stephen Hodge (Festina) @ 3hr 7min 34sec
  86. Mauro-Antonio Santaromita (Gewiss-Ballan) @ 3hr 8min 27sec
  87. Fabrizio Bontempi (Brescialat) @ 3hr 10min 39sec
  88. Roberto dal Sie (AKI-Gipiemme) @ 3hr 13min 30sec
  89. Roberto Conti (Lampre) @ 3hr 14min 18sec
  90. Nicola Loda (MG-Technogym) @ 3hr 15min 31sec
  91. Serafim Vieira (Sisacal Carnes-Acral) @ 3hr 17min 16sec
  92. Silvio Martinello (Mercatone Uno) @ 3hr 19min 44sec
  93. Heinrich Trumheller (Telekom) @ 3hr 20min 22sec
  94. Giovanni Fidanza (Polti) @ 3hr 22min 20sec
  95. Bo Hamburger (TVM) @ 3hr 25min 12sec
  96. Luis Maria Diaz de Otazu (ONCE) @ 3hr 25min 51sec
  97. Prudencio Indurain (Banesto) @ 3hr 27min 29sec
  98. Eleuterio Anguita (Castelblanch) @ 3hr 39min 19sec
  99. Bart Voskamp (TVM) @ 3hr 39min 58sec
  100. Carlos Galarreta (Castelblanch) @ 3hr 40min 23sec
  101. Lars-Kristian Johnsen (TVM) @ 3hr 40min 28sec
  102. Mario Scirea (Polti) @ 3hr 41min 58sec
  103. Erwin Nijboer (Banesto) @ 3hr 42min 30sec
  104. Stefano Zanatta (AKI-Gipiemme) @ 3hr 42min 45sec
  105. Mario Kummer (Telekom) @ 3hr 44min 20sec
  106. Andreas Kappes (Refin-Cantina Tollo) @ 3hr 44min 58sec
  107. Giuseppe Citterio (AKI-Gipiemme) @ 3hr 44min 59sec
  108. Mario Manzoni (Brescialat) @ 3hr 45min 2sec
  109. Davide Dall'Ollio (Amore & Vita-Galatron) @ 3hr 45min 8sec
  110. Riccardo Forconi (Amore & Vita-Galatron) @ 3hr 48min 0sec
  111. Giuseppe Calcaterra (Mercatone Uno) @ 3hr 49min 24sec
  112. Davide Bramati (Lampre) @ 3hr 52min 27sec
  113. Dariusz Bigos (Sisacal Carnes-Acral) @ 3hr 52min 28sec
  114. Giovanni Lombardi (Polti) @ 3hr 54min 57sec
  115. Jürgen Werner (Telekom) @ 3hr 58min 2sec
  116. Christian Henn (Telekom) @ 3hr 58min 29sec
  117. Jean-Jacques Henry (Festina) @ 3hr 58min 43sec
  118. Marco Villa (Amore & Vita-Galatron) @ 3hr 59min 31sec
  119. Francisco Javier Cerezo (Castelblanch) @ 4hr 0min 33sec
  120. Roberto Pagnin (ZG Mobili) @ 4hr 5min 10sec
  121. Frank Van den Abeele (Refin-Cantina Tollo) @ 4hr 6min 9sec
  122. Roberto Pellicoi (Refin-Cantina Tollo) @ 4hr 7min 7sec

Points Classification:

  1. Tony Rominger (Mapei-GB): 205 points
  2. Rolf Sørensen (MG-Technogym): 153
  3. Evgeni Berzin (Gewiss-Ballan): 148
  4. Piotr Ugrumov (Gewiss-Ballan): 145
  5. Giovanni Fidanza (Polti): 121

Climbers' Competition:

  1. Mariano Piccoli (Brescialat): 75 points
  2. Nelson Rodriguez (ZG Mobili): 45
  3. Giuseppe Guerini (Navigare-Blue Storm): 43
  4. Evgeni Berzin (Gewiss-Ballan): 33
  5. Oliverio Rincón (ONCE): 28


  1. Tony Rominger (Mapei-GB) 56hr 4min 21sec
  2. Giovanni Fidanza (Polti) @ 54sec
  3. Evgeni Berzin (Gewiss-Ballan) @ 1min 24sec
  4. Rolf Sørensen (MG-Technogym)
  5. Fabrizio Bontempi (Brescialat)

Team Classification (Time)

  1. Gewiss-Ballan: 293hr 8min 42sec
  2. Mapei-GB @ 54min 57sec
  3. Carrera @ 1hr 9min 43sec
  4. MG-Technogym @ 1hr 31min 27sec
  5. Brescialat @ 1hr 46mn 9sec

Team Classification (points)

