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2023 Exactcross Loenhout-Azencross (C-1),
Loenhout, Belgium

Friday, December 29, 2022

Azencross-Loenhout podium history | 2022 edition | Course map

Complete results: Men | Women

Weather at Loenhout at 1:20 PM, local time: 11C (51F), rain, with the wind from the southwest at 19 km/hr (12 mph). The rain is forecast to continue through 6:00 PM.


A muddy Mathieu van der Poel has won again. Race organizer's photo

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The race: Here is a machine-translation of the race organizer's report.

The public is always partying in Loenhout, but world champion Mathieu Van der Poel was also able to celebrate once again today. In this mud cross he raced to his sixth victory of the season in just two weeks. Gianni Vermeersch and the Spaniard Felipe Orts were able to keep Ryan Kamp off the podium in the Azencross.

After a somewhat marred start with a fall and massive delays, we were able to get started. Without Florian Vermeersch, he landed on his elbow and had to give up in the first meters. Swiss champion Timon Rüegg, who started strongly, took the initiative during the first laps and immediately created a separation. Together with the Dutch Mathieu Van der Poel and Ryan Kamp, he was able to form the first leading group.

A strong recovery from Gianni Vermeersch closed the gap to the three escapees with the Spanish champion Felipe Orts in his wake. The leading group of five riders held out until half-cross, when Van der Poel thought it was enough. He seriously shook the tree and put the Ace Cross into a final fold.

For second and third place we had an exciting battle between Felipe Orts, Ryan Kamp and Gianni Vermeersch. When entering the last round we saw Orts and Vermeersch distance themselves from Kamp. The latter did not give up and came back again in the last lap. The three of them, close together, turned onto the final straight line. Vermeersch came out on top in this sprint ahead of Felipe Orts and Ryan Kamp.

“I didn't necessarily have a section in mind where I wanted to ride away, but the group remained a bit large and I wanted to thin out a bit. You have much less control in the wheel and it is more difficult to see where you are driving. I'm happy that I could do my own thing just at the front," said the world champion.

His teammate Gianni Vermeersch was allowed on the podium after a recovery. “I didn't expect to claim the podium in cross-country. I have completed some more specific cross-training with the team and that is paying off.”

An emotional Felipe Orts was allowed on stage after the death of his uncle yesterday. “I am happy that I was able to compete for the podium in this tough cross and I want to dedicate it to my family.”

The audience once again enjoyed a fantastic Exact Cross in Azencross with the world champion as the winner. While he rested for tomorrow's World Cup in Hulst, the party continued for a while in Loenhout.

Complete results:

1 Mathieu van der Poel Alpecin-Deceuninck 56min 48sec
2 Gianni Vermeersch Alpecin-Deceuninck @ 39sec
3 Felipe Orts Lloret Teka-BH-Gsport s.t.
4 Ryan Kamp Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal 0:41
5 Timon Rüegg Heizomat Radteam-Kloster Kitchen 1:02
6 Lander Loockx TDT-Unibet 1:20
7 Niels Vandeputte Alpecin-Deceuninck 1:39
8 Thijs Aerts Circus-Reuz-Technord 1:50
9 Toon Vandebosch Crelan-Corendon 1:56
10 Jente Michels Alpecin-Deceuninck 2:07
11 Thomas Mein Hope Factory Racing 2:32
12 Tom Meeusen Lotto-X-Oats-Athletes for Hope 2:38
13 Zdenek Stybar Deceuninck-Quick-Step 2:58
14 Cameron Mason Cyclocross Reds 3:06
15 Dario Lillo Deschacht-Gens-Maes Containers 3:34
16 Vincent Baestaens Spits CX Team 3:49
17 Viktor Vandenberghe Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal 3:54
18 Wout Janssen Van Den Plas-Hepa 4:03
19 Luke Wiedmann Thomus Maxon 4:09
20 Lars Sommer Heizomat Radteam-Kloster Kitchen 4:20
21 Lewis Askey ECCG-FDJ 4:25
22 Jarno Bellens Stageco Cycling Team 4:50
23 Clément Venturini Ag2r-La Mondiale 5:02
24 Joachim Van Looveren Van Den Plas-Hepa 5:05
25 Sander De Vet Basso Team Flanders 5:31
26 Rémon Delnoije TWC De Kempen 5:52
27 Finn Treudler Heizomat Radteam-Kloster Kitchen 5:58
28 Caleb Swartz Enve Composites 6:00
29 Matej Stransky Brilon Racing Team 6:01
30 Kenay De Moyer Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal 6:27
31 Seppe Rombouts RB Zelfbouw UCT 6:39
32 Rune Ceusters LRG-Cycling Team 6:50
33 Stan Van Grieken Acrog-Tormans 7:09
34 Arno Van Den Broeck Van Den Plas-Hepa 7:27
35 Klaas Groenen Cycloteam.NL 7:39
36 Ben Askey Backstedt Bike Performance 7:47
37 Marcis Shelton Eurocrossacademy 7:59
38 Mathieu Kockelmann CC Chevigny 8:29
39 Ville Merlov Astorps CK 9:02
40 Szymon Pomian Polish Cycling Federation @ 1 lap
41 Dean Harvey Trinity Racing 1 lap
42 Quentin Navarro Charvieu Chavagneux Isere Cyclisme 1 lap
43 Senne De Meyer Antwerp Cycling Team Kontich 1 lap
44 Pieter Pauwels Starbikes-Bert Container 1 lap
45 Hijiri Oda Yowamushi.Padel.CT 1 lap
46 Arthur Tropardy USSAPB 1 lap
47 Florian Anderle RSV Stadtilm 1 lap
48 Raphaël Kockelmann Sebmotobikes CX Team 1 lap
49 Scott Fisher Hope Factory Racing 2 laps
50 Bram Sprangers Lotto-X-Oats-Athletes for Hope 2 laps
51 François Jutel Paul Union Cycliste Du Mortainais 2 laps
52 Ondrej Zeleny Eleven Black.ET 2 laps
53 Antoine Tran Van Albi Velo Sport Leroy Merlin 2 laps
54 Gabriel Ochando Escudero Bikery-Denpros CX Team 2 laps
55 Eliote Ponchon Albi Velo Sport Leroy Merlin 2 laps
56 Flynn Gregory Wheelbase Cabtech Castelli 2 laps
57 Max Hobson Rats Cycling Club 2 laps
58 Travis Harkness Scott Bright Motor Group 2 laps
59 Paul Oldham Hope Factory Racing 2 laps
60 Fabian Merino Broad Street Breakaway 2 laps
61 Philippe Fievez Entente Cycliste de Wallonie 2 laps
62 Mike Bronswijk Allinq Continental Cycling Team  2 laps
63 Cameron Jette Individual 3 laps
64 Cody Scott Competitive Edge Racing 3 laps
65 Dries Bruynseels Bruvo Dukla Bratislava 3 laps
66 Thomas Perez Team Saint Sauveur 3 laps
67 William Lezard Magspeed Racing 4 laps


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Sanne Cant can sit upand enjoy her win. Race organizer's photo.

Bicycle History

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The race: Here's a machine-translation of the race organizer's report.

Belgian champion Sanne Cant could finally make the victory salute in the Azencross. In a tough match she was not given a chance against strong Kristyna Zemanova and Manon Bakker. In the final laps she was able to build up a nice difference. She thus put her name on the honors list in Loenhout for the fifth time.

At the start things were not immediately clear and we had to look for our favorites in the wide field of participants. The three riders who had been put forward were soon able to distinguish themselves from the rest on the demanding course. Crelan – Corendon teammates Sanne Cant and Manon Bakker were joined by the Czech Kristyna Zemanova.

The Dutch racer Bakker, who recently won the World Cup in Val di Sole, took the initiative for a while, but she was unable to keep her competitors at bay and even had to be the first to let go the leader’s role when Cant took command. A lap later on the same mud strip, Zemanova also had to suffer. Cant soloed to victory and was clearly emotional that she could once again make the victory gesture. Excluding the BC, that was two years and two months ago.

“I really wanted to win, but I was also one of the only ones who was at the start for the third day in a row. So I had some doubts at the start, because it was quite late last night. I am very happy that I was able to do my own thing and finish it," said a very satisfied winner.

Once again a beautiful and exciting competition in the Rectavit Ladies Cross, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the large audience in Loenhout.