  1. Gewiss-Ballan: 631 points
  2. Carrera: 378
  3. MG-Technogym: 367
  4. Mercatone Uno: 334
  5. Lampre: 321

1995 Giro stage results with running GC:

Saturday, May 13: Stage 1, Perugia - Terni, 205 km

Major ascents: Casa Morella, Colle Campana, Todi

  1. Mario Cipollini: 5hr 15min 53sec
  2. Mario Manzoni s.t.
  3. Johan Capiot s.t.
  4. Giovanni Fidanza s.t.
  5. François Simon s.t.
  6. Nicola Minali s.t.
  7. Rolf Sørensen s.t.
  8. Michel Lafis s.t.
  9. Gilles Talmant s.t.
  10. Alessandro Bertolini s.t.

GC after Stage 1:

  1. Mario Cipollini: 5hr 15min 41sec
  2. Mario Manzoni @ 4sec
  3. Maurizio Fondriest @ 6sec

Sunday, May 14: Stage 2, Foligno - Assisi 19 km individual time trial (cronometro)

  1. Tony Rominger: 25min 5sec. 45.449 km/hr
  2. Rolf Sørensen @ 47sec
  3. Maurizio Fondriest s.t.
  4. Francesco Casagrande @ 51sec
  5. Evgeni Berzin @ 55sec
  6. Piotr Ugrumov @ 1min 8sec
  7. Massimiliano Lelli @ 1min 10sec
  8. Wladimir Belli s.t.
  9. Pavel Tonkov @ 1min 12sec
  10. Mario Cipollini @ 1min 20sec
  11. Alberto Elli @ 1min 24sec
  12. Davide Rebellin @ 1min 25sec
  13. Patrick Jonker @ 1min 37sec
  14. Erik Breukink @ 1min 38sec
  15. François Simon @ 1min 39sec
  16. Filippo Casagrande @ 1min 44sec
  17. Bruno Cenghialta @ 1min 47sec
  18. Enrico Zaina @ 1min 50sec
  19. Claudio Chiappucci @ 1min 51sec
  20. Laurent Madouas @ 1min 57sec

GC after Stage 2:

  1. Tony Rominger: 5hr 40min 56sec
  2. Maurizio Fondriest @ 43sec
  3. Rolf Sørensen @ 49sec

Monday, May 15: Stage 3, Spoleto - Marotta, 161 km

Major ascent: Corinaldo

  1. Mario Cipollini: 3hr 56min 11sec
  2. Johan Capiot s.t.
  3. Giuseppe Citterio s.t.
  4. Jan Svorada s.t.
  5. Nicola Minali s.t.
  6. Giovanni Fidanza s.t.
  7. Silvio Martinello s.t.
  8. Massimo Strazzer s.t.
  9. Marco Villa s.t.
  10. Mario Manzoni s.t.

GC after Stage 3:

  1. Tony Rominger: 9hr 37min 7sec
  2. Maurizio Fondriest @ 43sec
  3. Rolf Sørensen @ 49sec

Tuesday, May 16: Stage 4, Mondolfo - Loreto, 192 km

Major ascents: Agugliano, Offagna

  1. Tony Rominger: 5hr 30min 53sec
  2. Maurizio Fondriest @ 4sec
  3. Francesco Casagrande @ 6sec
  4. Claudio Chiappucci @ 6sec
  5. Enrico Zaina s.t.
  6. Evgeni Berzin s.t.
  7. Heinz Imboden s.t.
  8. Paolo Lanfranchi s.t.
  9. Davide Rebellin s.t.
  10. Piotr Ugrumov s.t.

GC after Stage 4:

  1. Tony Rominger: 15hr 7min 48sec
  2. Maurizio Fondriest @ 51sec
  3. Francesco Casagrande @ 1min 7sec

Wednesday, May 17: Stage 5, Porto Recanati - Taranto, 182 km

Major ascents: Santa Vittoria in Matenano, Tortoreto

  1. Filippo Casagrande: 4hr 39min 2sec
  2. Rolf Sørensen s.t.
  3. Erik Breukink s.t.
  4. Mario Chiesa @ 4sec
  5. Luca Gelfi @ 31sec
  6. Jan Svorada @ 1mn 6sec
  7. Stefano Zanatta s.t.
  8. Stefano Giraldi s.t.
  9. José Luis Arrieta s.t.
  10. Mario Mantovan s.t.

GC after Stage 5:

  1. Tony Rominger: 19hr 50min 39sec
  2. Maurizio Fondriest @ 51sec
  3. Francesco Casagrande @ 1min 7sec

Thursday, May 18: Stage 6, Trani - Taranto, 165 km

  1. Nicola Minali: 4hr 11min 15sec
  2. Mario Cipollini s.t.
  3. Jan Svorada s.t.
  4. Giovanni Lombardi s.t.
  5. Giuseppe Citterio s.t.
  6. Massimo Strazzer s.t.
  7. Giovanni Fidanza s.t.
  8. François Simon s.t.
  9. Peter van Petegem s.t.
  10. Mauro Manzoni s.t.

GC after Stage 6:

  1. Tony Rominger: 24hr 1min 54sec
  2. Maurizio Fondriest @ 51sec
  3. Francesco Casagrande @ 1min 7sec

Friday, May 19: Stage 7, Taranto - Terme Luigiane, 216 km

Major ascent: Fagnano Castello

  1. Maurizio Fondriest: 5hr 11min 50sec
  2. Tony Rominger s.t.
  3. Francesco Casagrande s.t.
  4. Piotr Ugrumov @ 2sec
  5. François Simon @ 5sec
  6. Claudio Chiappucci s.t.
  7. Massimiliano Lelli s.t.
  8. Davide Rebellins s.t.
  9. Evgeni Berzin s.t.
  10. Jens Heppner s.t.

GC after Stage 7:

  1. Tony Rominger: 29hr 13min 36sec
  2. Maurizio Fondriest @ 47sec
  3. Francesco Casagrande @ 1min 11sec

Saturday, May 20: Stage 8, Acquappesa Marina - Monte Sirino, 209 km

Major ascents: Passo delle Scalone, Acquaformosa, Campo Tenese, Monte Sirino

Stage 8 profile

  1. Laudelino Cubino: 5hr 53min 3sec
  2. Bruno Cenghialta @ 1min 19sec
  3. Francesco Frattini @ 1min 24sec
  4. Stefano Cattai s.t.
  5. Hernan Buenahora s.t.
  6. Georg Totschnig @ 1min 38sec
  7. Tony Rominger @ 1min 42sec
  8. Oliverio Rincón @ 1min 43sec
  9. Piotr Ugrumov @ 1min 48sec
  10. Francesco Casagrande @ 1min 17sec
  11. Jesus Montoya s.t.
  12. Davide Rebellin s.t.
  13. Claudio Chiappucci s.t.
  14. Laurent Madouas @ 1min 56sec
  15. Enrico Zaina @ 1min 59sec
  16. Heinz Imboden s.t.
  17. Pascal Richard s.t.
  18. Giuseppe Guerini @ 2min 6sec
  19. Vladimir Poulnikov s.t.
  20. Evgeni Berzin s.t.

GC after stage 8:

  1. Tony Rominger: 35hr 7min 21sec
  2. Francesco Casagrande @ 1min 17sec
  3. Laudelino Cubino @ 1min 26sec

Sunday, May 21: Stage 9, Terme La Calda - Salerno, 165 km

Major ascent: Valico il Fortino

  1. Rolf Sørensen: 3hr 32min 12sec
  2. Francesco Frattini s.t.
  3. François Simon s.t.
  4. Marco Saligari s.t.
  5. Massimo Ghirotto s.t.
  6. Mario Chiesa s.t.
  7. Michel Lafis s.t.
  8. Udo Bölts s.t.
  9. Rodolfo Massi s.t.
  10. Gianni Faresin s.t.

GC after Stage 9:

  1. Tony Rominger: 38hr 39min 46sec
  2. Francesco Casagrande @ 1min 17sec
  3. Laudelino Cubino @ 1min 26sec

Monday, May 22: Stage 10, Telese Terme - Maddaloni 42 km individual time trial (cronometro)

  1. Tony Rominger: 51min 54sec
  2. Evgeni Berzin @ 1min 24sec
  3. Piotr Ugrumov s.t.
  4. Francesco Casagrande @ 1min 43sec
  5. Maurizio Fondriest @ 1min 44sec
  6. Patrick Jonker @ 2min 11sec
  7. Rolf Sørensen @ 2min 19sec
  8. Claudio Chiappucci @ 2min 29sec
  9. Vladislav Bobrik @ 2min 42sec
  10. Massimiliano Lelli @ 2min 58sec
  11. Alberto Elli @ 3min 12sec
  12. Heinz Imboden @ 3min 30sec
  13. Pavel Tonkov @ 3min 31sec
  14. Davide Rebellin @ 3min 38sec
  15. Jesus Montoya @ 3min 57sec
  16. Francesco Frattini s.t.
  17. Zenon Jaskula @ 3min 59sec
  18. Bruno Cenghialta @ 4min 7sec
  19. Pascal Richard @ 4min 9sec
  20. Erik Breukink @ 4min 15sec

GC after Stage 10:

  1. Tony Rominger: 39hr 31min 40sec
  2. Francesco Casagrande @ 3min 0sec
  3. Piotr Ugrumov @ 3min 8sec

Tuesday, May 23: Rest Day (giorno di riposo)

Wednesday, May 24: Stage 11, Pietrasanta - il Ciocco, 175 km

Major ascents: Foce Carpinelli, San Pellegrino in Alpe, Il Ciocco

Stage 11 profile

  1. Enrico Zaina: 4hr 37min 36sec
  2. Nelson Rodriguez s.t.
  3. Gilberto Simoni @ 22sec
  4. Giorgio Furlan @ 35sec
  5. Piotr Ugrumov @ 43sec
  6. Tony Rominger s.t.
  7. Evgeni Berzin s.t.
  8. Oliverio Rincón s.t.
  9. Laurent Madouas s.t.
  10. Claudio Chiappucci @ 56sec

GC after Stage 11:

  1. Tony Rominger: 44hr 9min 59sec
  2. Piotr Ugrumov @ 3min 8sec
  3. Evgeni Berzin @ 3min 16sec

Thursday, May 25: Stage 12, Borgo a Mozzano - Cento, 201 km

Mario Cipollini crossed the finish line first, but was declassified

  1. Jan Svorada: 5hr 4min 50sec
  2. Giovanni Lombardi s.t.
  3. Giuseppe Citterio s.t.
  4. Mario Manzoni s.t.
  5. Jean-Jacques Henry s.t.
  6. Johan Capiot s.t.
  7. Michel Lafis s.t.
  8. Nicola Minali s.t.
  9. Rolf Sørensen s.t.
  10. Roberto Pelliconi s.t.

GC after Stage 12:

  1. Tony Rominger: 49hr 14min 49sec
  2. Piotr Ugrumov @ 3min 8sec
  3. Evgeni Berzin @ 3min 16sec

Friday, May 26: Stage 13, Pieve di Cento - Rovereto, 218 km

Major ascents: San Valentino, Patone

  1. Pascal Richard: 5hr 44min 7sec
  2. Oliverio Rincón s.t.
  3. Vladislav Bobrik @ 3sec
  4. Giuseppe Guerini @ 26sec
  5. Mariano Piccoli @ 48sec
  6. Davide Rebellin @ 1min 22sec
  7. Claudio Chiappucci s.t.
  8. Francesco Casagrande s.t.
  9. Jens Heppner s.t.
  10. Enrico Zaina s.t.

GC after Stage 13:

  1. Tony Rominger: 55hr 0min 18sec
  2. Piotr Ugrumov @ 3min 8sec
  3. Evgeni Bersin @ 3min 16sec

Saturday, May 27: Stage 14, Trento - Val Senales, 240 km

Major ascents: Auna di Sopra, Passo di Pennes, Passo di Monte Giovo, Maso Corto

Stage 14 profile

  1. Oliverio Rincón: 7hr 32min 7sec
  2. Georg Totschnig @ 1min 18sec
  3. Tony Rominger @ 1min 20sec
  4. Piotr Ugrumov @ 1min22sec
  5. Claudio Chiappucci @ 1min 29sec
  6. Evgeni Berzin s.t.
  7. Heinz Imboden s.t.
  8. Pavel Tonkov @ 2mn 28sec
  9. Hernan Buenahora s.t.
  10. Arsenio Gonzalez s.t.

GC after Stage 14:

  1. Tony Rominger: 62hr 33min 41sec
  2. Piotr Ugrumov @ 3min 14sec
  3. Evgeni Berzin @ 3min 29sec

Sunday, May 28: Stage 15, Val Senales - Lenzerheide Valbella (Switzerland) , 185 km

Major ascents: Giogo di Santa Maria, Passo del Foscagno, Forcola di Livigno, Passo d. Bernina, Julierpass, Valbella

Stage 15 profile

  1. Mariano Piccoli: 4hr 42min 9sec
  2. Giuseppe Guerini s.t.
  3. Francesco Frattini @ 1min 23sec
  4. François Simon @ 2min 6sec
  5. Enrico Zaina s.t.
  6. Georg Totschnig s.t.
  7. Heinz Imboden s.t.
  8. Claudio Chiappucci @ 2min 18sec
  9. Oliverio Rincón s.t.
  10. Piotr Ugrumov s.t.

GC after Stage 15:

  1. Tony Rominger: 67hr 18min 8sec
  2. Piotr Ugrumov @ 3min 14sec
  3. Evgeni Berzin @ 3min 29sec

Monday, May 29: Stage 16, Lenzerheide (Switzerland) - Treviglio (Bianchi Headquarters), 224 km

Gionvaani Lombardi was first and Mario Manzoni was third, but both were declassified

Major ascents: Julierpass, Taceno

  1. Giuseppe Citterio: 5hr 44min 44sec
  2. Roberto Pagnin s.t.
  3. Davide Bramati s.t.
  4. Silvio Martinello s.t.
  5. François Simon s.t.
  6. Rolf Sørensen s.t.
  7. Giovanni Fidanza s.t.
  8. Michel Lafis s.t.
  9. Marco Villa s.t.
  10. Andreas Kappes s.t.

GC after Stage 16:

  1. Tony Rominger: 73hr 2min 52sec
  2. Piotr Ugrumov @ 3min 14sec
  3. Evgeni Berzin @ 3min 29sec

Tuesday, May 30: Stage 17, Cenate (Gewiss Headquarters) - Selvino/Aviatico 43 km individual time trial (cronometro)

Major ascents: Colle del Gallo, Selvino

Stage 17 profile

  1. Tony Rominger: 1hr 5min 39sec
  2. Evgeni Berzin @ 1min 39sec
  3. Piotr Ugrumov @ 2min3sec
  4. Francesco Casagrande @ 3min 11sec
  5. Pavel Tonkov @ 3min 27sec
  6. Zenon Jaskula @ 3min 44sec
  7. Oliverio Rincón @ 4min 8sec
  8. Claudio Chiappucci @ 4min 10sec
  9. Heinz Imboden @ 4min 37sec
  10. Georg Totschnig @ 4min 44sec
  11. Enrico Zaina @ 4min 45sec
  12. Rodolfo Massi @ 4min 55sec
  13. Pascal Richard @ 4min 58sec
  14. Paolo Lanfranchi @ 5min 0sec
  15. Bruno Cenghialta @ 5min 20sec
  16. José Jaime Gonzalez @ 5min 27sec
  17. Stefano Cattai @ 5min 39sec
  18. Vladimir Poulnikov @ 6min 11sec
  19. Giorgio Furlan @ 6min 12sec
  20. Hernan Buenahora @ 6min 14sec

GC after Stage 17:

  1. Tony Rominger 74hr 8min 51sec
  2. Evgeni Berzin @ 5min 8sec
  3. Piotr Ugrumov @ 5min 17sec

Wednesday, May 31: Stage 18, Stradella - Santuario di Vicoforte, 221 km

Major ascent: Montezemelo

  1. Denis Zanette: 5hr 30min 44sec
  2. Giuseppe Guerini s.t.
  3. Serguei Outschakov @ 1min 11sec
  4. Vladimir Poulnikov s.t.
  5. Roberto Pelliconi s.t.
  6. Lars-Kristian Johnsen s.t.
  7. roberto Pagnin s.t.
  8. Andrei Teteriouk s.t.
  9. Davide Rebellin s.t.
  10. Mario Chiesa s.t.

GC after Stage 18:

  1. Tony Rominger: 79hr 55min 0sec
  2. Evgeni Berzin @ 5min 8sec
  3. Piotr Ugrumov @ 5min 17sec

Thursday, June 1: Stage 19, Mondovì - Briançon (France) , planned 202 km, put stopped at Pontechianale, 129.9 km because of snow avalanches on the course

Major ascent: Colle di Sampeyre

Planned stage 19 profile

Stage 19 profile, the way it was planned

  1. Pascal Richard: 4hr 1min 11sec
  2. Rodolfo Massi s.t.
  3. Nelson rodriguez s.t.
  4. Hernan Buenahora @ 10sec
  5. Massimo Ghirotto @ 1min 8sec
  6. Marcello Siboni s.t.
  7. Thomas Davy s.t.
  8. Giancarlo Perini s.t.
  9. Patrick Joncker s.t.
  10. Francesco Frattini @ 4min 58sec
  11. Jon Unzaga s.t.
  12. Piotr Ugrumov s.t.
  13. Enrico Zaina s.t.
  14. Pavel Tonkov s.t.
  15. Claudio Chiappucci s.t.
  16. Oliverio Rincón s.t.
  17. Paolo Lanfranchi s.t.
  18. Laurent Madouas s.t.
  19. Tony Rominger s.t.
  20. Evgeni Berzin s.t.

GC after Stage 19:

  1. Tony Rominger: 84hr 1min 9sec
  2. Evgeni Berzin @ 5min 8sec
  3. Piotr Ugrumov @ 5min 17sec

Friday, June 2: Stage 20: Briançon (France) - Gressoney St. Jean, 203 km

Major ascents: Col de Montgenèvre, Grassoney St. Jean

  1. Serguei Outschakov: 4hr 59min 58sec
  2. Pascal Richard @ 5sec
  3. Piotr Ugrumov @ 8sec
  4. Evgeni Berzin s.t.
  5. Oliverio Rincón s.t.
  6. Claudio Chiappucci @ 26sec
  7. Pavel Tonkov s.t.
  8. Tony Rominger s.t.
  9. Paolo Lanfranchi s.t.
  10. Georg Totschnig s.t.
  11. Nelson Rodriguez s.t.
  12. Enrico Zaina s.t.
  13. Laurent Madouas s.t.
  14. Bruno Cenghialta s.t.
  15. Heinz Imboden s.t.
  16. Davide Rebellin @ 4min 48sec
  17. Alberto Elli s.t.
  18. Francesco Secchiari s.t.
  19. Laurent Dufaux s.t.
  20. Michel Lafis s.t.

GC after Stage 20:

  1. Tony Rominger: 89hr 1min 33sec
  2. Evgeni Berzin @ 4min 50sec
  3. Piotr Ugrumov @ 4min 55sec

Saturday, June 3: Stage 21, Pont St. Martin - Luino, 190 km

Major ascents: Passo Cuvignone x 2, Montegrino

  1. Evgeni Berzin: 5hr 4min 59sec
  2. Cladio Chiappucci @ 21sec
  3. Enrico Zaina @ 25sec
  4. Pavel Tonkov s.t.
  5. Piotr Ugrumov s.t.
  6. Tony Rominger s.t.
  7. Nelson Rodriguez s.t.
  8. Oliverio Rincón s.t.
  9. Bruno Cenghialta @ 4min 56sec
  10. Heinz Imboden s.t.
  11. Andrea Noè s.t.
  12. Michel Lafis @ 6min 0sec
  13. Andrea Tafi @ 6min 8sec
  14. Giuseppe Guerini s.t.
  15. Francesco Casagrande s.t.

GC after Stage 21:

  1. Tony Rominger
  2. Evgen Berzin @ 4min 13sec
  3. Piotr Ugrumov @ 4min 55sec

Sunday June 4: 22nd and Final Stage, Luino - Milano, 148 km

Major ascent: Brinzio

  1. Giovanni Lombardi: 3hr 2min 53sec
  2. Mario Manzoni s.t.
  3. Silvio Martinello s.t.
  4. Roberto Pelliconi s.t.
  5. Giuseppe Citterio s.t.
  6. Giovanni Findanza s.t.
  7. Andreas Kappes s.t.
  8. Roberto Pagnin s.t.
  9. Bo Hamburger s.t.
  10. Bruno Thibout s.t.

1995 Giro d'Italia Complete Final General Classification

The Story of the 1995 Giro d'Italia

This excerpt is from "The Story of the Giro d'Italia", Volume 2. If you enjoy it we hope you will consider purchasing the book, either print or electronic. The Amazon link here will make either purchase easy.

The starting field of 198 riders had some riders who were pretty good with a bike. Both Tony Rominger—already the Vuelta record holder with three wins (1992, ’93 and ’94) and owner of the World Hour Record—and Evgeni Berzin were in fine form. But Berzin couldn’t expect undivided loyalty from his Gewiss team. Piotr Ugrumov was included in the team roster and the two had developed an intense dislike for each other. Missing was Induráin, who decided not to tire himself before the Tour.

Pantani was looking good, but on May 1, while on a training ride before leaving later that day to ride the Tour of Romandie, he was hit by a car. He had no broken bones, but he was beaten up badly enough that he had to miss the Giro. Pantani recovered in time to contest the Tour de France in July where he came in thirteenth, winning two stages and the Best Young Rider Jersey.

The first Giro stage was sited in Umbria, rolling out of Perugia and finishing in Terni. The pack came to Terni together and Mario Cipollini’s Mercatone Uno team gave him a perfect leadout. He put several bike lengths between himself and second place Mario Manzoni, making the racer nicknamed the “Lion King” the year’s first maglia rosa.

The men riding to own the Pink Jersey in Milan would be not be allowed to hide this year. The second stage was a 19-kilometer time trial from Foligno to Assisi, and being planted on top of a hill, the only way to Assisi was up. This was a stage for an all-rounder who could handle his bike, given the roads were slippery from rain. Rominger destroyed the field with a superb winning ride and took the Giro lead for the first time in his career.

The General Classification at this point was thus:
1. Tony Rominger
2. Maurizio Fondriest @ 43 seconds
3. Rolf Sørensen @ 49 seconds
4. Francesco Casagrande @ 53 seconds
5. Evgeni Berzin @ 57 seconds

Stage four to Loreto in Le Marche featured four circuits over rolling roads, a route hard enough to keep the teams attentive to potential breaks by Classification contenders. Indeed, each lap’s climb was raced aggressively with attacking riders gaining a few seconds only to be swept up by Rominger’s gregari. On the final time up the hill, Berzin teammate Vladislav Bobrik jumped away. Rominger instantly had the Russian in his sights, swept by him and kept going for another stage win, distancing second-place Fondriest by four seconds.

Tony Rominger wins stage 4 in Loreto

Rominger wins stage four in Loreto

The race headed south to the toe of the boot. Each day there were at least a few hills to chew away at the riders’ reserves, stage seven being a good example with an uphill sprint after a day of rolling terrain. Rominger tried to repeat his stage four success, but Fondriest was tired of getting second and won the stage. Rominger remained the leader by 47 seconds over Fondriest.
The eighth stage had the potential to be game altering with its 18-kilometer climb to the finish at Monte Sirino. When he took the lead in stage two, Rominger had said that he didn’t plan to keep the lead. But as the race developed it was looking like Rominger had no plans to cede the maglia rosa and his Mapei team was put at the front of the race day after day.

Fondriest wins stage 7

Maurizio Fondriest wins stage seven in Terme Luigiane in front of Tony Rominger and Francesco Casagrande

A small break escaped on Monte Sirino and Laudelino Cubino was first while Rominger led in the field only 4 seconds behind the last of the fugitives. The day had two serious casualties, Berzin and Fondriest, who both lost time.

The General Classification stood thus:
1. Tony Rominger
2. Francesco Casagrande @ 1 minute 17 seconds
3. Laudelino Cubino @ 1 minute 26 seconds
4. Piotr Ugrumov @ 1 minute 44 seconds
5. Evgeni Berzin @ 1 minute 52 seconds

Stage ten, a 42-kilometer individual time trial on an undulating course finishing in Maddaloni, just north of Naples, was another opportunity for the World Hour Record holder to tighten his grip on the race. Rominger rode a new carbon-fiber time trial bike that had been delivered just the day before. Yet, the bike’s newness was no handicap: Rominger took 1 minute 24 seconds out of Berzin and Ugrumov, who finished within two-tenths of a second of each other. Rominger now had a 3-minute lead over Ugrumov and 3 minutes 8 seconds over third-place Berzin.

Tony Rominger time trialing

Tony Rominger time trialing

During the rest day that followed, the race transferred north to the coast of Tuscany. Stage eleven had a hilltop finish at Il Ciocco after a day of climbing in the Apuan Alps. On the road to Il Ciocco, Berzin tried to challenge Rominger, but the Swiss rider had no trouble marking the Russian. Ugrumov tried his hand and Rominger’s answer was to go to the front. Though Rominger didn’t look like he was going deep, only Berzin and Ugrumov were able to stay with him. They finished the stage together.

The Giro’s final chapter opened in Trent with stage fourteen, the year’s longest stage at 240 kilometers. There were four highly rated climbs with the finish atop the 2,004-meter high Val Senales in the Dolomites.

At over twenty kilometers, the Senales ascent was long enough for the Gewiss drama to really play out. With about eight kilometers to go, Rominger was with Berzin, Ugrumov and Spanish rider Oliviero Rincon while a group with Chiappucci was a short distance behind them.

Rincon scooted away and Ugrumov decided to lead the Rominger trio. Crystallizing the split within the team, Ugrumov then attacked, taking Rominger with him, leaving teammate Berzin behind. Rominger and Ugrumov formed a working duo that temporarily distanced itself from Berzin, but as the road flattened out, Berzin clawed his way back. The trio slackened their speed slightly allowing the Chiappucci group to close up. There were now only two kilometers to go and no one was able to catch Rincon. At no time during the stage was Rominger ever in distress; he easily matched the efforts of his two Gewiss challengers and that was quite enough.

The General Classification stood thus:
1. Tony Rominger
2. Piotr Ugrumov @ 3 minutes 14 seconds
3. Evgeni Berzin @ 3 minutes 29 seconds
4. Francesco Casagrande @ 4 minutes 43 seconds
5. Claudio Chiappucci @ 5 minutes 25 seconds

Stage fifteen left Italy for Switzerland and a 185-kilometer day in the mountains ending with a climb to Lenzerheide/Valbella. Berzin wasn’t giving up. On the Flüele pass, the day’s penultimate ascent, Berzin attacked and bridged up to an earlier break. The stage was only about half over and Berzin had about a two-minute lead. Rominger didn’t seem too concerned, putting his Mapei men to work controlling the gap.

Berzin was caught before the start of the final climb. He and Ugrumov kept trying to get away but Rominger had such deep reserves he was able to answer each attack. And that’s how the stage ended with no change in the standings of the top three.

The year’s final time trial was not designed for the big-gear boys, featuring an ascent of the 760-meter-high Gallo before the climb to Selvino Aviatico. Again, Rominger was supreme. Ugrumov faltered a bit and lost 24 seconds to Berzin, ceding second place to his rival.

The new General Classification:
1. Tony Rominger
2. Evgeni Berzin@ 5 minutes 8 seconds
3. Piotr Ugrumov @ 5 minutes 17 seconds
4. Claudio Chiappucci @ 9 minutes 35 seconds

It wasn’t over as far as Ugrumov was concerned. Stage nineteen, going from Mondovì to Briançon in France offered no end of possibilities with its three major Alpine passes, the Sampeyre, the Agnello, and the Izoard.

Snowpack on the upper slopes of the Agnello from the previous day’s snowfall avalanched onto the road a few kilometers from the summit, trapping some of the race caravan travelling ahead of the race. As a result, it was decided to end the stage just part way up the Agnello in Ponte Chianale where an intermediate sprint had been planned.

Since the announcement of the shortened stage came with only about an hour’s worth of riding left in the now 130-kilometer stage, any plans for big moves on the final climb had to be forgotten. This might have been a gift to Rominger, who looked awful that day. No one was able to take advantage of his apparent giornata no.

The next day was another race in the Alps. Ugrumov went crazy trying to get away, but Berzin and Rincon stayed with him and no amount of attacking could drop them. They also refused to work with him to distance themselves from the Rominger group, being content to ride up to Ugrumov’s wheel after each of his accelerations. The distaste the two Gewiss riders had for each other was starkly evident, the duo bickering their way to the line while Rominger led his group to the finish without any evident panic, feeling comfortable with a few seconds’ time loss.

That evening the Gewiss director had a sit-down with his petulant racers, telling them that they should be attacking Rominger, not each other.
The second-to-last stage was not going to be easy with two ascents of the Cuvignone. It was another lousy day with the rain coming down in buckets. Berzin tried to escape on the second time up the Cuvignone, but had to surrender near the top. The descent was extremely technical and the riders were in no mood to take stupid chances on the slippery roads.

The final ascent of the day and the Giro was the 5.7-kilometer Salita di Montegrino Valtravaglia and Berzin used it to get away and stay away. He beat the Rominger group containing Ugrumov to the line by 25 seconds, thereby assuring himself of a secure second place.

Rominger’s Giro win was as commanding and effortless as any Grand Tour victory. No one at any point had the ability to put him in extremis. He seized the lead at the first possible opportunity, the stage two time trial, and kept it the rest of the race. He was the third Swiss victor in Giro history, Koblet having won in 1950 and Clerici in 1954.

On the final podium Rominger and Berzin looked quite pleased with things but Ugrumov looked dour, probably replaying the race in his head and wondering where he could have taken 42 seconds out of his Russian nemesis.

Final 1995 Giro d’Italia General Classification:
1. Tony Rominger (Mapei-GB) 97 hours 39 minutes 50 seconds
2. Evgeni Berzin (Gewiss-Ballan) @ 4 minutes 13 seconds
3. Piotr Ugrumov (Gewiss-Ballan) @ 4 minutes 55 seconds
4. Claudio Chiappucci (Carrera Jeans) @ 9 minutes 23 seconds
5. Oliviero Rincon (ONCE) @ 10 minutes 3 seconds

Climbers’ Competition:
1. Mariano Piccoli (Brescialat): 75 points
2. Nelson Rodriguez (ZG Mobili-Selle Italia): 45
3. Giuseppe Guerini (Navigare-Blue Storm): 43

Points Competition:
1. Tony Rominger (Mapei-GB): 205 points
2. Rolf Sørensen (Maglificio-MG): 153
3. Evgeni Berzin (Gewiss-Ballan): 148

* * *
That fall Pantani crashed again, this time it was a horrific, potentially career-ending racing accident. Fine-tuning his form before the 1995 Tour of Lombardy, he crashed into a car that had been allowed on the course of the late-season Milan–Turin Classic. As he was descending into Turin at high speed with two other riders they smashed into a Nissan 4x4 going the opposite direction. Pantani suffered, among other serious injuries, several broken bones in his left leg.

After a protracted and difficult recovery regimen, he was able to resume riding in March of 1996. In April, he signed to race the 1997 season with Luciano Pezzi’s Mercatone Uno-sponsored team, which was to be built around him. Because this was a Pantani-centered squad, no sprinters were signed who might distract the team from its goal of delivering him to the finish first. By the end of 1996, still wearing his Carrera kit, Pantani was riding professional races in Spain. When Carrera pulled out of racing at the end of the year Mercatone Uno swept in and signed several more of the team’s riders to be Pantani’s gregari.