Complete Results:

1 Sanne Cant Crelan-Corendon 43min 27sec
2 Kristyna Zemanová Brilon Racing Team @ 29sec
3 Manon Bakker Crelan-Corendon 1:35
4 Anna Kay Cyclocross Reds 2:44
5 Jana Dobbelaere Duolar-Chevalmeire 2:59
6 Lauren Molengraaf Circus-Reuz-Technord 3:17
7 Elisabeth Brandau Germany 3:28
8 Femke Gort Proximus-Cyclis-Alphamotorhomes 3:49
9 Isa Nomden Hanzerenners Zwolle 3:51
10 Antonina Bialek Polish Cycling Federation s.t.
11 Marthe Truyen Crelan-Fristads 3:53
12 Sofia Rodriguez Revert Nesta-MMR CX Team 4:07
13 Malwina Mul KLKS Azalia Brzoza Krolewska 4:36
14 Millie Couzens Fenix-Deceuninck 4:42
15 Julie De Wilde Crelan Fristads 4:58
16 Katerina Douderová Jaroslav Kulhavy 5:00
17 Fauve Bastiaenssen Lotto Dstny Ladies 5:32
18 Sterre Vervloet Lotto Dstny Ladies 5:48
19 Maité Barthels Hess Cycling Team 5:51
20 Ilse Pluimers AG Insurance-Soudal-Quick-Step 5:58
21 Pavla Havlikova KC Kooperativa Jablonec 6:07
22 Nikola Bajgerova MAT Atom 6:11
23 Xan Crees Team Spectra Cannondale-DAS 6:14
24 Asia Zontone A.S.D Jam's Bike Team s.t.
25 Loes Sels Proximus-Cyclis-Alphamotorhomes 6:40
26 Elizabeth McKinnon GBR National Team 6:57
27 Pem Hoefmans Watersley R D Cycling Team 7:05
28 Xenna De Bruyckere ACROG-Tormans 7:06
29 Lara Defour Cycling Team Jade-LDL 7:11
30 Kacey Eyeington Derwentside CC 7:22
31 Simona Spesná JB Brunex 7:24
32 Sera Gademan Team Bike Emotions s.t.
33 Floor Van Elsacker ACROG-Tormans 7:29
34 Irene Trabazo Bragado C.C. Marin-Ottoman s.t.
35 Maude Ruelland Canada 7:40
36 Amy Perryman Tekkerz CC 7:57
37 Layla Barthels Hess Cycling Team 8:10
38 Anwen Nesham JIF 8:21
39 Meg De Bruyne Proximus-Cyclis-Alphamotorhomes 8:28
40 Marie Fay St Onge  Stimulus Orbea 8:45
41 Tessa Zwaenepoel Proximus-Cyclis-Alphamotorhomes 8:53
42 Aroa Otero Taboas GD Supermercados Froiz 8:56
43 Tine Rombouts Individual 9:00
44 Maria Larkin Donkey Label-FK Law 9:05
45 Roisin Lally Roue d'Or Conflanaise 9:13
46 Florence Lissaman Newark Castle 9:35
47 Aine Doherty VC Glendale 10:07
48 Madeline Fisher US Olympic Development 10:19
49 Lorena Patino Villanueva XSM C.C. 10:20
50 Penelope Aguillon US Verne Cyclisme 10:24
51 Roisin Lally Loughborough Lighting 11:02
52 Kiona Dhont C.T. Keukens Buysse Knesselare 11:11
53 Eliska Drbohlavova Czech Republic 11:39
54 Lea Bonnafous Albi Velo Sport Leroy Merlin 11:44
55 Anna Hrdinová Czech Republic @ 1 lap
56 Alice Pascucci ALE Cycling Team 1 lap
57 Marta Estevez Alonso XSM C.C. 1 lap
58 Mia De Martin Canada 1 lap
59 Maja Jozkowicz K.S. Klif Chlapowo 1 lap
60 Prisca Jaquet VTT Balcon Du jura 1 lap
61 Diana Steffenhagen RSV Seeheim 1971 1 lap
62 Bridget Wilson Eurocrossacademy 1 lap
63 Beatrix Kiehlmann Royal Albert CC 1 lap
64 Amelia Cleathero Reifen Racing 1 lap
65 Ellen Davis Eurocrossacademy 1 lap
66 Fenny Coppelmans TWC Het Snelle Wiel 1 lap
67 Erika Oda Snel Cyclocross Team 1 lap


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Course map: